Facelift in Iran is a long-lasting solution if you are suffering from skin sagging, rigidity, wrinkles, drooping even flashy jowls (excess skin around chin).

“You are never too old to become younger! “no matter what calendars say

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headlines of facelift in Iran:

Woman lifting face
Woman lifting  her face

Stay tuned. I will prove to you why facelift in Iran makes sense.

Normally beauty seekers, when decide to have a cosmetic surgery or even a medical procedure abroad, they Score selected destination by evaluation the different aspects.

When it comes to Iran as a medical tourism destination:

Board-certified plastic surgeons:

Facelift in iran
Facelift in iran

That is a rational philosophy that, the more skillful the more positive outcome.

Since Iranian people are interested in cosmetic surgeries, Iranian surgeons try to keep up with the latest method and techniques to meet their needs.

There are abundance of experienced surgeons having a lot to say among all top surgeons all across the world. the number of positive result in cosmetic procedure performed by Iranian specialist goes to the roof.

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Internationally standard hospital and clinics:

although availability of proficient doctors is the main factor, absence of qualified facilities negatively affects surgeon’s performance.

Thanks to government’s perspective, in recent years, a huge investment of money, time and effort has been made to equip the clinics and hospitals and standardize them according to world class to bring them up to world standards criteria.

Safety and comfort:

one the one hand, the current condition of Iran generally and politically is totally safe and secured. quiet and peace common throughout the country, makes Iran a stunning and interesting  location to explore in travelers’ eyes.

one the other hand, Iranian surgeons have been trained to provide a comfortable condition for patient to come up with necessary and unnecessary questions and simply explain about his or her concerns, requests and difficulties.

All medical session in Iran and especially initial consultation session will go purely smooth concentration on health maintaining beside patient’s goal and purpose.


Facelift cost in Iran overshadows all your concerns.

When it comes to a plastic surgery or even a general one. you start with comparing the different possibility that one of them is price.

Comparing, whether the price is worth or costs a fortune. sometimes the change and improvement a surgery add to your face worth spending money on it, but your concern over whether you will make ends meet or not dissuade you from even thinking about it.

How much does a facelift surgery cost in Iran 2021?

Face lift surgery in iran
Face lift surgery in iran

How much you can save is particularly associating with destination, surgeon reputation, rate of hospital and case severity.

For example, facelift in Mashhad, or facelift in shiraz is 200-500 $ cheaper than Facelift in Tehran.

But basically, the average price for facelift in Iran ranks between 1500-3000 $ including surgeon, hospital, anesthesia fee which is totally affordable in comparison to the most develop countries.

And what cause this price gap is only lower value of Rial currency while Iran and other countries are neck and neck in proficiency and quality.

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How can I book a facelift surgery in Iran with IRAN HEALTH AGENCY?

Facial Aesthetics iran agency
Facial Aesthetics iran agency

How can I book a facelift surgery with your company? this is one of the frequently asked question by our customers.

1-after visiting the website you can contact us via either online form or instant messengers such as what’s app, telegram. Instagram.

The Iran health agency staff will connect you to the surgeon’s assistant related to your subject.

After an online consultation with your doctor and getting clarified quote. management’s procedure starts after your approval.

All medical appointment, accommodation booking, transportation arranging, interpreter, hospital reservation will be done by our specialist.

Let me add, we will keep you posted around every slight details of your medical journey.

After you entering Iran our mission gets started. we will be with you at very single moment of your medical communication and commuting.

Logically, a medical tourism facilitator makes you needles of any partners you might have wanted to bring for accompanying you.

As a result, all additional expense of a partner might bring you, will be omitted.

Our services in Iran will be airport pick-up and drop off, commuting between hotel and medical centers, best surgeons and hospitals, med urban tourism based on your will and condition, interpreter to help you with medical communication, sim card and also airport CIP at the back flight.

What is facelift? Should I have it or not?

face lift before and after
facelift before and after

On the one hand, aging, genetic, sunshine, stress and life style are counted as threats to the facial beauties which accelerate the aging and decay process.

On the other hand, face opposite of the other organs of body, reacts to these events clearly and noticeably. therefore, the face loses its youthfulness, beauty, and flexibility over time.

Actually the aging process is inevitable, no matter how much you look after your face by doing regular and daily skin care activities.

Face-lifting is a tiny member of big cosmetic surgeries family. Facial lifting that surgeons call it Rhytidectomy is a rejuvenating method for neck and face.

Facelift in IRAN, basically deal with facial feature such as muscles and skin.

The procedure includes excess fat and skin removal and returning the dropping muscle to their original position. the outcome will gift your youngness and beauty.

How is the procedure of facelift in Iran?

The effects of aging on each individual are different and therefore one type of rejuvenation cannot be prescribed for everyone. There some common types of facelift in Iran

Cheek lifts in Iran

Cheek lifts in IranCheek lift procedure also known as mid-face lift surgery is a new way to restore youth and freshness to the face of people who have fallen cheeks due to aging, environmental factors, and genetics. Cheek lift in Iran is a popular plastic surgery that in addition to lifting the cheeks, has many other benefits such as removing wrinkles, rejuvenating and shaping the face with long-term effects, and minimal cuts or wounds on the skin. After a cheek lift surgery, you can return to your daily activities in less than 48 hours.

