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When do we need to change breast implants?

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When do we need to change breast implants?

We have been always asked how many years later do I need to change my breast implants ? Is breast prosthesis lifetime? The answer to the first question is the average duration for the new generation of breast implants is 20 -25 years There are also a few reasons causing sooner breast implant replacement. in […]

Table of Contents

We have been always asked how many years later do I need to change my breast implants ?

Is breast prosthesis lifetime?

The answer to the first question is the average duration for the new generation of breast implants is 20 -25 years

There are also a few reasons causing sooner breast implant replacement. in the next paragraph, we will go through the details. stay tuned:

The answer to the second question is “no “although new breast implants are long-lasting no guarantee to be permanent.

What are the breast implants made from?

There are three types of breast implants in Iran. there is not much difference in terms of durability and quality.

Actually, they are different in price, comfort, and length of the incision. which your plastic surgeon in Iran will suggest to you which one is the best for you according to your physics, budget, and taste.

breast implants made from

The first one is Saline breast prostheses:

The shape of Saline breast prostheses is round and filled with sterile saline or saline. The walls of Saline implants are made of silicone which is impermeable, saline implants in comparison to the other types are stiffer.

If anything wrong happens and tears them out they will be flattened and the fluid inside them will be absorbed by the body automatically. they are not dangerous for the body since saline already exists in human bodies

The profits of saline breast implants:

  • short incision and cut,
  • more affordable price,
  • Less need for examination and monitoring.

Disadvantages of saline breast prosthesis:

  • more unnatural look and touch;
  • higher risk of more wrinkles;
  • The possibility of self-emptying;
  • the Possibility of further impact on breast tissue

should be mentioned that saline breast implants are not recommended to be used in ladies younger than 18 years old.

Saline breast prostheses

 The second one is Silicone breast implants:

Silicone breast prostheses are made of various silicone compounds and look like sticky gels.

And because of their great safety, they can be the first and safest choice for ladies interested in breast implants on the other hand they have the most similar structure to the original breast tissues. In addition, if the prosthesis is damaged it does not disappear and the gels inside the prosthesis enter the surrounding space or other layers of the prosthesis.

Overly If you go for silicone breast implants, you should be under the supervision of your surgeon and you will need frequent and regular checkups by your doctor to avoid any possible complications. Let me mention that The minimum age for using silicone breast implants is 22 years.

Silicone breast implants

 Advantages of Silicone Breast implant:

  • lower risk of having wrinkles;
  • lower risk of self-emptying;
  • More natural touch.

Disadvantages of silicone breast prostheses:

  • Higher cost;
  • Regular examination and monitoring;
  • Requirement of bigger cut and incision
  • The danger of asymptomatic rupture.

The ladies that go for silicone implants should aware that MIR is required every 3 years after breast implants surgery. Then After that, MRI should be performed every two years to check for silent rupture of silicone prostheses.

The third one is Fixed or Gummy Bear Prostheses: the positive point of Gummy Bear breast prostheses is in any case if they are damaged or torn the appearance won’t change at all, that is why they call them fixed prostheses. Instead of being round, these prostheses are shaped in the body and have more protrusions in the lower part. The density of silicone in this type of prosthesis is high and as a result, they are harder and therefore less damaged in them.

Disadvantages of silicone breast prostheses

When and why should the breast implant be changed?

The new generation of breast implants are long-lasting, actually, Advances in science and technology have made breast implants rarely necessary to replace; Just the opposite of the past!

Nowadays, replacing breast implants is essential when the prostheses are torn or the person is suffering from pain and complications.

Should be mentioned that breast prosthesis examination is mandatory after 10 years. Of course, this does not mean that prosthesis replacement is necessary.

However, due to the higher risk of rupture of breast implants after 10 years, frequent checkup by your surgeon makes more sense to be aware of breast implants.

In the next paragraph we will go through the reasons for breast implant replacement:

why should the breast implant be changed

1.size Dissatisfaction

Sometimes choosing the wrong size of breast implant is one of the reasons for implant replacement.

Some ladies after a few years’ regret choosing smaller or bigger implants that is why they want them to be replaced with the righter size.

