What is Iran ranked in plastic surgery?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Is Iran ranked among the best countries for plastic surgery? Good question, let’s find out the answer:  Iran has become one of the top global destinations for plastic surgery and ranks high in things like rhinoplasty procedures, often referred to as “nose jobs”. Here are some details on Iran’s plastic surgery industry: So while exact […]

Is Iran ranked among the best countries for plastic surgery? Good question, let’s find out the answer: 

Iran has become one of the top global destinations for plastic surgery and ranks high in things like rhinoplasty procedures, often referred to as “nose jobs”. Here are some details on Iran’s plastic surgery industry:

  • Iran is ranked 1st in the world for nose jobs per capita. Iran has the highest rate of rhinoplasty compared to its population, with estimates ranging from 200,000 to 500,000 nose jobs per year.
  • Tehran has been nicknamed the “Nose Job Capital of the World”. Many Iranians view plastic surgery and nose jobs as ways to conform to popular notions of beauty.
  • After nose jobs, breast augmentation is the second most popular procedure among Iranians. Liposuction also makes up a large share.
  • Around half a million cosmetic surgical operations of all types are performed annually in Iran.
  • Iran attracts people from other Middle Eastern countries as well as Europe and Americas due to relatively low prices for high quality plastic surgery.
  • High competition has driven costs down. A rhinoplasty in Iran can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 USD typically compared to over $5,000 USD in Western countries.

So while exact rankings vary, Iran appears at or very near the top globally in total annual plastic surgery procedures overall and specifically rhinoplasty nose jobs. The affordability makes it appealing to both locals and medical tourists.

Iran’s Booming Plastic Surgery Industry

Plastic surgery is exploding in popularity in Iran. Every day, dozens of men and women go under the knife to have cosmetic procedures like nose jobs and facelifts. As a result, Iran has become an international destination for plastic surgery.

There are many reasons why plastic surgery is so common in Iran. For many young people, procedures like nose jobs are a way to fit Iran’s beauty ideals and standards, which tend to favor bigger eyes, petite noses, and higher cheekbones. Changing features allows them to boost their self-confidence and get better jobs or marriage prospects.

Plastic surgery is also affordable in Iran compared to Western countries. Nose jobs that cost $8,000 in the U.S. may cost $1,500 in Iran. The low costs have made procedures accessible to middle and lower income youth who make up most patients. More Iranians can now improve their appearances.

Hundreds of skilled surgeons in state clinics or private offices perform operations using the latest techniques. Surgeons like Dr. Ahmadi have years of specialized training and conduct hundreds of nose jobs and other augmentations annually with impressive results. Many patients come from Europe or Arab countries seeking quality treatments.

Plastic surgery’s popularity shows shifting attitudes in once isolated Iran. Focus on appearances reflects rising incomes, Western influences, and an eagerness to upgrade lifestyles. Lifting sanctions in 2015 also brought an influx of new products and ideas. For many, cosmetic surgery is a way to quite literally reshape themselves and their future.

plastic Surgery Trends in Iran

With over one million cosmetic procedures occurring in Iran per year, aesthetic plastic surgery has exploded into a cultural phenomenon. 

Motivated by media images, globalization, and improved prospects, young Iranians are pursuing procedures at staggering rates. For women especially, rhinoplasty or “nose job” surgery has become a common rite of passage.

Iran leads globally in rhinoplasty rates, unsurprising given Persian beauty ideals favoring delicate, narrower noses as represented in art for millennia. Botched procedures were once common, but technical ability improved dramatically during the 2000s, providing attractive and realistic enhancements. Now Tehran clinics rival those in Beverly Hills while charging 30-40% less.

Breast augmentation procedures have tripled over five years among Persian women seeking smaller waist-to-hip ratios. 

Chin implants and forehead lifts are also requested for an oval, V-shaped face with lifted eyebrows resembling popular actresses. However surprisingly one in ten clients are now males desiring rhinoplasty to confer more masculine appeal or liposuction to slim the waistline.

Iran’s plastic surgery industry reflects shifting values, tied to youth culture, digital media saturation and economic mobility. Self-betterment through technology underlies trends forecast to continue rising.

Yet risks remain regarding financing options and counseling support. Addressing those while nurturing young patients’ well-being presents the next vital chapter in Iran’s aesthetic evolution. There the scalpel may represent both inner and outer transformation.

Consider Iran for plastic surgery, Yes or No?

Consider Iran for plastic surgery, Yes or No?
What is Iran ranked in plastic surgery? 1

Yes, Iran can be a reasonable option to consider for plastic surgery procedures: especially common ones like rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and facial cosmetic procedures. Here are some advantages as well as things to consider regarding getting plastic surgery in Iran:


  • Very experienced and highly skilled surgeons, especially for nose jobs which are extremely common in Iran. The best Iranian plastic surgeons have exceptional artistic talent.
  • Significantly lower cost than in Western countries – around 50-70% cheaper typically.
  • Modern clinics and technology on par with facilities in US or Europe. Iran has invested heavily in advanced equipment.
  • Little to no waiting time to have your procedure done compared to long waiting lists elsewhere.


  • It still requires long distance travel to a less familiar country which can have language and cultural barriers. Need a plan for accommodations and aftercare.
  • Not as extensive industry regulation laws or formality oversight as regions like USA. Vet your surgeon carefully when choosing a practice.
  • Stability in the region is questionable depending on political climates. Post-op care could be affected by unforeseen events.
  • Subsequent follow-ups would be very difficult logistically once you return home.

So in summary – yes Iran can absolutely be reasonable to consider for high quality affordable plastic surgery like rhinoplasty and many patients have outstanding experiences. But do your homework to find an excellent doctor and facilities. Also consider logistics for travel, language barriers, aftercare, and follow-ups.

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