When a patient or beauty seeker puts up with extra miles to get medical services abroad, definitely expect to receive high quality, safe condition, better price and desired result.  Therefore, Medical tourism in Shiraz can be one of the options.

why medical tourism in Shiraz Iran?


  1. Good geographical location:

Shiraz is one of the southern cities of Iran located in the center of Fars province. The climate of Shiraz is divided into three types: mountainous, temperate and warm.

Many direct flight from neighboring countries and easy access to the major cities have made Shiraz a popular destination for medical tourism

  1. The best   hospital and clinics in Shiraz

    The best hospital and clinics in Shiraz
    The best hospital and clinics in Shiraz

With more than a dozen specialized, academic, charitable and private hospitals, the city offers a range of medical services by experienced and board certified physicians.

All hospitals in Shiraz (both public and private), are under the strict supervision of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and in terms of quality of health care and compliance with international standards. As a result, Shiraz has great word-wide potential in medical tourism field.

5 best hospitals in Shiraz

  1. Moshir hospital:(   Ear nose and throat services)
  2. kasra hospital: (Orthopedics – Obstetrics and Gynecology)
  3. doctor Mir hospital (general services)
  4. doctor khodadoost hospital (Ophthalmology services)
  5. parto hospital 🙂 Psychiatric, addiction (

3- Best plastic and general surgeons in Shiraz

Shiraz as a globalized city having easy access to plenty of surgeons and physicians graduated from American and European universities competes with the most of developed country in attracting health tourists.

more information: plastic surgery in Shiraz

  1. Reasonable price:

Perhaps the most important advantage of Iran in medical tourism is the cheapness of services compared to other countries, especially European and American countries. Not to mention that the lower price is due to sharp decline in the value of Iran currency during recent years.

  1. Plenty of tourist attractions in Shiraz

Shiraz and its recreational places bring you a pleasant recovery

In addition to availability of the most talented doctors and surgeons and specialized hospitals and clinics beside safe and cost-effective services, having a large number of tourist attractions can make your recovery more comfortable and turn it to a relaxing journey of course at the Lowest cost and highest quality services.

Some of Shiraz tourist’s attractions

Tomb of Hafiz and Saadi

Tomb of Hafiz
Tomb of Hafiz

Among the colorful buildings of Shiraz, Hafezieh or Tomb of Hafez is a tomb complex in northern Shiraz where the most famouse Iranian poet is buried .

Saadi’s tomb is known as Saadi’s burial place of  a prominent Persian poet.

 The Tomb of Cyrus

The Tomb of Cyrus
The Tomb of Cyrus

Cyrus, the great man of Iran history, is one of the most popular and noble Iranian emissaries who has been greatly revered during his time and has a special place among all nations

Persepolis of Shiraz

Persepolis of Shiraz
Persepolis of Shiraz

The magnificent Persepolis monument is undoubtedly the finest monument in Shiraz.

Eram Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Fars province and even the whole country that attracts many foreign and domestic tourists.

11 medical procedures in Shiraz:

Rhinoplasty or nose job in Shiraz
Rhinoplasty or nose job in Shiraz

Since Rhinoplasty in Iran requires double precision at the time of surgery. Iran health agency officially guarantee the outcome of Rhinoplasty in Shiraz because we selectively cooperate with surgeons experienced enough in this field.

Careful selection of the surgeon is one of the things that should be given more importance than any other case, because, as stated, nose surgery is an art and requires an experienced surgeon to accurately identify the elements of the nose and its disadvantages.

Rhinoplasty or nose job in Shiraz is performed at the best and top-rated hospital at the most reasonable price.

Rhinoplasty in Shiraz costs around 1400-2200$ including surgery, hospital, anesthesia and operation room.

Hair transplant in Shiraz
Hair transplant in Shiraz

Hair transplant in Iran in Shiraz including head, eyebrows and beard at the most equipped clinic by the experienced surgeon and 100% positive result.

