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Can I swim after Liposuction?

Can I swim after Liposuction?

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One of the main goals that people choose cosmetic surgeries such as Liposuction in Iran is to look more beautiful in a swimsuit and feel more confident. So obviously many of you will ask “can I go swimming after liposuction?” Also, swimming is one of the best exercises to build muscle and burn fat and is very enjoyable in hot weather.

However, if you start swimming too early, it may adversely affect the results of liposuction surgery. In this article, we will tell you when to start swimming after liposuction.

Is swimming after liposuction a problem

Is swimming after liposuction a problem?

You should stop exercising for a while after any surgery, and swimming is no exception. It is important to know that swimming is usually off-limits a little more than other activities.

The aquatic environment, whether pools, seas, or lakes, either salt or chlorinated water, is home to millions of microorganisms. Although this is not usually a problem for a healthy person who has not had any surgery, it is a concern for those who have had surgery.

The entry of these microorganisms through incisions made in your body increases the risk of infection at the incision site.

Even when your wound is covered, you still might need to protect yourself against water contaminants and irritants. In addition, swimming too soon after liposuction may stretch the sutures, delay healing, and leave a clearer scar.

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swimming after liposuction

When can I go swimming after liposuction?

So, can I swim after liposuction? No matter what kind of surgery you perform, you must follow your surgeon’s instructions. When you can swim after liposuction depends on the extent of your surgery, how quickly you recover after surgery, and how active you are in the water.

In general, liposuction patients can usually start swimming a few weeks after surgery with the approval of their cosmetic surgeon. However, it is important to wait at least 3-6 weeks for the incisions to heal completely.

Remember, too, that everyone is recovering at their own pace.

Even if your wounds are completely healed consider that swimming requires a lot of energy. So, in addition to wounds, you need to pay attention to your energy level.

If you feel you have enough energy to exercise after your daily activities, this is probably a good time to start swimming. However, remember to start the exercise with low intensity and speed and gradually increase its intensity and speed. Be sure to consult your surgeon before performing any activity after liposuction.

swim after liposuction

Is warm water bathing allowed after liposuction?

Usually when you have a cramp, taking a hot shower can refresh you. Because of the hardness and cramps on the body after liposuction, some patients want to know if hot water shower is allowed and useful after liposuction.

Whether or not you have a waterproof dressing — or bandage — will determine the showering situation. Some surgeons use a waterproof bandage, and others use a standard non-waterproof bandage. If you are wearing a waterproof dressing, you can shower but you should still avoid soaking in still water.

As mentioned above, patients should avoid bathing or using hot tubs for at least four weeks following treatment, since this will increase the risk of infection. Furthermore, depending on the extent of the operation, you might go a day or two without showering afterward because you’ll be wearing the compression garment for the entire day.

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How to shower after liposuction

How to shower after liposuction?

If your doctor agrees, you can take your first shower 24-48 hours after liposuction in Iran. Since the anesthesia and pain killers can make you dizzy, we suggest that you have a loved one assist you. Remove the compression garments and blue pads before getting up. Sutures may or may not be used to close incisions; this is decided during surgery.

  • Turn on the shower and have someone assist you in and out of the bathroom, as well as be present in case you faint.
  • Wash the incisions with lukewarm water and soap and pat them dry at the end.
  • Apply antibiotic ointment to the incisions with a cotton swab. Anti-inflammatory gels should be applied to places where there is bruising.
  • Use gauze to cover the incisions and fix them on the skin with surgical tape.
  • Wear the compression garment on them.

You would certainly need assistance with showering after liposuction.

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