Can a breast implant be performed at the same time as rhinoplasty?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A brief summary of the article:

Breast implant in Iran is an outpatient plastic surgery, Plastic surgery may be performed for reconstructive purposes or to correct congenital defects There are many reasons why a patient thinks they need a breast implant, for which each person has a reason. Some of these reasons about breast implant could be: 1) Clothes take better […]

Breast implant in Iran is an outpatient plastic surgery, Plastic surgery may be performed for reconstructive purposes or to correct congenital defects There are many reasons why a patient thinks they need a breast implant, for which each person has a reason.

Some of these reasons about breast implant could be:

1) Clothes take better shape in the body

2) It causes more fitness.

3) In some people, it increases self-confidence.

4) Looking younger.

There are two types of prostheses available for breast prosthesis, which are either round or anatomical

If it is round, it has a symmetrical round shape and their cost is less than the anatomical type of prosthesis.

This surgery increases the size and shape of the breasts, which can be done with fat injections or breast implants.

reasons about breast implant

Types of breast prostheses

Salt breast prostheses filled with sterile saline, If the implant shell leaks, what happens next is that a salt implant falls off, but the salt is naturally absorbed by the body and then excreted. These types of prostheses are strong enough and give the patient a feeling of uniformity.

10 amazing Ways to Increase Breasts Size

Bear breast prosthesis is also a type of breast prosthesis operation in which the breasts are filled more than when the implant is made.

Silicone breast prosthesis

This is also a breast augmentation procedure. The material of these molds is silicone gel. If the implant breaks, what happens next is that the gel either leaks into the breasts or the gel stays in the shell.

Smooth breast prosthesis

These types of prostheses usually feel softer than other prostheses. And breast movement is usually more natural than other prostheses.

Fat transfer method

To enlarge the breasts by transferring fat using liposuction, the surgeon removes the fat from another area of ​​the body and injects it into the breasts.  several surgeries in one session and when each operation is performed separately in different sessions

The positive point of anesthesia in several plastic operations simultaneously:

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When you perform a surgery, the amount you pay is not only the cost of the doctor, but also the cost of the operating room and the anesthesiologist, so when you perform several surgeries at the same time, a significant amount of the cost should be Pay is deducted and you do not have to pay again and in this regard it is cost effective.

The positive point of anesthesia in several plastic operations simultaneously:

The patient is anesthetized only once, which reduces the risk of anesthesia. Negative point: There may be a need for a higher dose for anesthesia, which if the dose is too strong, will have side effects and can have a negative effect on the human body. But it depends on the age and health of the person

Recovery time for patients undergoing multiple plastic surgeries may be attractive in that they have only one recovery period, but it may be longer or more painful, and you may need the help of family or friends.

The positive point of anesthesia

What is the difference between the cost of

To answer this question, we first describe the experience of a patient undergoing simultaneous breast and nose surgery

The patient tended to enlarge the breasts and due to two pregnancies and breastfeeding, the breasts lost their original shape and this caused the patient dissatisfaction.

The lady asked the doctor if it was possible to do rhinoplasty together. In response to this question, his doctor stated that he had performed such operations many times and that the doctor had performed two operations at the same time.

In the case of this patient, who underwent two surgeries at the same time, his recovery was very simple. And the patient’s opinion in this case was that he had very little pain due to breast enlargement and

pain due to the nose

But according to the patient, the doctor had given him a full explanation before the surgery and he was fully aware of what he was facing after the surgery and was fully prepared for it.

This patient was completely determined to perform the two mentioned operations at the same time, but at first he only went to the doctor for breast surgery, and after talking to the doctor, he decided to perform nasal surgery as well, and perform both operations.

Simultaneous. He knows one of the best decisions he has made. But everyone should consult with their surgeon about having breast and nose job at the same time to know if it is right for them or not

Another doctor at the same time about rhinoplasty and breast augmentation considered this method as one of his most popular surgical methods and stated that this method has many fans.

Given that the physician considers his goal to be to achieve the most natural anatomical changes possible, he considers rhinoplasty as a creative art and states that achieving lasting results requires years of experience.

And the surgical method of this doctor is that he performs surgery from inside the nose so that no wound remains on the patient’s nose and face and shows the patient’s beauty as much as possible and the patient does not face a new challenge. The doctor’s opinion for both surgeries at the same time is that it saves the patient money.

pain due to the nose

It is not bad to know that breast implant does not have an endless life

The most common consequences for patients who have had an implant are reoperation, capsule contraction, implant removal, and other complications. The end result of breast augmentation is entirely up to the size of the implant

Breastfeeding after breast surgery

Some women did not have a problem with breastfeeding, but others could not breastfeed after surgery.

Breastfeeding after breast surgery

Reasons for breast implant in Iran

There are many reasons why a large number of patients from different countries come to Iran for breast augmentation, some of which are as follows:

1) The cost of prosthetics in Iran is low. This in itself causes more patients to be attracted.

2) Patients need a short stay after entering a country for surgery and the cost of staying in Iran is lower than other countries.

3) Iran has specialists who are completely proficient in their work and are experienced in surgeries and have sufficient knowledge and a good history in surgeries.

When several surgeries are performed together, because the body needs more time to heal, more time is needed to see the result of the operation.

When can several surgeries not be performed together?

When your blood pressure is high or your surgeon does not consider it safe to perform several operations at the same time, you should follow your doctor’s advice and be content to perform one operation in one session.

Rhinoplasty includes any type of surgery that is performed inside the nose or on the outside of the nose. The most common methods are septoplasty and sometimes rhinoplasty. Some of the side effects that the patient may experience are infection and problems with anesthesia and bleeding.

Rhinoplasty is performed to change the shape of the nose, but this operation can have its own reasons for the patient.

In the case of rhinoplasty, the question may arise as to whether rhinoplasty in Iran can be performed during adolescence.

In response, it should be said that in adolescence when the nose has not yet reached full maturity, adolescents should avoid rhinoplasty.

several surgeries not be performed together

 rhinoplasty in Iran

Iran is known as the capital of rhinoplasty in the world Of course, this cosmetic surgery is one of the most common surgeries in the world, in which the three countries with the highest rate of rhinoplasty are Iran, USA and Brazil. Every year, a significant number of people from other countries come to Iran to have rhinoplasty, and the number of people who perform this cosmetic surgery in Iran every year is almost very high And every year we see an increase in this number

Overall results of breast implant and rhinoplasty

There are many doctors in Iran who can be counted on for breast implant and rhinoplasty. Each surgery is likely to have risks that may vary from person to person

For breast implant or rhinoplasty, be sure to consult your doctor and choose the best method that your surgeon suggests for breast implant according to your desire to get the most satisfaction from breast implant.

According to the types of breast prostheses mentioned above, according to the doctor, you can choose the type of breast implant that will get the best possible answer from this surgery.

There are several types of anesthesia for surgery, including:

1) Moderate general anesthesia during the operation for about two hours

2) Local anesthesia

The patient’s age and history and the type of surgery considered can affect the outcome of the operation and recovery.

For example, if the patient is in adolescence or childhood, some cosmetic surgeries will not be performed for him and doctors will not allow him to perform some cosmetic surgeries because he has not yet reached full maturity. Therefore, these tips can also help the patient to get good results after surgery.

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