Psychologically beauty gifts you more confidence and medically Rhinoplasty in Iran or nose job in Iran or any other countries is known as safe and cost-effective idea enhancing your beauty and also getting rid of some physical difficulty such as breathing.

Rhinoplasty in Iran ❤️ At a strange and unbelievable cost!!

Since you will need a person from your family or friends to be cared   during your Rhinoplasty in Iran , Our team arranges   all necessity in advance to meet all your needs. so no need to a caretaker and excess expenses since we will be beside you every single this article I will discuss all aspects of Rhinoplasty in Iran such as cost, pros and cons, pre and post care instruction and etc. Stay tuned.

Rhinoplasty in Iran before and after photos

rhinoplasty before after
rhinoplasty in Iran before and after
rhinoplasty in Iran before and after
rhinoplasty in Iran before and after
rhinoplasty in Iran before and after
rhinoplasty in Iran before and after
rhinoplasty in Iran before and after
rhinoplasty in Iran before and after

Rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran

Dr. Sazegar rhinoplasty surgeon

Dr. Sazegar rhinoplasty surgeon

Full name: Amir Arvin Sazegar

Description: Plastic Surgery Fellowship

Member of the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons

Location: Tehran

Dr. Fadaei rhinoplasty surgeon

Dr. Fadaei rhinoplasty surgeon

Full name: Alireza Fadaei Naeini

Description: Subspecialty rhinoplasty surgeon

Member of the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons

Location: Rasht

Dr. Kamyabi rhinoplasty surgeon

Dr. Kamyabi rhinoplasty surgeon

Full name: Dr. Alireza Kamyabi

Description: ENT specialist

Broken and fleshy rhinoplasty specialist

Location: Tehran


Dr. Abbasi rhinoplasty surgeon

Full name: Hamed Abbasi

Description: ENT specialist

Graduated in 2008

Location: Tehran

rhinoplasty in Iran infographic

quick access to rhinoplasty

All we need to know about Rhinoplasty in Iran

All we need to know about Rhinoplasty in Iran
rhinoplasty in iran for women

Statistical evidence shows the number of rhinoplasty  in Iran made it  jump into 10 top world’s countries have been performing plastic 2013 Iran was introduced as fourth Country after Brazil, Mexico and the United States specifically in nose job field.

the  factor that makes Iran superior to its competitors, beside quality and proficiency, is price, one of main concerns for majority of people. when it comes to Rhinoplasty in Iran all concerns and worries about price and cost get fade.

How much is an average cost of nose job in Iran?

How much is an average cost of nose job in Iran
How much is an average cost of nose job in Iran

According to 2018 statics from the American society of plastic and cosmetic surgeons; the average Rhinoplasty cost starts from 5350$.but the average nose job or Rhinoplasty  cost in Iran starts from 1400$ relying on surgeon’s reputation, quality of hospitals, type of the nose, type of surgery regarding to primary or revision operation.

But let me mention that the surgeon’s experience and proficiency and your comfort with her or him are as significant as final cost of nose surgery. since you may get some modification that sometimes permanently stay with you throughout your life. So this question may pop into your mind that Rhinoplasty in Iran will be a wise decision.

iranian nose job before and after photos

Why Iran as an appropriate platform for nose surgery?

You may have heard frequently this sentence: IRAN, nose capital of the world

Defiantly some positive attribute made Iran famous as a capital.

1.main reason can be the plenty of board-certified plastic surgeons having stood the test of time.

  1. Iran government’s perspective on providing tourist with world class services leaded clinic and hospitals managers to get well-equipped with cutting –edge technology, facilities and tools. so perfection of Rhinoplasty in Iran is instantly rising

3.the last but not the least option is price, as a result of economic element in Iran and also value of Iran currency in comparison to Dollar and Euros, medical and health care services are done at very reasonable and affordable price.

What will Iran health agency bring me?

