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Open or closed Rhinoplasty, which one is for you?

Open or closed Rhinoplasty, which one is for you?

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The selection of Rhinoplasty in Iran technique is not something you can do. You can just collect enough information, select a good Rhinoplasty surgeon with the open eyes, and leave the rest with your him/her.

What is Rhinoplasty?

If you don’t like the shape of your nose or cannot breathe correctly, Rhinoplasty is an option to help you get rid of them.

Indeed, Rhinoplasty or nose job is cosmetic plastic surgery in Iran can be employed to change the appearance or internal structure of the nasal,

There are two Rhinoplasty types, appropriate for different nose shapes. Stay tuned to learn more about different TECHNIQUES of Rhinoplasty.

What are the different kinds of Rhinoplasty?

  • Open Rhinoplasty
  • Closed Rhinoplasty

How is open Rhinoplasty performed?

open Rhinoplasty

In open rhinoplasty, a cut is performed to give the skin a  complete lift in a way that cosmetic surgeon will be able to see the entire internal area.

This incision allows the nose to be lifted and can view all the major structures of the nose, including the bone, cartilage and soft tissue, therefore the surgery is performed under direct vision.

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It should be considered that cutting or not cutting the nostrils of the nose is not related to open or closed rhinoplasty, actually it is related to the size of the nostrils, meaning that if the nostrils are large and necessary Getting smaller and tighter is no way but to cut the edges of the nose, even if the surgery is closed.

How is closed rhinoplasty performed?

closed rhinoplastyDuring the closed nose job in Iran procedure, all incisions are created inside the nose, then the skin is severely removed from the cartilaginous skeleton beneath it. As a result, the surgeon’s binocular vision in this procedure is limited.

What are the differences of closed and open rhinoplasty?

The difference between closed and open Rhinoplasty is only pattern of incision.

as I explained above, in closed Rhinoplasty that is famous as scar less nose job ,all incisions and cuts are made inside nose and there is no visible cut.

But in open Rhinoplasty ,in addition to cuts of closed rhinoplasty ,Coloma(the gap between two nostrils) is also cut

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What are the open rhinoplasty advantages?

  • Surgery is performed under direct vision, so the probability of non-symmetry is less.
  • Ease of insertion of cartilage and bone or prostheses in necessary cases
  • The surgeon’s maneuverability is greater.
  • Ability to perform surgery on severely defective noses
  • Common method for revision Rhinoplasty
  • Open rhinoplasty will work better in severe nasal malformations

What are the closed rhinoplasty advantages?

closed rhinoplasty advantages
closed rhinoplasty advantages
  • It Needs less cutting
  • Reduction of swelling and bruising around the eye after surgery
  • Reduce the likelihood of scar formation or surgical complications
  • Ability to make subtle changes with a natural look
  • Changes in the nose are more predictable and will be felt even by touching in a shorter time after surgery.
  • Ability to achieve the desired improvements without having to cut the Coloma
  • Shorter operation time
  • Decrease in the likelihood of surgery-related weakness and morbidity, especially in older patients
  • Eliminate the possibility of any scarring on the outer surface of the nose
  • Postoperative swelling reduction
  • Faster return to normal appearance

What are the open rhinoplasty disadvantages?

In open nose surgery, swelling and bruising are more likely to occur because of complete lift of the nasal skin from the skeleton.

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What are the closed rhinoplasty disadvantages?

It doesn’t work with all kinds of nose. specially not an appropriate method for severe cases

In closed nose surgery, only the appearance of the nasal defects will be eliminated and there will be little change in the structure of the nose, so people who are applying this method should have realistic expectations of the results.

Who are the good candidates for open Rhinoplasty?

Open rhinoplasty will work better in severe nasal malformations

It is also preferred in deviated, twisted nose because it gives surgeon better access, complete vision and two-handed chance for surgery.

Who are the good candidates for closed Rhinoplasty?

The closed approach is more applicable to the bony nasals which require less manipulation.

The most appropriate people who, their nose bridge is symmetrical and have proportional nose tip

And generally good candidates for closed Rhinoplasty are the one having nasals with minor defects

Is open Rhinoplasty better than closed Rhinoplasty?

Is open Rhinoplasty better than closed Rhinoplasty

In general, open rhinoplasty is usually preferred over close nose surgery.

But in cases of reconstructive nose surgery secondary nose job, nasal tumors that require surgery, fleshy nose and the very large nose tip usually open Rhinoplasty works better.

Patients’ frequent questions :

1-in closed Rhinoplasty, is there any possibility of making nose tip smaller?

The possibility of making nose tip small is equal in both closed or open Rhinoplasty.

2-is closed Rhinoplasty cheaper than open Rhinoplasty?

  • The cost of rhinoplasty depends on the following factors:
  • Whether nose surgery is the first surgery or to correct previous nasal surgery errors (reconstructive or secondary surgery)
  • The overall cost of surgery depends on the number of surgeries needed to get a proper result.
  • Nasal functional problems also play a major role in price determination. For example, if you need to remove some polyps or have some sinus problems during surgery, the surgeon will tell you the issue and report the cost.
  • The cost of local anesthesia or general anesthesia will be added to the overall cost of the operation, depending on which one you choose.
  • The experience and level of knowledge of the surgeon plays a role in determining the cost of nose surgery.
  • The place where you do nose surgery is as important as anything else.
  • Also, the need for tissue transplants from the body or artificial type can also affect the cost of nasal surgery.

3-in closed Rhinoplasty, what will be the formation of the incisions?

Since there is no incision on the outer surface of the nose, there will be no obvious scar after healing., incisions are made inside the nose, which is why it is unlikely to be visible after scar surgery.

4- does closed rhinoplasty remove the nose hump? Is nasal congestion corrected? How much does it cost?

Hi yes it is removed. Yes, the drop is corrected. The cost varies depending on the type of nose. It is specified in the in-person consultation.

5- How long does it take for the nose to be bandaged on the nose?

From 7-10 days

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