dental veneers in Iran

dental veneers in Iran is no longer a dream.

You might have looked at the celebrity teeth with regret and thought they might have had this model of a tooth congenitally, and in your dreams, you would have thought of the Aladdin’s lamp and what if the giant had a few seconds to wish for a Hollywood smile or Those who know a lot about medical information and know that medical science and dentistry have now come to a place that can make you a beautiful, natural smile in a matter of minutes, but how to spend the rest of the month with little money left ,wipes the dream cloud above your head off.

But When all else fails, smile.

dental veneers in Iran Before and After photos

veneers before and after photo
veneers composite before and after
dental veneers in Iran before and after
dental veneers in Iran before and after
dental veneers in Iran before and after
veneers composite in Iran
dental veneers teeth before and after
dental veneers in Iran before and after
dental veneers in Iran before and after
dental veneers in Iran before and after

Dental veneers in Iran in order to build a Hollywood smile is a beauty emphasizing way. if your chipped, worn, uneven and discolored teeth get on your nerve, give a shot to dental veneers in Iran a super cost –effective platform for dental services.

Cost of dental implants in Iran

Do dental veneers work with missing teeth?

Missing teeth is not an issue fixable by the help of dental veneers. You can first get implanted a tooth-like artificial to fill the gap between your teeth then in order to improve its aesthetics go through dental veneers made of different material including porcelain, composite, ceramic and etc…

How much does dental veneer cost in Iran?

Multiple factors define the final price of dental veneers in Iran including material, method, number of defected teeth. reputation of dentist, destination and case severity. generally average cost of dental veneers is around 80$-120$ per tooth.

Who is the best dentist in Iran?

Iran health agency selectively cooperates with board –certified dentists who have compatible with skilled dentists of developed countries such as UK and USA.

Some of Iran health agency’s dentist are: Dr. Maziyr ,Dr.Khanchi, Dr.Aktari. Dr.sepehr

can veneers fix crooked teeth?

The answer is if you are suffering from slight misalignment that doesn’t cause problem with chewing and biting. dental porcelain veneers will reshape your crooked teeth perfectly but in case of severity you might be recommended to get your teeth straightened in advance before undergoing dental veneers.

How to brush our dental veneers?

Three action play the main role in caring the dental veneers:

  1. Brushing: brush your veneers at least twice a day using toothpaste free of abrasive substance and suitable tooth brush
  2. flossing: floss at least once a day specially after the meal
  3. rinsing: an alcohol-free mouthwash is necessary to protect the veneers health. Use it once or twice a day.

Do dental veneers damage teeth?

dental veneers not only ruin your natural teeth but also enhance the aesthetics of your smile and frontal teeth provided that gets done by skilled dentist aware of the most unique and appropriate method for each case and high quality material.

quick access to dental veneers

Is Iran worth having extra miles for dental veneers?

Your mouth and teeth play the most important role for making the first impression in comparison to other facial members. There by modifying and enhancing your dental aesthetics, you invest in your appearance and beauty.

So traveling to get Hollywood smile in Iran makes sense for a couple of reason:

  • The outstanding one is qualification, like the other plastic and cosmetic surgeries in Iran, dental cosmetic procedures own a good position among the countries all across the world. Easy access to well-equipped clinics and latest method and tools and device are some of advantages making Hollywood smile recommended in Iran.
  • Dental veneer in Iran and its positive point is not limited to mentioned item above, dentists being a dab hand at their field have been attracting tourist attention to select Iran as a reliable destination for dentistry services.
  • And price, no one can deny the importance of price for people with an y budget.

Whether they will have received the cost-effective services. on the one hand if you would like to get   dental veneers  in your country, you are supposed to pay 2,3 times more in case you are an inhabitant of western country one the other hand having dental veneers in Iran will bring you a trip combination of medical purpose and recreational tourism since Iran is famous for its culture and tourist attraction.

All we need to know about cosmetic dentist in Iran Tehran

Although even a general dentist can perform some beauty treatments (such as veneering and whitening) utilizing the dentistry tools to change or revive a smile, that’s not adequate.

Teeth Restorative and cosmetic dentistry requires specialized training, relevant education, and perceive of the structural facial aesthetics to achieve accurate and useful outcome.

Fortunately, accessibility to abundance number of knowable and experience dentist in different fields such as treatment or cosmetic attract foreign medical tourists select Iran as a reliable destination to get their medical services done.

