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Surgical Rhinoplasty VS non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Surgical Rhinoplasty VS non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Table of Contents

Rhinoplasty is one kind of plastic surgeries in order to correction of either functional or aesthetics nasal defects.

There are two common methods for Rhinoplasty in Iran

1: non-surgical Rhinoplasty or Liquid Rhinoplasty

2: surgical Rhinoplasty

The aim of this article is comparing those two mentioned method from different aspects.

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Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Nose job or technically called Rhinoplasty is a procedure involved in reshaping the septum, nostrils, bridge and tip depending on case severity.

Sometimes in addition to correction of beauty defects, it is performed to resolve the breathing problem due to polypus, breakage or blockage.

Liquid Rhinoplasty is a Non-invasive procedure when it comes to correction the slight disorders.

This procedure only deals with shape of nasal and no useful with functional difficulties.

Procedure of surgical Rhinoplasty VS non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Surgical Rhinoplasty

on-surgical Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia therefor the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the operation.

It takes 1-2 hours and After the surgeon corrects the bone and cartilage of the nose, the skin and nasal tissue placed on the new structure.

at the end, the splint is adjusted to support the nasal component in their new position.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is performed under local anesthesia.

It takes only 15 minutes by injection of dermal filler like gel or lifting thread or plasma jet.

Fat transfer is also one of the new method.

Surgeon employee some tiny and specific  needle

Methods of surgical Rhinoplasty VS non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Surgical Rhinoplasty

on-surgical Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasy:

During the open Rhinoplasty the cut is made to allow the skin to be lifted so the plastic surgeon is able see the entire area.

This incision allows the nasal skin to be perfectly lifted and viewed all the major structures of the nose, including the bone, cartilage and soft tissue therefore the surgery will be performed under direct vision.

There will not any scar left provided that it is done by the experienced surgeon.

It should be borne in mind that cutting or not cutting the nostrils is not related to open or closed method while it depends on the size of the nostrils, meaning that if the nostrils are large and abnormal and necessary to get smaller and tighter is no way but to cut them, even if the surgery is closed.

Closed Rhinoplasy:

In the closed method, all incisions are made inside the nose,

The skin is then severely separated from the bony cartilage below.

The skin separated is held up by special equipment to allow the surgeon to work.

As a result, the binocular vision of the surgeon in this procedure is limited.

Closed nose job has been the second choice of plastic surgeons for many years and open nose cosmetic surgery is preferred because of its more advantages.

But there are also benefits to the closed method that for some cases a cosmetologist still chooses it. These benefits include:

  • The operation time in this method is about a quarter less than the open method
  • There is no cut on the skin

In this method, the nasal tip swelling is less than the technique so the swelling will be resolved sooner..


This method is done in three key steps:

  1. The nose gets numb through local anesthesia injection or anesthetic cream.
  2. Filler solution is prepared by an expert.
  3. Filler is injected directly into the designated points of the nose. Some specialists, according to the technique is used, massage the nasal area as soon as the filler is injected in order to give the nose the desired shape.

Lifting thread:

The second case of non-surgical nasal surgery is the use of an absorbent lifting thread to lift the nasal tip.

For this purpose, after local anesthesia, the physician inserts the lifting threads into the nose

And with this simple operation, the nose tip is raised

And, of course, for a desired outcome, the patient needs to wait several months for the threads to reach their final result.

The procedure lasts about two to three years and then although the nose does not completely fall off as before surgery, it should be repeated every few years

Plasma jet:

Plasma jet foe meaty nose is often performed when the purpose is to lift and make the nose smaller.

The way it works is through the plasma of the nose, the skin of the nose is burned together as tiny dots.

The depth of this burn seems less than what actually happened.

After the nasal jet plasma and the recovery time have passed, the nasal skin becomes slightly tighter and the nose appears smaller.

But what is the main use of nasal jet plasma? Nasal jet plasma is most commonly used for people with a fleshy nose and is not recommended for people with a bony nose.

Specialist of s-l Rhinoplasty VS non-s-l Rhinoplasty

S-l Rhinoplasty

on-s-l Rhinoplasty

The surgical Rhinoplasty must be done by either of plastic surgeons or ENT ones.Non-surgical Rhinoplasty can be done by dermatologists, general surgeon or specialist passing the special courses and plastic surgeon .

Cost of surgical Rhinoplasty VS non-surgical Rhinoplasty

S-l Rhinoplasty

on-s-l Rhinoplasty

Price of surgical rhinoplasty varies under different conditions.

For instance, destination, surgeon’s reputation, case severity, rate of hospital and also type of method define the final cost.

But on the average, Rhinoplasty cost in Iran fall somewhere between 1300-2000 $ including surgeon, operation room fee and anesthesia.

One of the advantages of non –surgical Rhinoplasty is price.

Not the mention that, the final price affected by method, brand of material, reputation of expert, destination and amount of material.

But the average cost of non –surgical nose job in Iran is from 150$ to 400$.

Durability of s-l Rhinoplasty VS non-s-l Rhinoplasty

S-l Rhinoplasty

on-s-l Rhinoplasty

The result of a nasal surgery is permanent, although subsequent injuries or other factors may affect the appearance of the nose.

Rhinoplasty is a kind of permanent surgeries that if gets performed by the right surgeon will not need any repeats or second procedure.

all above permanent durability is not matter of closed or open method.

Gel: The nasal state created by the gel is temporary and after a few months the nose returns to its original state. So, if you are not satisfied with your new nose, you can try another form a few months later.

Thread: The procedure lasts around two to three years and need to be repeated every few years although the nose will not drop as much as before procedure.

Plasma jet: Nasal jet plasma is almost permanent for people who have passed adulthood unless the skin changes due to environmental and genetic conditions, in this case it must be repeated to returns to ideal after several years.

