Our skilled dentists in Iran combine perfection with leading techniques to provide exceptional care.

Your unique goals guide us in helping you achieve a dramatic smile makeover or subtle improvements.

From precision implants to non-invasive whitening, experience renewed dental health and a naturally beautiful smile.

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Iran

Why Dentistry in Iran?

Iran is gaining popularity for affordable, high-quality dental care from experienced dentists trained in North America and Europe.
Most clinics in Iran offer a comprehensive range of dental services like dental implants, root canals, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, orthodontics, and smile makeovers.
Dentists use advanced technologies and internationally-approved materials. Dental labs provide precision handcrafted restorations.
Costs for dental implants, veneers, crowns, etc., are very reasonable compared to other countries. Savings of 50% or more are common.
Iran combines technical expertise with luxury care. Those looking for quality cosmetic and dental treatments at lower costs are choosing Iran.

For westerners, the cost of dental work in Iran can be very low compared to other countries

Experience the Transformation Journey

This candid documentary follows a dental patient’s transformative tour of Iran. Witness the skill and warmth of renowned dentists as they utilize leading techniques to revitalize smiles beautifully and comfortably. Experience stunning makeovers and restore confidence first-hand. With attentive guidance each step of the way, her story inspires hope. It shows why more dental travelers choose Iran for affordable, quality care paired with unparalleled hospitality.

Dentistry's Doctors in Iran


+18 Years of exprience

cosmetic dentistry fellowships from Canada and America


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Specialist in cosmetic and restorative dentistry

hotel for BBL in iran

Our Hotels

International care, local comfort
Accommodation is one of the services that Iran health agency provides for its clients. we are here to book hotel, hostel or recovery house according to your budget, hospital and clinic location.

to meet your comfort needs Booking of the accommodation is done in advance. After airport pick-up you will directly be transferred to hotel so it helps a lot to save your time.

Dental services in Iran

Are you tired of sky-high dental bills? Iran unveils an oasis of affordable, world-class care. This rising star of dental tourism harbors a surprise: exceptional treatment without the hefty price tag. Here’s a glimpse into what awaits:

  • Rich History Meets Cutting-Edge Technique: Centuries of tradition intersect modern advancements in Iranian dentistry, where highly skilled clinicians blend time-honored knowledge with breakthroughs.
  • Lavish Smiles Without Breaking The Bank: From routine exams to transformative smile makeovers, Iranian dentists deliver top-tier care at a fraction of the cost. Realize the smile you’ve always envisioned, minus the financial toll.
  • Equipped With Tomorrow’s Technology, Today: Leading-edge technology is at the forefront of numerous clinics today. Patients can expect maximum comfort and optimal results thanks to these tools.

Immerse Yourself in A Vibrant Culture: Complement your visit by exploring Iran’s dynamic urban hubs and breathtaking landscapes, where rich history fuses with modern energy.

A Comprehensive List Of Dental Services Types in Iran (Definitions And Procedures)

The following is a complete list of dental services and procedures available in Iran:

Diagnostic and Preventive Services

  • Oral Exams:  Check for dental health problems and develop treatment plans.
  • Teeth Cleaning: Removes plaque and tartar to prevent gum disease.
  • X-rays: Takes images of teeth and jaws to evaluate dental health.
  • Fluoride Treatment: Coats teeth to prevent cavities and make enamel stronger.
  • Sealants: Thin plastic coatings put on chewing surfaces of back teeth to avoid decay.

Dental Veneers:

In this procedure, porcelain or composite material is bonded to the front surface of the teeth to improve the appearance, color, shape, and strength of the teeth.

  • Preparation: Removing a small amount of tooth enamel to create space for the veneer.

  • Impression: Taking an impression of the tooth to create a custom veneer.

  • Bonding: Etching the tooth surface and bonding the veneer to the tooth.

Our agency can arrange the most suitable time for you to visit Veeners Dental Clinic for the best cosmetic dental treatment

Restorative Services

  • Fillings: Fillings restore and repair decayed teeth using metal, porcelain, or composite materials.
  • Crowns: The crown protects severely damaged teeth by covering them with porcelain or metal.
  • Bridges:  When teeth are missing, false teeth are attached to surrounding teeth.

Endodontic Services

  • Root Canal Treatment: Root canal treatment restores healthy pulp tissue damaged by infection or decay.