Availability of latest tools and device, well-equipped clinic and laboratory are specifically considerable. Actually the large number of board-certified dentist are pioneer in this industry

How much does dental veneer cost in Iran and other countries? 2021

When it comes to comparing the dental veneer cost in Iran and other  different countries, Iran ranges as the cheapest one and what Cause that, is only value of our currency since quantitatively and qualitatively is equal to the most of developed countries.

dental veneer cost
dental veneer cost

The company’s policy and philosophy goes around meet the patients’ needs at the most affordable price maintaining the quality but Some items affect final dental veneer price in Iran including brand, number of teeth, type of method or material and reputation of dentist. but commonly dental veneer price in Iran ranges between 80-350$ for per tooth.

2021 cost of dental veneers in Iran

Composite 40-60$
Porcelain 100-130$
Zirconium 100-130$

amazing price of rhinoplasty in Iran

How can I have Hollywood smile in Iran by IRAN HEALTH AGENCY?

How can I get Hollywood smile done in Iran? this is the frequently asked question.

The first step is free consultation through the form or communication channels after sending us a simple photo of your teeth and verifying by our specialist the best method will be prescribed and every single detail about price and expenses, name of doctor and clinics, dentist’s previous work, before and after photos will be clarified. after your final confirmation the arrangement of medical trip get started assigning it to the private executer.

Iran health agency offer two all-inclusive dental package providing you with transfer, T-visa, accommodation, sim card and some other services.

dental packages in Iran 

Can I ask you to explain more about different types of dental veneers in Iran?

Before the explanation of different types of dental veneer in Iran let me mention the other names of veneer. Teeth or dental veneers also is called porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates. Actually veneers as their names imply وare thin layer of porcelain or composite attached to the tooth enamel in order to cover the defects of the front teeth.

Some applications of dental veneers in Iran are for:

  • cracked, worn, chipped, broken teeth
  • discoloration of teeth
  • deformed gaps between teeth and genetically uneven ones
  • destroyed enamel

it’s a time of reply to the question about types of dental veneer in Iran

First category is porcelain veneer in Iran:


utilization of the layer of porcelain as thin as paper covering the front pat of teeth in order to gifting a natural appearance beside strengthening the broken, misaligned, chipped, uneven and worn teeth. Some other beauty seekers go through it to get rid of discoloration or cracks of tooth. reminding me of this proverb Kill two birds with   one stone. Getting healthiness and elegance simultaneously

Second common group of dental veneer in Iran is:


Luminaires are ultra thin ceramic veneers that need to be integrated with modern technology.

Many of us have had to use coatings or laminates that require a lot of tooth polishing and a lot of time to get our teeth aesthetics back.

In the past few years, DenMat an American company has released a special ceramic called Cerinate to the market that can create inimitable beauty and strength by paper-thin Structure

Adjustment of   LUMINEERS on teeth is needless of tooth rasp and numbness and all the procedure is carried out maintaining the structure originality of teeth and goes on painlessly and none-bleeding.’

The third group of dental veneer in Iran is:


Composite veneers are also known as (one-session veneer), (composite), (composite resin veneers) and in some cases (composite bonding).

Laminating is a more aggressive method for returning aesthetic of smile in comparison to composite veneer. In case your teeth are fractured or damaged, composite resin veneers are the best option for direct installation on the teeth and giving them a beautiful appearance.

The composite veneer is a more   conservative alternative to the laminate, which is semi-transparent resin and is attached in a single session (in some cases 2 sessions) the dentist carefully attach it on the individual teeth.

Veneer composites are more versatile and affordable than laminates.

Composite veneers in Iran are particularly popular because of their affordability, fast delivery, and natural appearance. The composite can be put on any number of teeth depending on the patient’s desire and there are no restrictions in this regard. The cost of making a beautiful smile with a composite veneer is much less than laminating. Composites    can be good substitutes for ceramic laminates and eliminate many defects that may prevent you from having a beautiful smile.

