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You can find out more about recovery and surgery times based on the type of cancer and treatment prescribed by your doctor

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Cost of getting care for breast cancer in Iran

Here are some possible points:

  • The cost of breast cancer treatment in Iran may vary depending on the type, stage, and grade of the cancer, the choice of treatment, the hospital, the doctor, and the insurance coverage12
  • The average cost of breast cancer treatment in Iran is much lower than in other countries, such as the US, the UK, or Canada. For example, the average cost of breast cancer surgery in Iran is about $2,500, while in the US it can range from $15,000 to $55,000.
  • The cost of breast cancer treatment in Iran includes all the related expenses, such as tests, medication, anesthesia, hospitalization, post-op care, follow-up, etc.
  • The cost of breast cancer treatment in Iran can be reduced by using health insurance, medical tourism packages, or government subsidies. Some hospitals and clinics in Iran offer special discounts and services for foreign patients who travel to Iran for breast cancer treatment.
cost in iran
2500 $
cost in india
4000 $
cost in turkey
14.000 $
cost in mexico
15.000 $
cost in usa
35.000 $
cost in europa
70.000 $
hotel for BBL in iran

Our Hotels

International care, local comfort
Accommodation is one of the services that Iran health agency provides for its clients. we are here to book hotel, hostel or recovery house according to your budget, hospital and clinic location.

to meet your comfort needs Booking of the accommodation is done in advance. After airport pick-up you will directly be transferred to hotel so it helps a lot to save your time.


Firouzgar hospital

Firouzgar Hospital

Hospital beds : +400

Legacy & Affiliation: Founded in 1951, affiliated with the Iran University of Medical Sciences. Comprehensive Services: 435 beds, 34 operating rooms, diverse specialties. Education & Training: Vital role in training interns, residents, and allied professionals. Specialties: Provides gastrointestinal, cardiac, cancer, and rehabilitation services. Research & Quality: A beacon in research, quality management, and patient rights. Intervention Services: Leading in cardiac and brain vascular interventions.

Baqiyatallah Hospital

Baqiyatallah Hospital

Hospital beds : +600

Summarized Perspective: Farhikhtegan Hospital, the flagship of the Islamic Azad University’s healthcare system, boasts an expansive, well-equipped facility. With numerous specialized units and a range of auxiliary services, it stands as a comprehensive healthcare hub serving the community with modern amenities and a strong commitment to medical excellence.

abu ali sina hospital

Abu Ali Sina Hospital

Hospital beds : +150

Ebnesina Hospital was established in June 2007, following the former Ebnesina clinic, which served patients since 1973. The hospital, named after the renowned 10th-century Iranian polymath and physician, Avicenna or Ibn Sina, is situated in the Sadeghieh district in Tehran. Despite the construction of several medical centers in the region over the years, Ebnesina Hospital remains the most esteemed one.


Getting Care for Breast Cancer in Iran

International patients can get breast cancer treatment in Iran thanks to excellent medical facilities and skilled doctors.


Surgeons in Iran perform procedures like:

  • Mastectomy: Removing the whole breast
  • Lumpectomy:  Removing only the tumor

Drug Therapies

  • Chemotherapy:  Uses medicine to kill cancer cells
  • Hormone therapy:  Blocks hormones that help cancer grow

Radiation Therapy

  • Shrinks tumors and kills cancer cells using high-energy beams
Getting Care for Breast Cancer in Iran

Benefits of Treatment in Iran

  • Low prices – Saving up to 50-70% on world-class care
  • Short wait times – Treatment starts quickly after diagnosis
  • High success rates from experienced, U.S./Europe-trained doctors
  • Culturally comfortable for Muslim patients
  • Combine a medical trip with tourism

A patient coordinator makes the process smooth and stress-free. Iran offers compassionate, comprehensive breast cancer care.

Benefits of Treatment in Iran

Understanding Breast Cancer Treatments

Several treatments are available for breast cancer, including medical and surgical ones:



It will include removal of the entire breast as well as any tumors present.


Only the tumor and some healthy tissue around it get taken out. Breast-conserving surgery is also known as this

Understanding Breast Cancer Treatments



 Uses strong medication given intravenously or orally to kill cancer cells. Several cycles are standard.

Hormone therapy

 This oral pill blocks estrogen, which aids in the growth of breast cancer.




Painless high-energy beams are applied externally to shrink and eliminate tumors; a series of short daily sessions over a while.

Talk to your medical team to determine which treatment plan matches your specific. Analyses and needs. Factors like the cancer stage, types of cells, and genetic markers help guide the best protocol.

Traveling to Iran for high-quality, affordable care is an option for many international patients. Contact our service to learn more.

Here is some helpful information about breast cancer care services that we could provide to patients or women looking to reduce their cancer risk:


Protecting Your Breast Health

We aim to help women at every stage of breast health – whether getting screened, facing a diagnosis, or striving for prevention. Our compassionate team stays by your side each step of the way.

Cancer Screening

  • Annual mammograms from age 40+
  • Clinical breast exams every 1-3 years
  • Option for breast MRI if high-risk
  • Genetic testing if family history

Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

We offer personalized care plans including:

  • Lumpectomy and mastectomy
  • Radiation, chemo, hormone therapy
  • Reconstructive surgery options
  • Integrative therapies for comfort
Protecting Your Breast Health

Risk Reduction & Prevention
Even without cancer, we empower healthy lifestyles like:

  • Improved diet and more activity
  • Preventative drugs in increased risk
  • Prophylactic mastectomy if genetic likelihood

Support Services

  • Counseling to cope with emotional distress
  • Nutrition guidance from our oncology RDs
  • Lymphedema therapeutic services
  • Survivorship care focusing on quality of life
Risk Reduction & Prevention
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