2. rupture of prosthetic tissue or displacement

Other reasons for replacing a breast prosthesis include displacement or rupture of the prosthetic tissue. In this case, women prefer to change their breast prostheses.

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One of the main reasons for breast implants’ reconstructive operation is rupture of breast implants or leakage of saline that normally happens in the second type of implants that we mentioned above.

Fortunately, nowadays, permanent breast prostheses today are manufactured in such a way that they are not damaged by high pressures. An example of a new, durable prosthesis is a permanent American mentor implant. This prosthesis is produced using new techniques. In such a way that it is not damaged by accident or hit by sharp objects.

3.The feeling of discomfort and pain caused by the prosthetic capsule

Another reason that can cause people to will change their implants is the pain and discomfort caused by the prosthetic capsule. Because after years of prosthetic surgery, the shape of the breasts changes and puts pressure on the breast tissue, which both changes their appearance and causes discomfort and pain in the breast.

4.Compression capsule formation

Another reason for replacing breast implants is the compression capsule. Of course, this complication happened more in the past. And it is very unlikely to occur despite new and advanced technologies

Actually, when a compression capsule forms around the breast implant it is urgent time to replace the implants with new ones.

Some of The symptoms of this complication can be severe pain in the chest area, deformities in the breasts, and immobility of prosthesis.

5.reduction of implants size

As you may know, the common purpose of breast implants is to enlarge the size of breasts and improve their shape and appearance. Implanted prostheses in the breast adapt to the body after a while and help to form the natural shape of the breasts. Should be mentioned that it usually takes about 3 to 6 months for a breast implants to match.

It is questionable that, “If prostheses are artificial, then what causes breast implant to shrink over time?”

The main reason for the reduction of the breast implant is caused by the body’s reaction to the prosthesis placed in the breast. Symptoms of the body reacting to this new organ include an inflammatory reaction and allergies, each of which causes the prosthesis to resize.

It is recommended to avoid activities that put pressure on the breasts or lift heavy objects after breast prosthesis surgery.

what causes breast implant to shrink over time

How the surgeon performs breast implant revision?

Surgeons’ performance all depends on the reason for breast implant replacement. The revision breast implant is performed under general anesthesia and takes normally 1-2 hours.

  • Resizing the breast implants

If the goal of breast implant revision is the change of the size surgeon will employ the previous incision.

For example, for the bigger implant, the surgeon increases the length of the incision to place the new one. And for smaller sizes, he shortens the previous incision by delicate sutures to avoid displacement.

  • Shrinkage and contraction of the prosthetic capsule

More likely during this procedure doctor will use the same incisions. he removes previously constricted capsules and replaces them with new breast implants.

  • Shape deformation and displacement of implants

Sometimes revision breast implant is required due to wrong and awkward position which causes displacement and ugly form.

In these cases, the surgeon moves the scar tissue from the capsule around the implant through the previous incision and puts the prosthesis in a better position by suturing.

  • Removing the implants

If the prosthetic implants are large and swollen and the skin of the breasts is stretched, then the surgeon may suggest a breast lift in addition to the implant removal. The incision to insert the prosthesis is usually the same incision used to remove it.

  • Raising the nipples up

Breast implant revision may also be due to the elevation of the nipples and areola. In this case, the plastic surgeon will have to make more incisions.

Are there new incisions to change the breast implants?

All depend on the reason for revision breast implants. sometimes it can by using the same cuts sometimes needs more incision .in before paragraph we explained the details.

How long after the first breast implant surgery, I can change them?

For revision breasts implants you have to wait at least 6 months for the swelling to go down and see the final result.

then you can decide on revision operation.

How the surgeon performs breast implant revision

What is the necessary preparation for breast implant replacement?

  • Stop smoking at least one month before surgery
  • Stop drinking alcohol one month before breast implant revision.
  • Avoid Blood-thinning pills like aspirin
  • Take necessary lab test
  • Take a shower a night before surgery
  • Fasting at least 8 hours before surgery

What is the after-care of breast implant replacement?

  • Having enough rest at least for a week
  • Wearing a special garment
  • Avoid extensive exercise
  • Don’t lift heavy objects for 3 weeks

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