What will Iran health agency bring me?
iran nose surgery

Rhinoplasty is not a trivial subject you can simply trifle with; let alone you have decided to get it done in another country.

And also when it comes to having a plastic surgery abroad you will defiantly need a partner to accompany you during the surgery, although you have chosen  Rhinoplasty in Iran to reduce your expenses, your partner’s cost will let you down.

Iran health agency has a lot in the sleeves, our team including nurses, doctor assistants, surgeons and also travel agents have the mutual mission, combination of honesty, accuracy, experience and customer orientation goals are our insurance to offer you the first class services.

A to Z of Rhinoplasty in Iran has been frequently verified by our experts .it starts from a free consultation via either of communication channels such as email, what’s app, online form and so on. after discussion of your subject and getting a clear quotation and clarification of exclude and include options and your final confirmation, preparation of your Rhinoplasty procedure in Iran gets started by assigning it to a personal executor.

All you may need will be provided in advance from T-visa authorization code, finding the best nose or Rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran, making the appointment, planning the other necessity such as accommodation and private vehicle to provide your commuting comfort based on your will and budget.

A dedicated interpreter accompanies you during doctor visit and surgery, helping you with communication .and more important things such as follow-up, post-operative care and medicine. details have been totally clarified in our Rhinoplasty package in Iran.

Closed and open two types of nose job in Iran

Closed and open two types of nose job in Iran

Rhinoplasty or informally nose job is a cosmetic surgery effective on boosting facial harmony. additionally, this procedure, along with spiritual aspects like increasing self-esteem physically improves breathing problem as well and also corrects abnormal shape left from trauma or birth defect. Modification of overall size, tip, bridge and nostrils are others expectations.

In a nutshell, such as other countries, Iranian plastic surgeon utilize both type of operation in Rhinoplasty procedure in Iran;

  • -Open Rhinoplasty is common for major nose reshaping. Incisions will be created in the vertical strip of skin separating the nostrils, called the columella. The skin and soft tissue are then lifted off the underlying structures of the nose so the surgeon will be able to see the nasal anatomy.
  • Closed Rhinoplasty is used for minor nose reshaping. Incisions are made within the nose. The skin of the nose is then separated from the bone and cartilage, which form its supporting framework. Once exposed, bone and cartilage can be removed, reshaped, augmented or rearranged to achieve the desired new form.

But a skilled surgeon how to minimize visible scars even in open type operation by creating incisions within the contours of the nose.

Open or closed Rhinoplasty? which one is for you?

What is realistic expectation of Rhinoplasty?

What is realistic expectation of Rhinoplasty?

Individuals who go through the Rhinoplasty normally follow two types of goal, one category looking for medical reasons such as breathing problem to get a functional improvement or correcting disfigurement resulting from trauma or injury or even birth defects.

Second groups of beauty seeker ,the ones who  desire to enhance facial attribute and emphasize your unique and natural beauty.

When it comes to aesthete growth items below will be affected and corrected:

  • .one off common nose deformities is uneven septum which occasionally cause some breathing problems.
  • hump existence at the bridge of the nose commonly known as a “hook nose”
  • deformation of tip including Bulbous droopy or enlarged
  • length and width abnormality of nose
  • Asymmetry of the nostrils
  • face imbalance caused by too large or small nose

How is nose job in Iran performed?

How is nose job in Iran performed?
great nose job in iran health agency

First step is consultation and actually discussion with your surgeon.

Let’s see what is going on during the consultation session. Apart from you will have an online free consultation before your trip to Iran, in person consultation is actually the clarification session. during your Rhinoplasty consultation in Iran you may be asked about:

  • your surgical goals and desire nose shape regarding both health and beauty aspects.
  • The latest surgery you may have had or current health condition such as drug allergy
  • any pre-exciting disease or any risk

Another plastic surgery you might like

facelift surgery in iran

facelift surgery is another plastic surgery in IranHealthAgency

surgeon starts evaluating of:

  • the available possibility of techniques and method to you for nose correction
  • your face and desired nose according the type of face
  • likely result of a nose surgery and any hazard or potential complication

you will need to take some lab test and photography before your Rhinoplasty in Iran

Second step is surgery session on a same day or the day after consultation.

nose job in Iran is carried out under either of general or local

anesthesia .in general one you will sleep over the operation and in local anesthesia your nose is numbed so there is no possibility of pain feeling.