There are different methods for cheek lift procedure in Iran, one of the newest techniques is the middle facelift with an endoscope. In this technique, the desired area is first anesthetized locally and then small incisions of 2.5 cm in the scalp above the ear and in the mouth in the groove above the upper teeth are made to enter the device. A small camera built into a small probe shows images of subcutaneous tissue on the screen. The surgeon uses these images to assess the extent of the skin complication. Then the skin is stretched and the desired areas are changed. Finally, a few small stitches are applied to the skin, which is very limited and small compared to open facial surgery. The duration of cheek lift in Iran is between 1 and 4 hours, depending on the extent of the surgery.

What makes the endoscopic cheek lift surgery superior to other methods include:

  • Low invasiveness and free from any large cuts are the first and most important advantages of this method. The more limited the amount of incision in the cheek lift procedure, the more beautiful and perfect the end result will be and the patient will have less worried about the complete healing of the incisions.
  • The amount of bleeding and bruising from the incision in this method is much less than similar methods, thanks to using an endoscope.
  • In cheek lift with an endoscope, the patient does not need general anesthesia and therefore does not need hospitalization.

Deep plane facelift in Iran:

Deep plane facelift in Iran
Deep plane facelift in Iran

This traditional type of facelift in Iran not only is beneficial for jawline countering and neck tightening but also stretches the skin of the middle parts of the face and create more outstanding and shaped cheeks.

Incision are created behind the ears and under the hairs therefore they are barley visible.

After that the muscles and fibrosis tissues get separated from their underlying layers and pulled together while skin stretching.

At the end, the droopiness of cheekbones gets treated by pulling the tissue toward the ears.

This method has been developed by many specialists and can create the most natural and lasting effect on the skin.

Mid-face lifting in Iran

in some cases, traditional facelift doesn’t work with severe aging-sagging of the cheeks and surrounded area. Therefore, mid-face lift or commonly known as a cheek lift is a more practical method.

During the procedure, the cheeks are pulled upwards During this procedure, the incisions are created under the hairs at the site of temples in the both sides of forehead and also inside the mouth.

This will allow the surgeon to reposition the fats located above the cheek bone and also stretch the skin.

The tissue of the cheek is also raised up and as a result laughing will disappear.

All above improvement in appearance of the eyelids is another positive effect of mid-face lifting.

Mini facelift in Iran:

Mid-facelift or mini facelift is a less invasive procedure in comparison to traditional one since incision are much smaller.

During this procedure, small cuts are made under the hairs. These incisions start from the top of the ear, cross the front of the ear and end beneath the ear lobes. Although this method concentrates on lower half of the face and jawlines and jowls, slight tightening in upper part of neck is also occurs.

Facial skin lift in Iran:

In this method, wrinkles saggy skin of neck and lower part of the face are to be worked on.

Some incisions are made around the ear and also under the hair that allow the surgeon to separate the skin from the underlying muscles.  After that The surgeon removes the excess skin and pull the remaining skin toward  the incision site then  sutures it.

What is advanced facelift in Iran?

advanced face lift in iran health agency
advanced facelift in iran health agency

Advanced facelift in Iran is based on the scientific principle of restoring all tissues that have been removed from the face due to aging and other deleterious effects. With advanced facial lifting, the tissue is restored to its original location

Therefore, advanced lift surgery is not just limited to face lift. It is actually related to repositioning Skin, subcutaneous muscles, and deep facial tissues to their former place.

A combination of work is done on the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, middle face, lips and neck to return all facial tissues, including skin, subcutaneous fat, and deep tissues, to the former position, this procedure in Iran is called advanced facelift.

How long does the facelift procedure take?

Basically, facelift in Iran is performed under general anesthesia and the whole procedure takes 1-2 hours.

For provide safer condition facelift in Iran is done at an internationally standard hospital by a skilled plastic surgeon.

Let me know the best age for facelift?

We have been asked several time if I am a candidate for facelift in Iran.

The answer is: facelift surgery and neck extraction are not age-restricted

but it is more common among people over 40 years of age.

Candidates for facelift and neck lifting should be in good health and have moderate to advanced signs of aging on their skin.

These symptoms include wrinkles and drooping skin. People who want to have facelift in Iran should also have realistic expectations about the results.

People who want to keep the results of this procedure on their face for a long time should avoid smoking and do not take certain medications, such as blood thinner.

Face and neck lift in Iran only slow down the process of aging but are not able to stop it.

The earliest time you need to take the next facelift totally depends on the person. Usually, face and neck lifts are used to correct loosening and drooping of the jaw, face and neck skin. It may require re-operation 8 to 10 years later.

In a small number of patients, aging process is faster, so they may need to reapply in less than 8 years.

Of course, some patients will never need the second facelift surgery.

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Does insurance cover facelift in Iran?

The answer is no, insurance neither in IRAN nor in any other countries support cosmetic surgery. since facelift is an optional a cosmetic surgery it can’t be cover by any basic health insurance.

When are sutures removed?

After the facelift, the sutures located in front of ears are removed on the sixth or seventh day. In many cases, other sutures are removed by the twelfth day

When can I do makeup after facelift?

You can wear makeup ten days after the procedure. To clear the makeup, start from down to up

Is the hair shaved for facelift surgery?

The hair is not shaved for the operation, a small margin is shortened behind the top of the ear, which is not seen after the operation.

Does facelift leave scar?

It does but, the incision is made exactly on the margins of the natural folds and hide in the growth line of the hairs

How to sleep after facelift?

At least for two first weeks don’t use pillow to sleep. Try to Sleep on the back and if it is possible use neck pillow.