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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Women desire to think of size according to the cup size of bras, and don’t take into account how different that can be with each producer. Discerning how the look they want translates to implant size can be baffling, and many patients have a hard time imagining the ultimate results for surgeries such as breast […]

Women desire to think of size according to the cup size of bras, and don’t take into account how different that can be with each producer. Discerning how the look they want translates to implant size can be baffling, and many patients have a hard time imagining the ultimate results for surgeries such as breast implant in Iran.

breast implant in Iran and mommy makeover in Iran

By following these points, you will discover the best breast size for your breast implant in Iran and mommy makeover in Iran.

1.Consider your anatomy

When choosing the right size implants for your breast, consider your body frame, height, weight, shoulder width, hip width, and current breast size in Iran.

It is also a good idea to have the exact measurements of the width of the chest, the width of the breasts and the distance between them. Looseness of your skin is another important factor – you need to have enough tissue to cover the implant you desire without rippling. Body shape also plays a role:

Implants that are suitable for most C-cup bras can be very large for thin women, but are hardly noticeable in larger patients. In this regard, women with strong build can easily bear the weight of large breasts, while women with smaller frames may suffer from back pain if they choose implants that are too large for their body type.

2.Consider your wardrobe. Is your goal to better fill the shorts you like?

Larger sizes with large cleavage may be right for you. Are you worried about getting unwanted attention at work? Smaller sizes can help prevent the dreaded buttons gap on professional tops and jackets.

breast implant in Iran and mommy makeover in Iran

3.Fitness is a factor after breast implant in Iran

If you are a runner or athlete, avoid implants that are too large to meddle with your fitness routine.

4.Age is important

Since breasts grow and shrink during and after pregnancy, it can be rational to wait to get implants until after you have children to prevent from additional surgery to recapture the look you desire.

It is also significant to take into account the size breasts that will look best long-term, and not just wonderful right now. As you age, breasts normally droop and look flatter in profile.

Large, heavy implants can cause excess sagging as the ligaments that back the breasts lose elasticity.

5.Do not focus on the size of the bra for breast implant in Iran

Cup size is a subjective measurement. Everyone wears their bras differently and sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Telling your surgeon that you want to be “C” or “D” can start a discussion, but it should not be the determining factor.

6.Learn to discuss in volumes

Most women are surprised to find that breast implant in Iran are measured in cubic centimeters, which range from 120 to 850 cc.

Most patients opt for 300 to 400 cc implants, but it is hard to remember that augmentation which appear dramatic are actually small. For example, the difference between a 340 cc implant and a 400 cc implant is only two ounces.

5.Do not focus on the size of the bra for breast implant in Iran
7.Try them on for size.

It is almost impossible for most women to imagine what size implants will look on their bodies based on units of volume. That’s why most plastic surgeons offer methods for women to try on different sizes, from 3D computer simulations to silicone breast implant in Iran “sizers” that women can use. These procedures are considered to be about 85% accurate, as none of them can explain the elasticity of your breast tissue.

8.The sky should not be the limit

Implants that are too large look less natural and rounder and can even fall into the armpit or middle of your chest. But more importantly, choosing an implant that is too large for your breast tissue significantly increases the risk of complications.

Implant sagging, tissue thinning, ripples under skin, and premature aging of the breasts may occur. Excess weight can also lead to double bubble complication, where one or both implants fall under the natural inframammary crease and create a depression that causes a “four breast” effect.

9.Listen to your doctor. Some women who decide to have an implant get stuck in “getting their money’s worth” by choosing large sizes.

While implant sizing should be a collaboration between you and the surgeon, it is important to listen to what they have to say about your choice. If they disagree, examine their reasons carefully.

The goal of most surgeons is to provide natural-looking results that fits your body shape and size. Bringing pictures from magazines to studying pictures before and after together can help your doctor understand your surgical goals.

If what you want to say clearly, the best surgeons will understand how to achieve the results you want.

10.Coverage characteristics of breast implant in Iran and its tolerance for volume increase

To enlarge the breast, you should pay attention to its size and the amount of breast tissue. If the tissues in this area are not of good quality or do not have the right volume, it is not possible to choose a large size for a breast implant in Iran.

5.Do not focus on the size of the bra for breast implant in Iran
11.Life style

The choice of breast implant in Iran size depends on the lifestyle. A person who is looking for temporary beauty uses large prostheses regardless of being in harmony with other parts of the body. After a few years after surgery, the person suffers from pain in the shoulders and back due to the high weight of the prostheses, and gradually the person suffers from sagging breasts and prostheses.

breast implant in Iran  larger than normal

In many cases, a woman who goes for a breast prosthesis is looking for a breast that is larger than normal, and it should be noted that the size of the breast prosthesis and its weight and the possibility of sagging breast (ptosis) in the coming years are directly related, it means when prostheses over 300 cc are used for a woman of medium body (height 160 to 170).
The weight of a breast prosthesis on the skin creates a constant pressure that will cause the breasts to sag over the years, and the rate of decline is exponentially related to weight.