During the Rhinoplasty in Iran which done by collection of one major board-certified surgeon and some other assistances, incisions will be made within the nostrils (in open method).in more complicated cases the surgeons may also may some cuts across   the base of the nose.

The surgeon will approach the desire result by reshaping of the bone and cartilage.

The procedure normally takes 1-1/5 hours and at the end a splint will be adjusted by tape to support and nose and cartilage in their new position while healing process.

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient surgery means no need to hospitalization even one night.

Let me know about pre and post-surgery instruction of nose job in Iran?

Let me know about pre and post-surgery instruction of nose job in Iran?
iran health agency rhinoplasty


Anxiety is an Inseparable part and limitedly normal. Both excitement of achieving new look and also a bit stress for outcome are acceptable but if Rhinoplasty’s positive points outweigh the negative ones, accept potential risk and complication and dare to go through it. But cautiously fulfill the Necessary preparation to minimize the risks. for instance

  • stop smoking from 1full week in advance
  • To protect from bleeding increase risk, avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements.
  • Take the essential lab test and required photography
  • Leave the rest with Iran health agency by booking an all-inclusive Rhinoplasty package in Iran

Post –surgery:

Post –surgery of rhinoplasty

The duration from surgery start till splint remove takes you around 7 days. after visiting the doctor bandage will replace the splint.

Throughout these seven days our agency accompanies you offering the 24-hour on-call assistance.

Feeling puffy face, temporary numbness, swelling bruise, discoloration and stuffiness of nose are common and usual side effects of Rhinoplasty in Iran

To have reduction of pain and headache, doctor will prescribe some pain killer and also anti-inflammation medicine. Usage of cold compressor is very helpful with decrease of discoloration and swelling.

You had better cancel some of you daily activities for few weeks after having Rhinoplasty in Iran to fasten the heal process such as:

  • intense physical activities and running
  • swimming
  • blowing your nose
  • chewing excessively
  • frequently facial movement such as laughing and smiling
  • pulling clothing over your head
  • wearing eyeglasses
  • hard tooth brushing

take special care of exposing direct sun shine since it may permanently discolor the skin around the nose. Expectantly you will be able to resume going to school and work.

When it comes to having a surgery in abroad you will get a lot to do from getting the visa booking the flight and accommodation finding reliable surgeons to communication and commuting, but logically main focus must be only finding an experienced surgeon   get personally and physically prepared for such a surgery like Rhinoplasty or nose job.

Leaving the other options with a medical tourism facilitator can be a safe and time saving solution.

Iran health agency overshadows all your concerns by connecting you with professional top grade surgeons.

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Let’s learn more about Rhinoplasty surgeons in tehran

rhinoplasty in tehran

The collection of verity of reasons make a country labeled as nose capital of the world .one of outstanding point is plastic surgeons in tehran.

The numerous top plastic surgeon in Iran, Tehran or any other cities graduation from top-rated Iran, American and European universities.

Performing more than 100 plastic surgery and specifically Rhinoplasty in tehran caused the Iranian surgeon to encounter the different case and shapes of nose and obtain the necessary skill and proficiency.

Iran health agency selectively cooperate with those top plastic surgeons in Iran who characteristically take the items below into action:

1. putting value on patient’s desire and will and take their opinion into accounts.

2. prioritize honesty as a first and main factor.

3. keeping up with cutting –edge information and techniques.

4. maintaining patient’s health and calm in order to capturing their trust.

