Dr sedaghati shayesteh

Dr. Sarang Sedaghati Shayeste

Dr. Sarang Sedaghati Shayeste

Introducing the doctor

Surgeon in Mashhad

  • Surgeon and dentist
  • Specialist in restorative and cosmetic dentistry
  • Root canal treatment specialist (endodontist)
  • Gum surgery specialist (periodontist)
  • Specialist in pediatric dentistry
  • Orthodontic specialist
  • Specialist in dental prostheses

He is one of the best dental surgeons in Shiraz. He is experienced and expert in implant, root treatment and restoration of damaged teeth and performs all such important procedures well and carefully. The Medical system number of Dr. Sedaghati is 112946.


  • Difficult and complex nerve endings
  • Dental implant
  • Restoration of damaged teeth with composite materials
  • Dental crowns
  • Wisdom tooth surgery is hidden and placed on the nerve
  • Other specialized restorative and beauty services
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