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Medical Tourism in Iran

Medical tourism in Iran has been on the rise, attracting individuals from around the world seeking quality healthcare services at affordable prices. With Iran Health Agency as your trusted partner, you can embark on a journey to experience top-notch medical treatments and procedures in a culturally rich and welcoming environment.

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Popular Treatments

Primary rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty , Tip plasty,

Deep plane facelift, Mini face lift, Mid face lift, Short scar face lift

Temple lift, Fox eye, Canthoplasty, Ponytail lift

ICIS, IVF ,Egg donation sperm donation freeze

Composite Veneers, Laminate, Ceramic Veneers, Porcelain crown

Breast lift, Breast implant, Breast reduction, Mammoplasty

BBL , Fat transfer to hips, Fat transfer to butt ,360 liposuction

Hairline hair transplant, Eyebrow hair transplant

Medical Technology and Equipment:

Iran utilizes the same state-of-the-art medical technology and equipment found in top Western healthcare systems including MRI, CT, and PET scanners, DaVinci robots, Gamma Knives, CyberKnives, and more.
Many facilities have advanced telemedicine capabilities allowing remote diagnoses and consults with specialists worldwide.
Iranian R&D and science sectors actively develop innovations in nanomedicine, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and cutting-edge treatments later adopted globally.

Surgery Expertise:

Iranian surgeons gain deep expertise in complex areas like organ transplants, cardiovascular surgery, eye surgery, orthopedics, cosmetic procedures and more by performing high patient volumes in busy hospital settings.
Continued education is a priority – surgeons regularly travel for workshops or sabbaticals at top institutes like Harvard Medical School.
Board certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists perform cosmetic surgeries meeting strict quality control and patient safety standards.

Patient Care:

Patients are assigned dedicated case managers to coordinate care, travel, language needs etc. before/after arrival.
Private rooms, gourmet halal food menus, and concierge services provide hotel-style comfort and customized cultural/religious support.
The low nurse-to-patient ratio allows very personalized care and faster recovery.
With advanced technologies, expert surgeons, and attentive care – Iran’s hospitals feel cutting-edge yet familiar for international patients.

The majority of doctors in Iran trained at prestigious medical universities either in Iran or in Western countries like the US. Doctors must pass rigorous licensing exams focused heavily on modern standards. Most surgeons have international certifications in their fields of expertise and many speak English fluently. You can expect highly qualified doctors on par with developed nations.

Hospitals offer private single or double recovery rooms with comfortable amenities for international patients. There are also dedicated hotel-style recovery centers with 24/7 nursing care, WiFi, TVs, and other amenities that allow you to recover in a hotel-like setting after discharge.

Yes, several hospitals and clinics in major Iranian cities like Tehran are JCI accredited, meaning they meet rigorous international healthcare facility standards. Iran ranks second highest in the Middle East for JCI accredited hospitals, indicating high safety and quality standards for patients.

Are there options for medical tourists’ budgets? Iran has a variety of nice 3, 4, and 5-star hotels, many offering discounts for long term stays making them affordable for medical tourists. There are also apartments or guesthouses if you prefer self-catering options. Many hotels have nurses or concierge services that speak English and can assist with your needs.

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Before and After Photos

You can see the before and after photos of all plastic surgeries here.

The Best Surgeons in Iran


+16 Years of experience

Otolaryngologist and Facial Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgeons

+14 Years of ecprience

Nose operation (rhinoplasty) ear cosmetic surgery chin cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgeons

+18 Years of experiences

The member of the Canadian, American, and Iranian aesthetic plastic surgery societies.

Nose surgeon

+10 Years of experience

Is expertise is mostly in the operation of bony noses with a strong cartilaginous structure

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Why Choose Iran for Your Medical Journey

  • International Recognition: Iran’s medical tourism industry has been gaining international recognition, with patients traveling from around the globe for high-quality treatments and surgeries.
  • Cultural Experience: Your medical journey in Iran is not just limited to healthcare. Immerse yourself in the country’s rich culture, explore historical sites, and savor delicious Persian cuisine.
  • Safe and Hospitable Environment: Iran is known for its warm and welcoming culture. Medical tourists often find themselves embraced with open arms, making their journey not only beneficial but also culturally enriching.

Medical tourism in Iran

In the past years, Iran has come to represent a leading region for the provision of medical tourist services thanks to its low costs coupled with quality health care practice. It has modern hospitals and clinics with qualified professionals. 