5. having adequate information about aesthetic criteria and sharing them with patient to simulate the potential result of surgery.

6. clarification of all pros and cons and postponing the procedure in case on inappropriate time.

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Am I a good candidate for Rhinoplasty in Iran?

Obviously nose job is an extreme individualized decision.

  • So nose job for those unsatisfied with the shape of their nose can be a practical idea.
  • The face must reach the complete level of growth. Rhinoplasty is done on individuals 17 years and older.
  • People having realistic perspective and expectation of outcome.

What are the risks and complication of nose surgery in Iran?

Thanks to the improvement of technology and medical science, we have had reduction on Rhinoplasty risks. Have a look at slight complication caused by nose job surgery:

  • Breathing problem
  • Nose sense change such as numbness
  • Long healing duration
  • Probability of nose revision surgery

Good to know that choosing a top and professional plastic surgeons in Iran will minimize your concerns and hazards.

Revision Rhinoplasty in Iran

Revision Rhinoplasty in Iran
rhinoplasty surgery in iran

Obviously facial plastic and reconstructive surgery is the most challenging procedure. due to complicated anatomy of some nose, external deformities or breathing difficulty may appear after Rhinoplasty.

Revision or secondary surgery is a Correction of nasal defects left over from previous unsuccessful operation.

Sometimes second or even their surgical procedure is undertaken to improve the shape of not totally ok noses.

Revision nose job surly requires more professional and experienced surgeons since the procedure is way more complicated and sensitive than primary Rhinoplasty.

How much is revision Rhinoplasty cost in Iran?

How much is revision Rhinoplasty cost in Iran
How much is revision Rhinoplasty cost in Iran

Complication of revision nose job, lengthen the surgery duration to 4 hours. Requirement of more expertise and accuracy ends up more cost.

Actually type of revision Rhinoplasty in Iran differs relying on size of deformity.

In too small noses with external shape abnormality, cartilage grafts, separated from other part of body like ear or rib and transferring it to nose will have an additional expense as well.

Let me know The best revision Rhinoplasty time in Iran after the primary nose job.

At least one year after first surgery is recommended since the final modification of previous surgery must completely appear.

revision Rhinoplasty page is for read more about this.

can Rhinoplasty helps sinus problem?

Generally, rhinoplasty is performed with the aim of shape change or functional improvement. If the sinus problem is due to an obstruction caused by a deviated septum nose job can be an option.

Does nose job last forever?

nose job or technically called rhinoplasty is positioned in the category of permanent plastic surgeries. Positive outcome and changes is depended on how experienced and well-trained the surgeon is.

is nose job safe?

Although the rhinoplasty is an exceedingly safe procedure, the experience and ability of surgeon can’t be underestimated.

Additionally, it has some temporary risks and complications that will disappear after recovery duration.

is Rhinoplasty covered by insurance?

Since rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery any insurance company doesn’t cover it expense unless it happens due to injury and some disease.although there are some additional insurance covering the cosmetic procedures ,basic health insurance doesn’t support them.

does nose job change my voice?

rhinoplasty can change the voice characteristics by narrowing the nostrils leading to obstruction in the respiratory way. Nasal surgery has slight effect on voice, but these changes are generally not problematic for most patients.

However, for people who are professionally dependent on their voice, the nose surgeon should talk to the patient about these changes before surgery and make his surgery more conservative.

how to wash your hair after rhinoplasty?

From the second day on, you can take a bath but not in a regular way.

You can sit on a chair bend your head to back and ask somebody to help you with washing your hair.

The most important thing is taking care of your splint not to get wet.

Why do my teeth hurt after rhinoplasty?

One of the predictable side effects of rhinoplasty can be toothache since teeth and external nose has same nerve supply. This temporary problem will be resolved after 2 weeks and also usage of anti-inflammatory is helpful with shorten recovery duration.

But if after 2 weeks you still suffer from teeth hurting please consult your surgeon.

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