Is plastic surgery safe in Iran?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Tourism has become a global industry. Health tourism is known as one of the most developed and thriving tourism industry. The key criteria for the tourists to select a country for medical tourism  are physician specialization and reputation, health assessment, physicians and staff with international certification, drug quality safety, quality of medical treatment, high quality […]

Tourism has become a global industry. Health tourism is known as one of the most developed and thriving tourism industry. The key criteria for the tourists to select a country for medical tourism  are physician specialization and reputation, health assessment, physicians and staff with international certification, drug quality safety, quality of medical treatment, high quality of health care, orientation of medical staff services, advanced medical treatment. , Availability of medications, on-site pharmacy and prescription assistance, waiting time for medical treatment from time to first call to actual treatment, quality of treatment required, and hospital contact information. Key criteria have a significant positive effect on tourism attraction and return visits.

Cosmetic surgery (Plastic surgery in Iran) is usually performed as a lifestyle choice for many reasons. It does not cure injury or disease, and most importantly, patients should never be unaware of the fact that surgery is never risk-free.

Unfortunately, the increasing commercialization of cosmetic surgery can often lead prospective patients to think that cosmetic surgery is a commodity that can be bought without much thought for its consequences. This is a simple 4-step process that patients should follow before considering surgery.

 cosmetic surgery

The success of a plastic surgery in Iran (results, complications, patient satisfaction) depends on four factors:

  1. patient
  2. Procedure
  3. Surgeon
  4. Surgical facilities



Patient selection is very important in cosmetic surgery. A good surgeon will not operate on patients if he feels that the patient is not suitable for the requested procedure.

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A complete history and physical examination are essential before agreeing to surgery. Your surgeon may think you have a high risk of unacceptable side effects due to an underlying condition or the medications you are taking. Unreasonable expectations are a frequent reason why surgery may not be suggested.

Your surgeon should also make sure that you are having surgery for the right reasons. It is very important that patients are in a good mind. It is clear that patients who have personal problems in their lives during surgery are potentially worse off than patients who are at rest.

results, complications, patient satisfaction

Procedure of plastic surgery in Iran

Surgeons need to talk to their patients about the dangers of certain procedures. Some procedures, such as abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and high-volume liposuction, carry more risks than others.

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Surgeon of plastic surgery in Iran

Surgery is a long internship and there is no substitute for years of formal plastic surgery in Iran training and qualifications. Your surgeon must be a GMC registered specialist for plastic surgery. They will have a FRCS (Plastic Surgery) degree. Patients should be encouraged to ask their prospective surgeon how often they perform a particular procedure and how many of those procedures they have performed.

Not all doctors are created equally: this is an essential point when looking for a plastic surgeon. How do you choose a plastic surgeon? Ensuring safety during your plastic surgery in Iran trip is as important as the procedure and the desired result.

Surgeon of plastic surgery in Iran

Your potential surgeon must be certified by a board of specialty suitable for the procedure you are considering. With a multitude of medical practices across the country, you can immediately limit your search to physicians approved. Do you want a casual plastic surgeon or someone who has done more to gain credibility?

Find references you can trust. Ask people you trust, such as your personal physician, friends, and people you know in the health care department, for advice on plastic surgeons they may know or have heard of.

Also contact people you know who have had plastic surgery in Iran, ask about their experience, and whether they are satisfied with the results. Finally, go online:

Review sites can be great places to see people talking to a plastic surgeon. However, keep in mind that online reviews are not reviewed, so they may not be as valid as they seem. A good guide to truth versus storytelling is a rating that is just as good and some not so good. This is more realistic than someone who has a thousand excellent rankings and no negative points.

Check your potential surgeon’s website. First look at the biopsy section of the plastic surgeon, this will give you information about the experience as well as the certification. If no biography is listed, ask yourself why.

Check your potential surgeon's website.

A reputable plastic surgeon will have nothing to conceal. A well-designed website with great design and detailed information can tell you a lot about a future surgeon. Also keep in mind that anyone can be famous on their website, so when referring to credentials, make sure what each certificate means, how it is obtained, how it is maintained, and what the conditions must be for obtaining that certificate.

Check that your potential surgeon has hospital privileges. “Hospital privileges” refers to a physician’s right to use equipment and facilities in a particular hospital. Even if you may have your surgery at a surgical center instead of a hospital, hospital scores indicate that your surgeon has been reviewed by their peers and by the hospital committee. If your future plastic surgeon does not have hospital surgery privileges, it should be a red mark.

Inquire about your surgeon’s specific experience. You have the right to make sure the surgeon is right for you, with their experience and expertise. A qualified plastic surgeon will be overjoyed to explain their experience and expertise. Be sure to ask if the method you are looking for is something they do at least once a week and if it is done in the top three methods.

Ask your potential surgeon to explain all the possible benefits, risks, and complications. If your potential surgeon answers questions like “everything will be fine” or “you do not feel anything”, it should be a red mark that your surgeon is not honest with you. plastic surgery in Iran, as relatively safe as it is, can have side effects, and each patient’s medical history can carry different risks. Your plastic surgeon should be able to easily provide information about possible risks and complications.

