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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A brief summary of the article:

There is a quote saying that: kissing a man without a beard is like drinking champagne without bubbles. Having beard with high density has been recently one of the fashionable and stylish factors for guys to look more handsome while in past it was a sign of mass and untidiness. Beard and sexual attractiveness What […]

There is a quote saying that: kissing a man without a beard is like drinking champagne without bubbles.

Having beard with high density has been recently one of the fashionable and stylish factors for guys to look more handsome while in past it was a sign of mass and untidiness.

Beard and sexual attractiveness

Beard and sexual attractivenessWhat Researches show and even you may have experienced or read is that bearded men are more attractive and sexier to ladies.

Although different ladies have different point of view on the subject and definitely other factors play roles in capturing ladies attention, studies of the relationship between facial hair like beard and sexual attraction factors have shown obvious public trends.

*Women love stubble a lot ,But in terms of overall attractiveness, they prefer the tick and full stubble to patchy one.

* ladies find bearded men manlier. Again, it refers to the relationship between beard and maturity. And men who look more masculine are better found as better supportive guys.

* In addition to being understood as better supporter, women see bearded men as having better child-rearing skills.

Beard and first impression:

I am a young lady and can’t take my eyes of when meet a man having a good beard.

According to a survey, beard and trust have a straight as a result bearded men look more reliable than clean shaven men specially on a first date and impression  to ladies.

Beard and respect

it is a fact that bearded men look stronger, manlier, wiser, kinder, smarter and more experienced. defiantly mentioned items buy guys more respect, what the majority of men are looking for.

Beard and long –term relationship

Last year a famous university in Australia started conducting a survey among 8,200 ladies at the different age.

The researchers team showed them various pictures of guys with different level of beard.

Pictures of clean shaven faces, patchy beard, light and heavy stubble and full and tick beard.

When it came to answering to question” which type is your preference for long –term relationship or even marriage.

Full tick beard was voted most .it means ladies count on bearded men for having babies with, marriage, long term dating, so the more facial hair the more trust.

Which type of beards attract ladies more?

Which type of beards attract ladies more
Which type of beards attract ladies more

Obviously there is no fixed answer, since women have different tastes and there are many type and shape for beard. But according to the researches:

Heavy stubble (10 days not shaving): more attractive-both for long- term relationship and short- term

Goatee beard: being unique and attractive -A fascinating frenzy-

Full tick beard: Wiser and more masculine-for settle down and marriage

Some other effects of beard

in addition to positive role of beard in capturing women’ attention it has several effects on routine men lives. stay tuned to get through them together and learn more.

  • Beard and making more friends

Beardedness not only brings you more girls and ladies around but also buys you more same gender friends.

What studies show is that, men are more inclined to select full and thick bearded men than men who have a more fit and so-called athletic body when it comes to making same-sex friends.

  • Beard and concealing facial defects

Beard and concealing facial defectsone of the simple way to hide the scars and burn mark of your face is growing beard.

On the other hand, facial hair boosts masculine facial attribution.

The Effects of beard on face include: making the rounded face bonier and also the jawline bigger.

Emphasizing the eyes and framing the mouth are other influences of facial hair.

  • Beard and modernity

Nowadays and all across the word and specially among actors and celebrities, growing beard has turned to the one of the trend in fashion word.

Therefore, following the trend and fashion, bearded men are as modern and fashionable people.

  • Beard and Jobs / Job Interviews

beard effects on job Concerning the effect of beard on jobs and interviews, there are conflicting results. Clean shaven men are more successful in entry-level posts, while men with full beards tend to have higher office positions. That’s because the beard can help you to be found as a matured guy, wise, aware, and dominant, and, hey, such people are more respectful for the other people.

How to get full and tick beard:

Although, for clean shaven guys there are always girls, if you would like to have good and tick bead there are two groups of solution:

Temporary solutions:

  • Avoid stress
  • Do workout
  • Take care of your skin
  • Take care of you diet
  • Take supplement for growing hair
  • Beard oil
  • Special shampoo

Permanent solution:

Beard transplant as a facial hair transplant finishes all your concern for ever.

Beard transplant as a simple and safe procedure and using your own hair with the natural function gives you permanent stunning and masculine face.

Where to get the best beard transplantbeard transplant

Iran has been highly recommended for any medical services and specially for cosmetic procedure.

Beard transplant in Iran as a cost-effective operation makes your dream come true.

Easy access to abundance of board-certified surgeon’s equivalents of experienced surgeons in developed countries.

World-class hospitals and clinics well-equipped with the most updated facilities.

Affordability and reasonable price as a result of Iran currency devaluation

Safe and secured condition

Hospitable people

Are undeniable features of Iran country as a reliable hub for medical tourism.

How much is the cost of beard transplant in Iran?

Beard transplantation cost in Iran varies according to the reputation of surgeon, method, the patchiness of beard and city.

For instance, beard transplant in Shiraz or beard transplant in Mashhad are cheaper than beard transplant in Tehran as a capital of the country.

But the average cost of beard transplant in Iran falls somewhere between 600-1200 $.

We have the safest and lowest cost offer for you. Beard transplant in Iran

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beard transplant in iran
beard transplant in iran
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