There are different common methods in Shiraz regarding hair transplantation

Such as:

It is a non-surgical hair transplants in which follicular units (containing 1-4 hair strands) are punctured one-by-one by a small tool and implanted in the bald area, so no surgery is required in the back of head therefore there is no suture line

FUT hair transplantation is one of the first natural hair transplant procedures in the world. In this method an incision will be made in the back of the head in the thickness of one to two centimeters by 20 to 25 cm in length, and the hair follicles are removed by technicians and the hair transplant team…

BHT (Body Hair Transplantation) refers to follicular unit extraction, known as FUE.

During the procedure follicular are separated from parts of body having tick and strong hair. Actually It is an alternative for patients with poor coverage in the occipital donor region.

There are some other methods like SUT, TDF which will be accordingly chosen to be the most effective method for each hair transplant case in Shiraz

Hair transplant cost in Shiraz differs under different condition such as rate of clinic, reputation of surgeon and type of procedure but normally it is around 700$to 1200$.

If you are suffering from obesity Weight loss surgery in Shiraz will be solution using the most updated methods, clean and comfortable clinics at the reasonable price.

There are some common procedures in Shiraz:

Ear surgery or technically called Otoplasty is involved with the shape and out ear.

Ear surgery in Shiraz by the Best adult and kid’s surgeons either ENT or plastic ones having deal with different cases ensure the outcome of the operation

Ear surgery cost in Shiraz is 1000 -1500$.

Abdominoplasty in Iran is so –called tummy tuck in Shiraz is a procedure to get rid of stretch marks left over from pregnancy or excess skin as a result of significant weight loss and extra fat appropriate for both male and female.

Abdominoplasty cost in Shiraz is 1900$-2200$.

Facelift in Iran in Shiraz is a long-lasting procedure if you are suffering from skin sagging, rigidity, wrinkles, drooping even flashy jowls (excess skin around chin).

Facelift cost in Shiraz is 1500-3000 $ including surgeon, hospital, anesthesia fee.

Breast lift or boobs job in Shiraz
Breast lift or boobs job in Shiraz

if the size and shape of your breast are on your nerve don’t doubt about breast lift in Iran in shiraz.

Breast lift cost in Shiraz is 2200-2800$

Dental veneers in Shiraz
Dental veneers in Shiraz

Dental veneers in Iran in Shiraz known as Hollywood smile employing different high quality material made in Korea and USA to improve aesthetic of front teeth.

Dental veneers price in Shiraz is 80$-120$ per tooth.

Dental implants in Shiraz
Dental implants in Shiraz

Dental implant in Iran is a branch of cosmetic dentistry affecting both appearance and function teeth. dental implant is normally an alternative artificial tooth if you have lost your natural one.

Dental implants cost in Shiraz is 250$-320$per tooth.

Butt lift in Shiraz
Butt lift in Shiraz

Bbl stands for Brazilian butt lift in Iran which is as one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries means transferring body fat to the hip area. In this form of formulation, liposuction will first remove excess fat from part of your body, especially the waist, lower back and thighs. Therefore, this is good news for those patients who suffer from abdominal fat and thighs. After the fat is removed, it is purified and injected into the hip. The result is a slimmer, more prominent hips.

Butt lift cost in Shiraz is 1900$-2500$.

For more information click BBL in Iran

Liposuction in Iran treatment ه, which is done to remove excess fat around the abdomen and flanks, is generally called the “love knob “because it slims the body, regains shape, increases confidence and improves the beauty of one’s body. Since the metal cannula used in liposuction is so small, the incision made in the abdomen and flank are only 2 to 5 mm long which simply disappears over a short period of time.

Liposuction price in Shiraz is 2000$-3500$ depending on amount of fat.

The right time for traveling for medical tourism in  Shiraz:

traveling to Shiraz
traveling to Shiraz

There is no limitation regarding time of travelling to Shiraz specially for medical purpose but normally The best time to travel to this city is May. Shiraz really has a paradise atmosphere this month

One of the reasons why you should travel to Shiraz in May is the festivities and celebrations that take place on the occasion of Shiraz Day, May 5, and some continue until the end of May.

The purpose of the event is to familiarize tourists with the culture, history, art, customs and rituals of the historic city of Shiraz.

What does Iran health agency offer in Shiraz?

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