Ent surgeon or plastic surgeon? which one is better for rhinoplasty?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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What is rhinoplasty? Human Nature is interweaved with beauty, and all of us tend to be seen immaculately; all facial features are influential in human beauty; however, nose shape is more. Some people head toward a cosmetic surgeon to balance the nose size and shape, flatten its bridge, or improve nostrils shape; irrespective of the […]

What is rhinoplasty? Human Nature is interweaved with beauty, and all of us tend to be seen immaculately; all facial features are influential in human beauty; however, nose shape is more. Some people head toward a cosmetic surgeon to balance the nose size and shape, flatten its bridge, or improve nostrils shape; irrespective of the reasons they decide to have a nose job, finding a skilled and professional surgeon to minimize the possible risks is a must. In other words, the advantages of rhinoplasty in Iran should weigh its disadvantages and beautify the patient’s nose without creating breathing problems. This article provides some critical information about rhinoplasty and helps you decide whether an ENT surgeon is better for rhinoplasty than a plastic surgeon.

Who is an ENT surgeon?

An ENT surgeon specializes in diagnosing and treating ear, nose, and throat conditions, including infections, sleep apnea, balance problems related to ear infection, sinusitis, swallowing disorders, etc. He can perform nose, ear, and throat surgeries, and rhinoplasty in Iran is one.

ENT surgeon trains in plastic surgery and takes advantage of his knowledge to bring balance between cosmetic and actual features of patients news to give him/ her a beautiful and natural nose through rhinoplasty in Iran .

ENT surgeons are eligible for head and neck surgeries due to thorough training in the past year and help patients who need reconstructive surgeries to improve facial impurities ranging from neck to ears.

This group of surgeons is familiar with nose structures and the leading factors in final results such as genetic and patient age to create natural and appealing outcomes. ENT surgeons can help you experience excellent rhinoplasty in Iran and achieve desirable results.

Who is an ENT surgeon

Who is a plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgery in Iran is an invasive surgery that is done by qualified and trained surgeons in public and well-equipped private clinics and hospitals. Plastic surgeons concentrate on reconstructive surgery to deal with accidental injuries, birth problems, and anything that affects facial beauty and depresses the patient.

Some plastic surgeons are cosmetic surgeons and perform cosmetic procedures; plastic surgery in Iran is a broad field and covers various areas, including facial surgeries (skull, fave), rhinoplasty in Iran , breast plastic surgery (augmentation for desirable results or rebuilding to reconstruct the breast structure), and repairing scars resulting from injuries and burns.

Plastic surgeons examine patients and suggest appropriate operations which could be done in a hospital or private clinics.

Who is a plastic surgeon?

Which surgeon is the best for rhinoplasty in Iran?

A significant number of people who are not satisfied with their nose appearance and desire to change its shape and size wonder who should help them reshape their crooked nose, an ENT surgeon or plastic surgeon.

What separates a plastic surgeon from an ENT surgeon is his expertise; he is an ENT surgeon who has been educated in aesthetic surgery and is capable of doing face and nose operations. The patient should find a surgeon with considerable background in successful rhinoplasty surgery, although sensitive patients opt for ENT surgeon expertise cosmetic surgeries, especially nose jobs.

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Rhinoplasty in Iran is chiefly done by ENT surgeons familiar with a facial structure that benefits from extensive training focused on nose surgeries while plastic surgeons concentrate on various parts of the body; that’s why plastic surgeons are not always preferable for rhinoplasty.

Approaches to perform rhinoplasty in Iran

Reshaping nose structure to improve its function and appearance is popular cosmetic surgery. Anyone who takes advantage of excellent physical health and his growing-up process has finished, has logical expectations, and doesn’t smoke, could be an excellent candidate for rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty in Iran is divided into two types:

open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty is an invasive surgery suggested to patients with extensive nose disorders.

The surgeon creates the incisions under patients knows then lifts the skin to reshape the deformities and flatter nose bridge; then he sutures the incision and leaves tapes and bandages on the nose.

the patient must go back to the doctor’s office for regular check-ups; the surgeon asks the patient to call him if he/ she encountered unusual problems such as breath or swallowing disorders or excessive nose bleeding. The most popular type of rhinoplasty in Iran is closed rhinoplasty, which has no external incision and sutures.

The surgeon leaves the soft tissue of the nose to have easy access to the nose cartilage and bone. After creating the patient’s desired results and suturing the hidden tissues, the patient is delivered to the recovery room and can leave the hospital or private clinic if his condition becomes stable. The recovery process in the surgery is considerably fast, and scars are not recognizable.

Approaches to perform rhinoplasty in Iran

How to select an experienced surgeon?

Rhinoplasty is a complex and highly sensitive surgery; that’s why the patients must find a highly skilled surgeon for a nose job and acquire beautiful outcomes.

The surgeon’s more experienced, the better your nose will look, and you can trust qualified hands and expect fabulous results. Rhinoplasty in Iran is operated by skilled surgeons who are experienced in primary rhinoplasty and also revision surgery.

They determine your nose problem or the reasons for primary surgery failures and help you with the complimentary procedures. For example, suppose you have found several doctors, but you don’t know which one is better.

In that case, you may surf the net for their website, then go to the client comments part, devote a part of your time to read people’s comments on your selected surgeons’ performances, and see whether they are satisfied with the outcomes or not.

Try to find documents about the doctors’ successful surgeries in the past months and years, then explore before and after surgery photos. Examining patients’ faces helps you decide about the doctor’s skills in reshaping your nose and acquiring desirable results.

If possible, it would be best to find the surgeons’ previous patients and talk with them about the satisfaction of the surgeon’s performance and post-operation potential problems.

Who is a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty in Iran ?

if you are among the person who deals with the following problems, you may be a suitable candidate for a nose job

If your nose size is not in balance with your facial features

If you are suffering from deviated septum relevant problems

If your nostrils are broader and more prominent than usual

If your nose is hooked and dropped

If your nose bridge is not flat

If you are not satisfied with your nose structure and like to beautify your face

Who is a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty in Iran ?

What are rhinoplasty risks?

Like are there surgeries rhinoplasty accompanied with some risks such as incision infection, bruising under eyes, swelling of face and nose, sinus infection, bleeding after surgery, pain that may resolve within a week, contemporary breathing disorders and permanent in some cases, patients Unsatisfaction due to a procedure failure and nose deformity. If that patient is not happy with the outcome, the doctor may suggest a revision surgery to improve nose deformities or breathing problems; however, that second surgery imposes more costs on the patient’s shoulder.

What to expect from rhinoplasty in Iran ?

Like other operations, you will have a consultation meeting with your doctor, and he will evaluate your nose structure and ask you about your expectations to acquire crucial information.

Then he explains the exact procedure of surgery, the possible risks and dangers, pre and post-operation recommendations, recovery period, and the expenses of your rhinoplasty.

You can ask your questions to find convincing answers, and it would be best if you write your questions not to be forgotten in the consulting meeting so that you can be made the best decision to reshape your nose. For example, rhinoplasty in Iran is operated under general anesthesia, so you’ll feel nothing during surgery.

After the operation, you will be under the nurses’ supervision in the recovery room. If you experience no concerning problem, the doctor will send you home the same day; otherwise, you should stay at the hospital or clinic for a longer time.

The side effects of rhinoplasty, such as swelling and bruising, are pervasive, so don’t worry; these problems will resolve in one or, ultimately, two weeks. After the complete recovery, you may enjoy your beautiful new face and share your invaluable rhinoplasty experiences in Iran with your friends.

expect from rhinoplasty

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