In comparison to Western countries, cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty (nose job) can be conducted in Iran at much lower prices. The facilities also serve foreign patients with staff who do multilingual services, package hotel accommodation, transportation to and from airports, and follow-ups of their health status. Therefore, as you go about looking for a suitable destination that will give the best results at the most reasonable price, Iran makes an ideal choice due to its cheap advanced medical equipment, the best hospitality, and the friendliness towards alien patients.

Affordable medical procedures in Iran

Iran offers various types of surgeries and treatments at a meager cost as compared to most Western countries. To illustrate, an imported heart surgery can cost only 7000 – 12000 dollars compared with 200 thousand in America without reducing its efficiency.

Also, an Iranian nose job by skilled surgeons will only cost around three thousand dollars, while it can go up to ten thousand elsewhere. Furthermore, other standard procedures such as dentistry, fertility, orthopaedic surgery, and cosmetic improvement are also relatively affordable.

These cheap treatments can be accessed at hospitals and clinics all around Iran, and they use modern medical technologies as well as competent doctors and specialists. Low cost coupled with world-class quality care makes many international patients consider medical travel to Iran as an alternative to expensive medicine abroad.

Plastic surgery option in Iran: 

There are various plastic surgeries in Iran, such as facelifts, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentations. Highly specialized procedures are carried out in modern hospitals and clinics with proficient doctors. The prices are also meager compared to Western Countries.

Nose jobs

Iran is nose job central! Persian noses are in demand globally, and Iranian surgeons have mastered the rhinoplasty procedure. You can reshape your nose and correct issues for a fraction of what it would cost back home.

Lip injections

Fuller lips are a hot trend, and Iran offers lip fillers and implants for cheap. Iranian women are known for their pouty lips. Get that look for yourself with a quick and affordable procedure.

Breast implants

Iranian women aren’t shy about going under the knife for bigger breasts. Boost your bust with implants or lifts for a budget price. Just be ready for the recovery time!

Tummy tucks

That stubborn belly fat and loose skin have met its match! Get a tightened and toned tummy from Iran’s experts in abdominoplasty. They’ll have you bikini-ready in no time.


Turn back the clock on ageing with a facelift or mini lift. Iranian surgeons can refresh your look with tightening and rejuvenation treatments. You’ll shave years off your face.

Dental treatment for tourists:

Furthermore, Iran is now considered an excellent vacation spot that provides state–of–the–art medical services in general and dental care in particular at a competitive price. 

Many clinics and dental hospitals situated in big cities such as Tehran, Mashhad, and Shiraz provide different dental care procedures at the same price as their Western counterparts. 

There are basic dental processes such as cleaning, fillings, and extraction, which cost half to one-third of that in the US and Europe. By way of example, a dental implant that may cost $3,000 in the USA is placed at $1000 in Iran. 

These dental clinics offering international services meet the highest world standards and use the most advanced dental technology. It becomes more accessible for vacationers due to being assisted by English-speaking dentists as well as other support staff. Dental tourism is very promising in Iran as it offers high-tech dental care and tremendous cost savings for patients from high-cost countries.

Medical Tourism Experience in Iran: 

Getting there-Flights to Tehran or other major cities are pretty easy to book. Iran has excellent, modern airports, so arriving is a breeze.

Hospitality:  Iranians are known for being super hospitable. Expect everyone at the hospital to go out of their way to make you comfortable and address any needs.

Language:  English is widely spoken at international hospitals and clinics. They’ll set you up with a translator if needed.

Accommodations:  Many hospitals offer packages with 4 or 5-star hotels so that you can recover in style. The rooms are plush and affordable.

Care: The doctors and nurses are highly skilled and up to date on the latest technologies and techniques. You’re in skillful hands.

Aftercare: Hospitals provide follow-up care instructions and medication. Some even have staff available for check-ins after you return home.

Costs: The bottom line is you’ll pay a fraction of what the same procedure would cost back home. My cousin’s nose job in LA was $10k vs $3k in Tehran. Big savings!

Overall, medical tourism in Iran offers an incredible value. You get superb care and facilities at bargain prices in a place that makes you feel welcomed and comfortable throughout your stay. It’s worth looking into any significant medical or cosmetic procedures you’re considering. The experience beats what you’d get in Western healthcare systems.