Can Liposuction remove muscle?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery also known as Lipoplasty and Body contouring. it removes fat from specific areas of the body by a suction technique. There are some worries for the people who want to do this operation. one of these conceptions is about if Liposuction in Iran really damages the muscle structure. the reality […]

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery also known as Lipoplasty and Body contouring. it removes fat from specific areas of the body by a suction technique. There are some worries for the people who want to do this operation. one of these conceptions is about if Liposuction in Iran really damages the muscle structure.

the reality is that Liposuction reduces localized areas of fat that are disproportionate to the overall body fat distribution. it removes fat under the skin in the layer between skin and muscle. reducing these areas will have no effect on muscle mass. but it can harm it if the surgeon is not an expert.

the point is that during your recovery you cannot exercise as much as before and muscle mass may slightly and temporarily reduce. although you can build your body and achieve best results after a period of time by exercise and a good diet.

Lipomatic or advance liposuction

Advanced liposuction is called lipomatic.
Lipomatics does not have many of the side effects of liposuction.
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Does Liposuction damage muscleDoes Liposuction damage muscle?

Indeed, fat can be Liposuctioned but muscle con not.  It is possible that the surgeon penetrates the fat layer and if the cannula passes through the muscle, it can cause a hernia or damage deep organs, but the structure of muscle is firmer and more complicated than being taken out and pressure is too weak to remove dense muscle.

an experienced surgeon knows well the anatomy of involved parts. he gets completely control of the Liposuction cannula.

to avoid such problems, do not do Liposuction too close to the dermis and muscle and make sure you choose your doctor carefully. It is good to be aware of possible risks and complications with all surgical procedures, but it would not be any worry if your surgeon is well trained and experienced.

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Does Liposuction ruin your bodyDoes Liposuction in Iran ruin your body?

Each surgery has its own side effects. There are some probable risks for this procedure such as contour irregularities, fluid accumulation, numbness, infection, internal puncture, fat embolism, kidney and heart problems and lidocaine toxicity.

The percentage of the risk augments If you are supposed to put under operation a larger surface of your body or doing multiple procedures during the same operation. although the possibility of the danger is rare if it is a successful surgery and your surgeon is experienced enough.

In addition, to avoid skin irregularities after the Liposuction, you may want to ask your surgeon if your skin has enough elasticity to create a good result. If you have recently lost a lot of weight or given birth, your skin may be loose and stretched out and you should wait until the skin come back to the natural state.

There is also a risk for the people who are skinny and want to define a special part of their body, for the other parts to be disfigured. Get advice of your doctor carefully if you are in this case.

In general, most of dissatisfactions happen when the patients have misinformation of their real physical state and also the lack of expertise of the surgeon causes problems.

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Exercise and liposuctionExercise is the key!

Being in good physical position before surgery can help shorten the recovery time. then, serious plan of exercise can start before the operation. Plan your muscle-building schedule months before your surgery. You will feel stronger going into the surgery, which may accelerate the healing process.

After Liposuction, you should remain active for both your inner and outer health. increased activity will help you maintain your results. if you are considering a body recontouring procedure like Liposuction, you will achieve the best results if you do the hard work ahead of time.

Liposuction will simply enhance your existing physique.  it may help you feel better about yourself and improve your self-esteem, tough it will not guarantee your ideal body style.

it requires a hard wok on your body by exercise to gain your goal. if you gain weight after the surgery, the fat will still be stored in different areas. this new fat can be deeper under the skin, and it can be dangerous if it grows around the liver or heart. in this case, exercise seems inevitable.

But when should you start your exercise? It depends on your body, the operation, situation of recovery and your exercise plan. you can start walking the day after the surgery.

Some patients return to work after 24-48 hours after Liposuction. for the exercise, you should expect to take off at least two weeks. patients generally start exercise activities at three weeks after the operation.

If you are interested in having a more muscular profile, you may have more time in the gym. take into consideration that if you start too soon, it may injure your body.

when extra fat is removed in Liposuction surgery, the efforts at the gym will be much more effective and with sculpting your exercise pan, there is a big hope that results of the operation would be much more satisfying. to be sure for efficiency of the exercises talk with a trainer.

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Diet has the same importance!

You should eliminate alcoholic beverages, processed foods, salty foods, sugary foods and fat for a period of time after the Lipoplasty. vegetables must be core of your diet. your body needs vitamins for accelerating the recovery process.

maintaining a healthy diet with protein supplements should allow you to gain muscle without gaining fat. eat protein for breakfast and all daytime, drink a lot of water. it can help control hunger.

You should use olive oil for cooking rather than other kinds of oil. break up large meals into smaller pieces and eat them throughout the day, it reduces the urge to binge eat. try to eat more slowly. you also should eat hot soup or any other warm light foods before your meal. you had better eat in group and speak with others while eating.

Don’t forget that building muscles perfectly, after Liposuction in Iran, needs a combination of actions together which are totally complementary.

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