Professor Ehsan Khadivi

Professor Ehsan Khadivi

Professor Ehsan Khadivi

Introducing the doctor

dr.Ehsan Khadivi Surgeon in Mashhad

Member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons.

  • Ear, pharynx, nose, throat specialist
  • Head and neck surgery – larynx fellowship
  • Facial plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, head and neck plastic surgery He received his specialization in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in 2004 and after that, by completing the fellowship course in 2019 in Tehran University of Medical Sciences, he was able to obtain a laryngeal fellowship degree.

Procedures :

Rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty ,facial plastic surgeries ,eyelid surgery

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Dr. Ehsan Khadivi Articles:

Gabapentin effectiveness on the sensation of subjective idiopathic tinnitus: a pilot study

Outcome of surgical treatment for proximal long segment post intubation tracheal stenosis

Allergic rhinitis and chronic suppurative otitis media

The effect of local injection of epinephrine and bupivacaine on post-tonsillectomy pain and bleeding

Is sudden hearing loss associated with atherosclerosis?

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