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Is plastic surgery a solution to boost self-confidence?

Is plastic surgery a solution to boost self-confidence?

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More than 17 million plastic surgeries are performed worldwide each year. People undergo plastic surgery for a variety of reasons.

Some surgeries have medical causes, such as septoplasty, which is performed to eliminate nasal septal deviation and the resulting respiratory problems, or eyelid surgery, which is sometimes performed to improve the patient’s vision.

But a large number of plastic surgeries are also performed to eliminate flaws or defects in the body and the effects of the aging process. It is believed that it can improve a person’s beauty and self-confidence. Is plastic surgery a solution to boost self-confidence? In the following, we will discuss it.

plastic surgery in a person's self-confidence

The role of plastic surgery in a person’s self-confidence

From the past to the present, people’s appearance has had a great impact on their self-confidence. Undoubtedly, changing physical characteristics can also change a person’s outlook on life.

In general, you will feel happier after cosmetic surgery and focus more on your future, career, and occupation because the defect that once distracted you from your goals no longer exists.

Every year many celebrities perform cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty to maintain the position, confidence, and popular image they have created in the minds of their fans. Today, it is rare to find a celebrity who has not had cosmetic surgery.

Numerous studies have shown that patients who have realistic expectations about the results of their surgery are satisfied with the results of their plastic surgery and gain more self-esteem and confidence after the surgery.

Cosmetic surgery has also been shown to reduce patients’ shyness and anxiety. The better the image they get of their body, the better their quality of life.

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The relationship between age and self-confidence

The appearance of the person changes at different ages, sometimes these changes can be corrected only with the intervention of surgery.

Wrinkles, drooping eyelids, loose skin, etc can all show up with age, and cosmetic surgery may be needed to correct it. After surgery, a person can achieve youth and beauty that is not possible with non-surgical methods.

However, according to recent research, it seems that people who perform cosmetic surgery at an early age are often dissatisfied with the results of the surgery.

In fact, at this age, although cosmetic surgery leads to becoming more beautiful, it usually does not improve the patient’s mood. For this reason, it is usually recommended that you do not have cosmetic surgery during adolescence to reach maturity both mentally and physically.

Every plastic surgery has a different effect

Every plastic surgery has a different effect

It has been shown that not all types of surgery have the same effect on self-esteem. Surgeries that make bigger changes, such as nose surgery or breast augmentation, seem to have a greater impact on self-esteem.

In contrast, although reconstructive surgery or minimally invasive procedures such as Botox and filler injections, which cause mild changes, increase self-confidence, they are smaller.

How rhinoplasty increase self-confidence?

How rhinoplasty increase self-confidence

Rhinoplasty or nose job is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. This surgery is often used to reduce the size, correct deformity, change the angle between the nose and lips, or to flatten the hump of the nose.

According to the American Society of Cosmetic Surgeons, approximately 245,000 patients undergo rhinoplasty every year. Here are some of the positive effects that rhinoplasty has on a person’s mood.

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A nose job can improve the whole face

Since the nose is located in the center of the face, it is one of the first things that attract the attention of others and plays a negligible role in facial beauty.

If your nose is not beautiful, bent out of shape or its size is not in proportion to your face, this can affect your entire face. Rhinoplasty can improve the shape, size, and harmony of the nose to the whole face, making you more attractive. This is the case in some celebrities who have found a different face with a nose job or just a lip filler.

Eliminates the psychological damage caused by humiliation

Although cosmetic surgery should never be performed to help a person recover from a psychological crisis (such as being humiliated by others), there is evidence that rhinoplasty leads to a higher self-confidence in those who have been humiliated by others because of the size or shape of their nose. They also enjoy being in the community more.

The effect of mental health on self-confidence

Although cosmetic surgeries performed by experienced surgeons can have a great impact on increasing self-confidence in most people, but some patients are not satisfied with the results of their surgery due to unreasonable expectations and mental health disorders.

For example, some people have body dysmorphic disorder meaning that they are obsessed with certain parts of their body and always think they are ugly. These people usually continue this behavior after cosmetic plastic surgery and constantly try to change their bodies. Instead of having plastic surgery, these people should undergo medication and psychotherapy.

You have to keep in mind that although plastic surgery can change your appearance, cannot change your mentality and make you a completely different person.


In general, people who have defects or flaws in their appearance, especially their face, are avoiding standing in front of a mirror! These people are usually introverted and easily accept humiliation by others. The goal of cosmetic surgery is to change the self-image of these people and make them feel good about themselves when looking in the mirror.

Plastic surgery in Iran is often used to reduce or eliminate deformities, blemishes, and disfigurement, not your mind! To get the best out of your surgery, in addition to finding a reliable and talented surgeon, you need to talk to him or her before the surgery about your expectations.

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