Periodontal Services

  • Deep Cleaning: Removes hardened plaque below the gumline to treat gum disease and prevent tooth loss.

Prosthodontic Services

  • Dentures: Replace missing teeth with a removable set of artificial teeth.
  • Dental Implants: Replace missing teeth roots with metal posts surgically embedded into the jawbone, followed by attaching artificial teeth or bridges.

Orthodontic Services

  • Braces: Corrects poorly positioned and crowded teeth through appliances that put pressure on teeth over time.
  • Retainers: Holds teeth in corrected positions.

Charting Your Dental Journey [with the help of IranHealthAgency]:

  • Seek Accredited Clinics: Target international practices (clinics for cosmetic dentistry) with English-fluent staff, target online reviews, and access patient feedback. We take care of all this for you! 

Embrace Transparency: Don’t hesitate to contrast and compare costs and treatment proposals across practices to make an informed decision that fits your budget and unique needs. To make all costs transparent, we can send you the invoice file.

The Best Dental Care in Iran: Your Guide to Affordable, High-Quality Care

Service Category Description and Procedures Estimated Cost Range (USD)
Diagnostic & Preventive
Oral Exams Check for dental issues and develop a plan. $50 – $100
Teeth Cleaning Removes plaque and tartar to prevent gum disease. $30 – $50
X-rays Images of teeth and jaws for dental health evaluation. $20 – $40 per set
Fluoride Treatment Strengthens enamel and prevents cavities. $10 – $20
Sealants Keeps back teeth healthy. $20 – $30 per tooth
Fillings Repair decayed teeth with various materials. $50 – $150 per tooth
Crowns Cap and protect severely damaged teeth. $250 – $500 per tooth
Bridges Replace missing teeth with artificial teeth anchored to surrounding teeth. $400 – $1,000 per bridge
Root Canal Treatment Treats infected or damaged pulp tissue. $200 – $500 per tooth
Deep Cleaning Removes plaque buildup below the gumline to treat gum disease. $100 – $200 per session
Dentures Replace missing teeth with removable artificial teeth. $500 – $1,500
Dental Implants After metal posts are implanted, artificial teeth and bridges can be attached to the posts to replace missing roots. $800 – $2,000 per implant

Timeline for Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Iran (for International Patients)

If you asked us, How long does cosmetic dentistry take on average? You can check the time you need a visit by looking at the below table. 


Estimated Timeframe (International Patients)

Dental Veneers

2-3 visits spread over 2-4 weeks

* Consultation & Planning (1 visit): 1-2 hours


* Teeth Preparation & Impression (1 visit): 1-2 hours


* Veneer Placement (1 visit): 30 minutes – 1 hour per tooth


Composite Bonding

1-2 visits, same day or spread over 1 week

* Consultation & Treatment Planning (1 visit): 30 minutes – 1 hour


* Procedure (1 visit): 30 minutes – 1 hour per tooth


Teeth Whitening

1-2 visits, same day or spread over a week

* Consultation (1 visit): 30 minutes


* In-office whitening treatment (1 visit, if chosen): 1-2 hours


* Take-home whitening kit (alternative): treatment duration varies based on product


Dental Crowns

2-3 visits spread over 2-4 weeks

* Consultation & Planning (1 visit): 1-2 hours


* Teeth Preparation & Impression (1 visit): 1-2 hours


* Crown Placement (1 visit): 30 minutes – 1 hour


Dental Bridges

2-4 visits spread over 2-6 weeks

* Consultation & Planning (1 visit): 1-2 hours


* Teeth Preparation & Impressions (1 visit): 1-2 hours per tooth involved in the bridge


* Bridge Placement (1 visit): 1-2 hours


Dental Implants (Single Implant)

2-4 visits spread over 4-8 months

* Consultation & Planning (1 visit): 1-2 hours


* Implant Placement Surgery (1 visit): 1-2 hours


* Healing and Osseointegration (3-6 months)


* Abutment Placement (1 visit): 30 minutes


* Crown Placement (1 visit): 30 minutes – 1-hour


Dental Implants (Full Mouth)

Multiple visits spread over 6-12 months, depending on complexity

* Consultations, planning, and potential extractions (multiple visits)


* Implant placement surgeries (multiple visits)


* Healing and osseointegration


* Abutment placement and crown placement (multiple visits)


Important notice: This table is for informational purposes only. Consult with us (to check with the best dentist in Iran) for a personalized treatment plan and timeline specific to your needs.

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