Oh! I got confused, explain in more detail about differences between different types of dental veneers in Iran


Price: $150-$350price:200$-450$price:60$-150$
Durability:10-15 yearsdurability:20-25 yearsdurability:5-7 years
Thickness: 5 mmthickness : 2 mmthicknes : 0.7 mm
Treatment duration:12-14 daysProcedure duration:12-14 daystreatment duration:1-3 days
required Tooth Shaving down beforehandno tooth grinding down in most casesno tooth grinding beforehand
not repairablenaturally stain resistantrepairable
tooth-like aestheticsnot repairablebecome discolored over time.
translucent quality similar to tooth enamel

resistant to staining and chipping due to the strength of the material

material: porcelain

natural look

resistant to staining and chipping due to the strength of the material

material: Cerinate porcelain

Weaker than veneers

Natural look

Material; composite

How is the dental composite veneers procedure in Iran?

composite veneers
composite veneers

Follow the steps below:

1-In the next step, with the help of acidic materials, the front surface of the tooth is porous. This is very effective in gluing the composite veneer.

2-The special glue is then applied to the surface of the tooth and the composite paste is gently applied. To obtain the desired result, the amount of material is reduced or


3-At this point, the dentist shines a special wavelength light beam onto the composite veneer, activating and hardening the material.

4-In the end, with the composite polish, the desired tooth shape is obtained.

Of course, the proficiency, knowledge, experience and technique of a cosmetic dentist is one of the most important and influential factors in cosmetic dentistry with the help of dental composite technique.

The right choice of composite color for the tooth can also be effective on the final result, so it is best to leave the decision about the composite color to the cosmetic dentist because of their experience in the field.

How are the dental veneers (porcelain &Lumineer) procedure in Iran?

dental veneer
dental veneer

preparation step:

First session is dedicated to preparing the tooth surface for laminates, the dentist grinds about 0.3 to 0.7 mm of tooth enamel, which is the same as the amount of laminate thickness to be attached to the tooth surface. good to know that,the size of tooth shaving varies from 0 to 1 mm depending on the tooth height or abrasion. Before cutting the enamel on the surface, the dentist will numb the area. Of course, no numbness is needed in majority of cases and no pain is felt. During the veneer preparation surface of teeth will be covered by a temporary composite layer

Fitting and bonding step:

The dentist, before permanently attaching the laminates, examines their function by install them temporarily   to make sure about their size and color. The color of the employed glue affects the final color and appearance of the tooth. Therefore, the color of the special glue is selected on a basis of final color of the laminate.

Teeth must be prepared before gluing the laminate. The temporary cover that was placed on the teeth in the previous session is removed. After the tooth cleaning, the dentist attaches a laminate to the surface of the tooth.

When the laminate is properly positioned, a special light beam is applied to the teeth that activates the glue, attaching the laminate to the tooth perfectly. The final step is to clean the additional glue and evaluate the chewing and biting with new tooth conditions and final laminate adjustments.

Am I a good candidate for having a Hollywood smile in Iran?

Hollywood smile in Iran doesn’t follow severe limitation and that is somehow an individualized decision.

But particularly people ,seeking a beauty emphasizing  way,can give a shot to a dental veneer and paint their smile.

Second group can be those individuals suffering from broken, cracked and chipped teeth so beside having aesthetics, can take advantage of dental veneers for fix and treatment.

Caution: patient having an unhealthy gum and root cannot be a good candidate for dental veneer in Iran, their first priority must be treatment then may able to make it.

If you are a person who practice routine activity of oral hygiene you can be a cosmetic dentistry service receiver since there are some post-operative instruction without them the result will be badly affected.

What are care instructions after having dental veneer in Iran?

After dental veneers installation in Iran oral hygiene won’t be as easy as before.

  • You need to use some special accessories (toothbrushes and dental floss) that will be taught how to use these tools when placing the veneers in Iran.

Failure to do so will cause tooth decay and gum disease.

  • Visit every 6 months (or at least once a year) to examine the veneers condition.
  • As mentioned above durably is limited therefore after the deadline they must be checked and in necessary cases replaced.

How long is the recovery duration after having Hollywood smile in by dental veneers?

Since having Hollywood smile procedure in Iran is not an invasive method. Therefore, there is no expectation of sick days and you can resume the activity immediately. but at first immediate days you may feel discomfort while chewing the foods or drinking hot and cold things.

But these temporary side effects will disappear after 2 or 3 weeks.

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Let me know which of pros or cons of dental veneers in Iran outweigh the other ones

disadvantages of dental veneers in Iran advantages of dental veneers in Iran
IrreversibilityCovering the defects and making beautiful natural appearance
Sensitivity to heat or cold food &drinkA protective layer for the original tooth
Probability of damage and breakAnti-stain