Ask your potential surgeon to explain all the possible benefits

When the time comes for surgery, it should be done at a reputable ambulatory facility. Reputable ambulatory facilities are subject to internal and external inspection by accreditation agencies, so they must maintain facilities that operate in this way. This type of facility will also have emergency equipment and training needed to respond to emergencies if needed. A board-certified plastic surgeon is required to operate at a reputable outpatient center.

An excellent surgeon will hire a carefully selected and certified anesthesiologist. The person performing your anesthesia is critical to ensuring a pain-free procedure. A reputable plastic surgeon only hires staff who provide the same quality of care that they provide.

Talk to your future surgeon about your recovery. Understanding the recovery process and what to expect in the first 24 to 48 hours is crucial to maintaining safety. Each surgical recovery is unique, and your surgeon should explain in detail what to expect if necessary and how to contact your staff.

If you need or want, get additional feedback from the right experts. Choosing a plastic surgeon is a completely personal decision. Choosing a plastic surgeon is an interview process, and sometimes it takes 2 or 3 consultations with different surgeons to find one that fits your criteria and makes you feel comfortable.

Surgical facilities

Surgery should be performed in a reputable, fully equipped, and staffed environment with access to all the support and expertise that may be required to care for the patient. The back room of a doctor’s office is not a place for cosmetic surgery, and anyone, whether qualified or unqualified, can operate there.

Is plastic surgery safe in Iran?

There are dozens of beauty clinics in Iran that offer a variety of beauty procedures. Beauty clinics in Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Kish Island, Tabriz and Isfahan are ready to provide the most effective treatments and services to beauty-loving people from around the world by using modern technologies and advanced medical equipment. Iran not only has a large number of equipped clinics, but also modern hospitals and hospital hotels that provide medical tourism or health tourism services to people around the world at very affordable costs.

Is plastic surgery safe in Iran?

1.Modern beauty clinics and hospitals in Iran

Many Iranian hospitals have special departments called International Patient Departments (IPDs) that are designed and equipped solely to serve patients from foreign countries.

These departments provide VIP services to patients, which include facilitation of admission, treatment by top hospital physicians, hospitalization in special rooms with the highest standards, comfortable accommodation (inpatient room for patients and their companions) and admission of other countries’ currencies.

2.Skilled Plastic surgeons in Iran

Iran is home to a large number of plastic surgeons specializing in various fields of plastic surgery. Most Iranian plastic surgeons are members of the Iranian Society of Plastic Surgeons, one of the oldest medical associations in the world, founded in 1956, as well as other international associations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the International Society of aesthetic plastic surgery in Iran (ISAPS).

The high skill of Iranian plastic and reconstructive surgeons is the result of their years of training and experience in various fields such as maxillofacial surgery, body contouring surgery, lower body lift and reconstructive surgery. Iranian plastic surgeons have completed specialized fellowships in plastic and reconstructive surgery in top universities and hospitals in the United States, Europe and Iran. The Iranian plastic and cosmetic surgeon are among the top and best surgeons in the world since they performed many plastic surgeries annually both for Iranian and foreign patients.

3.Advanced medical facilities

The medical and surgical facilities available in Iranian hospitals are also very developed. Iran is known for its advanced hospital equipment and extraordinary medical engineering. Almost all private hospitals in Iran have high imaging facilities, specialized clinics, three-dimensional ultrasound, MRI, etc.

3.Advanced medical facilities


Iran is a unique country with unrivaled nature that can be the best tourist destination, especially for Iranian eco-lovers in all four seasons, and as its magnificent historical attractions that show the glorious history and civilization of Iran several thousand years ago.

Also, Iran has always been an affordable destination and one of the cheapest destinations in the world that tourists can tour Iran and spend their days in Iran with the best services, including accommodation in the best hotels in Iran and reception of the best and the most delicious food or buy souvenirs and original Iranian handicrafts from Iran.

Iran is really a safe country, even according to some travelers, a safer country to travel than Europe, as well as a safe and convenient country for women tourists who travel individually.

Apart from its tangible attractions such as historical monuments, museums and natural attractions, every country has another important attraction, and that is the culture of that country. The culture of any country encompasses all the customs, people, languages, celebrations and ceremonies of that country.

5.The importance of medical education in Iran

Aside from the long history of Iran in traditional medicine, the Iranian people have always valued knowledge and science, and Iranian scholars and scientists have kept pace with and contributed to the advancement of technology and medicine in the world.

It has a special place among the people of Iran and the government. The government has invested heavily in the development of traditional and modern medicine, and various academic disciplines with sub-orientations and different orientations are training health professionals in Iran’s top universities.

Despite the significant number of specialists and medical centers in Iran, there is no waiting time for foreign patients traveling to Iran for treatment, and Iranian hospitals and clinics are prepared and equipped to provide up-to-date health services to patients with the utmost expediency.

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