A 400cc breast prosthesis causes the breasts to sag, for example, a 500cc breast prosthesis is four times faster and more than a 300 cc breast prosthesis and twice as much as a 400cc breast prosthesis causes sagging breasts.

Of course, it should be noted that the problem of sagging breasts with heavy breast prosthesis is a multidimensional problem that largely depends on the quality of the skin and the amount of natural tissue and how to care for the breasts.

5.Do not focus on the size of the bra for breast implant in Iran
What is the most usual size of breast implant in Iran?

When choosing the size of your breast implant in Iran, you need to choose the size and shape that best fits your unique body and goals.
However, the most common breast implant sizes are in the range of 300-500 cc. The 400 cc implant is probably the most common implant.

What is the tiniest size of a breast implant in Iran?

Not every woman wants big and prominent breasts. Your choice may be greatly dependent on your personality and lifestyle.
For example, small to medium-sized breast implant in Iran are a good option for women who are looking for more natural breast augmentation or those who care about exercise at the gym, for example (large breasts can interfere with exercise).
The size of a breast implant usually starts at about 125 cc, which is about half a cup size.
It is possible to have an 80 cc breast implant in Iran, but in reality it is rarely requested.

What factors play role in sagging breast implant in Iran?

1.Weight of prosthesis used
The weight of the prosthesis used for each person has a great effect on the beauty of the breast. After surgery, the breast sags over time due to the pressure that the prosthesis puts on the tissues adjacent to the breast.

The larger and heavier the breast prosthesis, the sooner the breast will sag and lose its beauty.

For example, a person sees a doctor and after examinations and consultations, the specialist doctor tells the patient that the size of the prosthesis suitable for him is 300 cc.

When do we need to change breast implants?

If a person insists on having a larger prosthesis, it will cause her breasts to retain their beauty for a shorter period of time, and due to their heavy weight, they will sag quickly. For this reason, it is necessary to consult a doctor before making a final decision so as not to cause any problems as a result of surgery.

The weight of the breast prosthesis creates a constant pressure on the skin, which after a few years causes a sagging breast complication in the person. The speed of sagging in the breast is exponentially related to the weight of the breast. For example, the speed of a sagging breast prosthesis in a 500 cc prosthesis is four times faster than a 300 cc prosthesis.

5.Do not focus on the size of the bra for breast implant in Iran
2.The quality of a person’s skin and surrounding tissues

Another factor that contributes to sagging breasts is the quality of the skin. If the person’s skin is loose, weak or thin, she should use 300 cc silicones.

The skin of such people is damaged due to pregnancy or other factors and therefore cannot tolerate a larger prosthesis.

People who have very small breasts and their skin is firm and does not have much elasticity should not use the size of a large breast prosthesis because the lack of high elasticity of the skin causes pressure on the tissues around the breast.

3.Primary dimensions of the breast in individuals

Before performing a breast prosthesis cosmetic procedure, the breast size of the person is examined by a specialist doctor.

The appropriate type of prosthesis size should be according to the width of the person’s breasts, because if the choice of breast prosthesis size is an exception to this rule, the result of the operation is not pleasant.

4.Tolerance of tissues around the breast implant in Iran

To choose different sizes of breast prosthesis, the doctor should pay attention to the extent to which the tissues around the breast can support the weight of the prosthesis.

If, after the examination, the doctor concludes that the breast tissue is not of good quality and is not strong enough, it is not possible to choose a large size breast prosthesis in this person because doing so will cause undesirable results after surgery.

4.Tolerance of tissues around the breast implant in Iran
5.The volume of the prosthesis requested by individuals

The physical structure is different in each person. The diameter of the chest in each person is related to the diameter of the chest.

A specialist in breast augmentation surgery should consider the dimensions of these areas so that they do not look natural and deformed. In this regard, two cases are examined in the individual:

1.The folds on the outside of the breast in the anterior axillary line.

2.The distance between two breasts in a person

Ignoring these two, along with other things to consider for breast implant in Iran, can create a completely abnormal and deformed appearance for a person’s breasts.

In this operation, the surgeon chooses a prosthesis for the person that is smaller in diameter compared to the diameter of the breast. Also, companies that make breast prostheses consider a specific diameter to create several different sizes of breast prostheses and create different protrusions because the prostheses, however, have the same regular width but show a larger volume.

In addition to maintaining the beauty of the breast implant in Iran and the fit of different breast prosthesis sizes with other organs of the person, the doctor provides the desired protrusion.

6.Lack of care after surgery

After breast prosthesis surgery, the person must complete postoperative care. For example, a special bra should be used after surgery. Using this bra prevents sagging breasts.

People who exercise should avoid strenuous activity for some time after breast prosthesis surgery, and they should not use large breast prosthesis sizes because too much activity can cause the breast implant in Iran to sag.

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