Best age for s-l Rhinoplasty VS non-s-l Rhinoplasty

S-l Rhinoplasty

on-s-l Rhinoplasty

Nose augmentation should only be performed on the nose of a person whose growth has been completed, in females age 15 or 16 and in males 17 or 18.

If nose job  is performed before this age, nose growth can negatively affects The result of the nose surgery and possibly cause complications.

The right time for liquid Rhinoplsty is After the nose getting the final growth, in females age 15 or 16 and in males 17 or 18.

candidate for s-l Rhinoplasty VS non-s-l Rhinoplasty

Surgical Rhinoplasty

on-surgical Rhinoplasty

  • Nasal skin type (People who have very thick or very thin skin are not suitable for nasal surgery)
  • NONE SMOKERS since People who have just quit smoking or are still smoking experience many complications after surgery.
  • Verified physical health means that a person is not impaired or ill, or under any special treatment.
  • Mental health; for example, people with obsessive-compulsive expectations from their nose surgeon may also be unsatisfied with the outcome and may undergo reconstructive nose surgery for no reason.
  • People who want their nose hump nose to disappear
  • People who have a Saddle or imbalanced nose.
  • People having deviated nose tip
  • People who like to have a lifted nose tip.
  • People who have previously had nasal surgery and are not satisfied with their nose appearance and want to have it corrected without surgery, for example.

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preparation of s- Rhinoplasty VS non-s-l Rhinoplasty

Surgical Rhinoplasty

on-surgical Rhinoplasty

  • Quit smoking.
  • Some medications like aspirin should be discontinued.
  • Wash your face before surgery and keep it clean.
  • The patient should have a healthy diet.
  • Do not forget to drink enough water before injection.
  • Avoid getting this procedure done in beauty salons and inaccessible centers.
  • To prevent bruising, we recommend avoiding painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin before gel injection.
  • Don’t just choose filler and gel based on price.

Risks of s-l Rhinoplasty VS non-s-l Rhinoplasty

Surgical Rhinoplasty

on-surgical Rhinoplasty

After nose surgery you should expect swelling and bruising around the eyes. Other problems that are unlikely to occur include:
  • nose bleeding
  • Damage to the nasal septum (a wall that separates the nostrils)
  • Skin problems, such as loss of skin tissue (necrosis of the skin or dead skin)
  • Infection, this a temporary side effect disappearing by antibiotics
  • Nasal obstruction and congestion caused by swelling in the nose
  • Anesthesia Complications
  • Nasal surgery may also not be what you expect
  • The dangers of non-surgical nose and gel injection
  • Blindness
  • Necrosis or Tissue Death (due to occlusion of vessels)
  • Damage to the brain (due to the filler being injected into the vein)
  • Skin problems
  • Because the filler is injected around the veins near the eyes, the risk of this nasal deformity is greater than other cosmetic procedures. This is due to the sensitive anatomy of the face, nose, and bloodstream near the eyes.

Notice: experienced specialist and original gel can minimized or even omit the risks of non-surgical Rhinoplasty

advantages of surgical Rhinoplasty VS non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Surgical Rhinoplasty

on-surgical Rhinoplasty

  • permanent outcome
  • resolving breathing and functional problem
  • safety

making  major and varied changes in the nose

  • No need for surgery
  • No need for hospitalization or rest at home
  • Fast and delicate result
  • Revisable result

Affordable cost

post-op cares of s-l Rhinoplasty VS non-s-l Rhinoplasty

S-l Rhinoplasty

on-s-l Rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty, the patient should:
  • Resting enough.
  • Avoid bending the head.
  • Take medications prescribed by your doctor.
  • Avoid heavy activity and intensive sport for 7 days.
  • Use two pillow to fix the head in the stable position.
  • Avoid wearing glasses for at least 7 days.
  • Use ice compress for the first 24 hours.
  • Stop eating food till 5 hours after surgery
  • Protect the splint and face from getting wet for 7 days
  • You can use foods like pineapple to reduce bruising
  • Use antihistamines to reduce facial swelling
  • Use cleansing milk to cleanse your makeup and sunscreen.
  • It is recommended to use cephalexin capsule for 72 hours after nasal gel injection.
  • After the nasal gel is injected, 10 glasses of water should be taken daily for one week.
  • After a nasal gel injection, ladies should avoid makeup for 5 hours.
  • It is best to avoid – saunas – Jacuzzi – hot baths or any pressure on the nose for seven days after the nasal gel is injected.
  • Avoid sleeping on the abdomen or side for 7 days

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  • Use cold compresses, Arnica cream and Anahil Bromelain tablets to reduce facial bruising.

Use acetaminophen to relieve pain

Recovery of surgical Rhinoplasty VS non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Surgical Rhinoplasty

on-surgical Rhinoplasty

It takes seven days to resume the routine activities after Rhinoplasty .

On the seventh day the splint will be removed by your surgeon and replace with a bandage.

But swelling and bruise at least take 10-15 days to completely disappear.

And also till 2 months the patient should avoid swimming.

Nasal gel injection compared to routine Rhinoplasty:

No need to rest after surgery

Seldom can there be a slight swelling or bruising that disappears for 1 to 2 days.

In this procedure, there is no or very little postoperative pain.

2- No need to nose bandage or dressing.

The result of this procedure is immediately visible and the person can see the change in their nose at the same time.

Results of s-l Rhinoplasty VS non-s-l Rhinoplasty

Surgical Rhinoplasty

on-surgical Rhinoplasty

Depending on the shape of nose before surgery and normally patient body reaction the final result appears from 6month to 1-year post surgery.

About fleshy or meaty nose healing duration will be even Longer.

The result of this procedure is immediately visible and the person can see the change in their nose at the same time.

Good luck.

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