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Rhinoplasty abroad no matter in Iran or any other countries must go in a way to be worth the hassle. Iranian nose job before and after photos indicating the different cases and results are strong reasons to persuade you to selectively trust Iran.

  • Fleshy nose
  • nose job
  • Bony rhinoplasty
  • Natural nose job
  • Fantasy nose job
  • Semi fantasy nose job

What is a goal of Rhinoplasty?

In general, Rhinoplasty or so-called nose job is a cosmetic operation having multiple applications.

The ones unsatisfied with the shape, size and function of their nose, go through nose job to rest the rest of their lives happier.

If Rhinoplasty be performed in the hand of a skilled and well-knowledge surgeon, the outcome will be a great revolution.

Rhinoplasty is beneficial and permanent cosmetic surgery to re -design all  nasal shape and size deformities and improve the functionality.

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Different types of nose, before and after photos:

Obviously originality of shape, severity, complexity and thickness of skin have profound effects of result.

Let me mention Different types of nasal require unique techniques. Beforehand, let’s go through the nasal types introduction then will clarify what to expect before and after a nose job in Iran:

1: Fleshy nose:

The definition of fleshy nose connives that, noses with thick skin, big nostrils, availability of large number of fat and sebaceous glands are known as flashy ones.

Weak cartilage and dropping tip are other signs of fleshy noses. But these of nose are commonly seen in male more than female as a result of male sex hormone.

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2: Bony nose:

Thin skin, pyramid-shape, strong cartilage and no tip droopiness define the bony nose.

I have a meaty (fleshy) nose, my friend always disappoints me with nose job result:

There is a common Idea among ordinary people that result of meaty nose job is revisable.

Iranian fleshy nose job, before and after photos of Rhinoplasty in Iran overrides the above theory.

The main concern about reversibility of fleshy nose job is totally Comprehensible.

Although fleshy Rhinoplasty is potentially riskier than bony nose surgery, the employment of new techniques for meaty nose job in Iran overshadows all fears and anxieties.

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The best method for fleshy nose job in Iran:

Evolution of cosmetic surgeries in Iran   provided cosmetic or general surgeons with accessibility of newest and different methods.

When it comes to fleshy nose Rhinoplasty in Iran,the main purpose turns around creating a narrower shape in lower part of nose and as far as possible and reshaping the nostril and tip properly .

In order to obtain this positive purpose, the nasal cartilage structure is strengthened by using the person’s own nasal septum cartilage to apply pressure on tick and oily skin and stretching it, make the nose look narrower and more beautiful.

Don’t forget that natural noses after having Rhinoplasty is the common and actually most appropriate result for fleshy and meaty noses

Have a look on plenty of successful, Iranian fleshy nose job before and after photos

Does enzyme work with fleshy nose in Iran?

Enzyme injection is one of the non-invasive and brand-new method which stands a test of times.

In this method a surgeon, injects the enzyme including Hyalase and calcium hydroxyapatite crystals to the nose.

Not to mention that Hyalase is naturally finable in human body so the risks and side effects are minimized.

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(Shiraz and Mashhad are two important cities in Iran.)

How is the procedure of nose enzyme injection in Iran?

Nose enzyme injection in Iran doesn’t require general anesthesia therefore local anesthesia is sufficient to relieve pain.

The process of injecting the enzyme starts with the disinfection of the treated area then a certain amount of the enzyme is injected, depending on the patient’s needs and the desired outcome.

The injection will take between two and three sessions, scheduled between 1 and 2 weeks.

However, at the initial consultation and examination session, the number of injections required is determined by the skilled surgeon in Iran.

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17 Tips that you should Know About Meaty or Fleshy Rhinoplasty

Check the before and after photos regarding to nose Injection in Iran:

Bony nose job and before and after photos.

The structure flexibility and thin skin of bony nose results in positively jaw-dropping outcome. permanent durability is another outstanding feature of bony nose jobs.

Bony nose job, as its name implies, includes incision and bone modification in order to correction of nasal defects such as nasal haunch and sometimes breath difficulty. Therefore, bony nose surgery in Iran is not something performable by non-surgical procedures.

For more clarification some before and after bony nose job in Iran have been uploaded.

Iranian interest in nose job and popular types.

Basically what you expect from a Rhinoplasty or nose job is particularly individualized. But informed and aware patients having realistic overview will get more satisfactory results. since they are aware of different possibility and made effort adequately to find the best surgeons according to available condition.

Good to know that, consultation session with your surgeon will turn around your purpose and desired nose and what you expect from Rhinoplasty in Iran

Although effects of original nose on final result are not deniable ,a skilled and experienced surgeons will make your wish come true.

Some popular nose job shapes among Iranian beauty seekers refer to:

  • Natural nose job:

These type is common among people who aren’t keen on artificial face and stick-out modification.

Normally males request natural nose job in Iran rather than females.

Although a natural nose job can be a result of bony nose, fleshy nose jobs are more expected to be natural.

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  • Dolly nose job in Iran:

Dolly nose in Iran or so -called fancy Rhinoplasty , is becoming more and more popular with both men and women.

But since the nose is at the center of the face, maintaining the balance between the nose and other facial components during surgery is more important. That is why this type of surgery is not recommended for those who have large nose and face.

Fancy nose surgery in Iran is more popular among women, but not for all patients specially those having meaty nose shouldn’t expect a dolly result. The procedure of dolly nose job in Iran ends up the nose of the patient becoming very small

In recent years, plenty of celebrities have traveled to Iran for getting a dolly nose Job done.

Good to know that, the best candidate for Fantasy nose surgery in Iran are Those having cartilaginous and bony nose.

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 Dolly nose job Before and after photos in Iran are more expressive than written explanation .

  • Semi fantasy nose job in Iran: semi fantasy or dolly nose is somewhere between natural and dolly nose jobs.

In this type a plastic surgeon in Iran creates slighter curve in bridge in comparison to dolly nose job. And the angel between lips and nose is much smaller.

To find the differences, compare the Iranian semi fantasy nose job before and after photos with above ones.

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