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Iran Nose Job Before and After

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Iran nose jobs before and after
Here we have brought you several examples of Iran nose jobs before and after These noses have been operated by Iranian expert doctors with low cost but high quality

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Rhinoplasty in Iran, price

The price of rhinoplasty in Iran is more affordable than in Western countries, even Turkey! By choosin’ Iran for your rhinoplasty destination, you can save money and get the perfect result at the same time. 

Package Type

Price Range (USD)



$1,200 – $1,500

Lower end of the price range


$1,500 – $2,500

Average price range


$2,500 – $3,500

Higher end, typically for more complex procedures or renowned surgeons

Do you want to see before-and-after rhinoplasty photos? Iran Nose Jobs’ Before-and-After gallery provides all the pictures that show the change. Iranhealthagency provides these pictures of patients who come to Iran for rhinoplasty with the best rhinoplasty doctors. 

Iran is renowned for its excellence in cosmetic surgery, particularly nose jobs. In fact, nose jobs in Iran are among the most popular procedures due to the country’s highly skilled surgeons and affordable prices. Whether you seek subtle refinement or a dramatic change, Iran nose jobs’ before and after results are awe-inspiring.

Why Choose a Nose Job in Iran?

Is Iran suitable for nose jobs? Absolutely yes! Iranian surgeons are recognized worldwide for their expertise in rhinoplasty. The before and after transformations speak volumes about the quality and precision of nose jobs in Iran. Patients from around the globe travel to Iran to benefit from the high standards and exceptional outcomes.

If you’re curious about the percentage of nose jobs in Iran, we’ve got the information you’re looking for. Iran has the highest rate of nose jobs (rhinoplasty) globally. Reports indicate that approximately 200,000 Iranians undergo nose reshaping procedures annually, making it the most popular cosmetic surgery in the country

What do these numbers say? Doctors have so much experience in doing nose reshaping and have the desired results! 

Are you ready to swip Iran nose jobs before and after the gallery? First, let’s explain the details. 

Before Your Nose Job in Iran

Before undergoing a nose job in Iran, it’s essential to understand the process and set realistic expectations. During the consultation, you will discuss your goals with a skilled surgeon who will explain the procedure, recovery, and expected results. Photos of previous patients’ before and after nose jobs in Iran can provide insight into potential outcomes and help you visualize your transformation.

The Nose Job Procedure in Iran

The nose job procedure in Iran typically involves reshaping the nose to improve its appearance and function. Surgeons use advanced techniques to ensure natural-looking results. The procedure is tailored to each patient’s unique facial structure, ensuring that the final result complements their overall look. Comparing your own before and after photos will highlight the remarkable improvement achieved through a nose job in Iran.

After Your Nose Job in Iran

Recovery from a nose job in Iran is crucial. Following the surgeon’s post-operative care instructions is essential to ensure optimal results. The initial swelling and bruising will subside over time, revealing the outcome. Patients are often amazed by their before-and-after photos, which showcase the significant enhancement achieved through their nose jobs in Iran.

IHA provides all rhinoplasty aftercare instructions and services to smooth your post-op surgery. 

Real Patient Experiences: Before and After

Real patient testimonials and before and after photos of nose jobs in Iran highlight the life-changing impact of this procedure. Many patients report increased confidence and satisfaction with their appearance. These transformations underscore why Iran is a top destination for nose jobs.

Here are the Iran Nose Jobs Before and After pictures:

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FAQ about rhinoplasty 

What age can you get a nose job in Iran? 

What is the best age to get a nose job? This is another question that an Iranian doctor asks most often.

  • In Iran, girls should be at least 18 to get rhinoplasty, and boys should be at least 16 to 17. This gives the face time to finish mainly growing.
  • Some doctors say that the best age for nose surgery in Iran is between 20 and 30 when the face is fully formed.

But in Iran, rhinoplasty can be done on people as young as 17 and as old as 50 or more. Older people usually get medical rhinoplasty instead of just cosmetic treatments. If they are generally healthy, the upper age limit for most applicants seems to be around 60.

No matter the patient’s age, the surgeon will check each individual to see if they are physically and mentally ready for the treatment.

These are the main things doctors think about:

  • Full physical development and face growth
  • Good health all around
  • Having realistic goals
  • The emotional strength to deal with surgery and recovery

There are general age limits, but surgeons in Iran look at each rhinoplasty prospect individually instead of having hard and fast age limits. The most important thing is that the patient’s face has fully grown, and they are mentally and physically ready for the operation.

So, if you are 18 or older, you can book a flight to Iran to have your nose job with us!

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How long does the nose job last?

Rhinoplasty is a permanent treatment that produces results that last a lifetime. However, remember that it might take up to a year for your nose to settle into its new shape fully after surgery. After having surgery on the nose, changes can last for many years.

Is getting the nose job worth it?

Should you get a nose job? Getting a nose job may or may not be worth it for each person. However, a lot of people like it because of these reasons:

  • Self-esteem can go up, and natural beauty can be brought out.
  • It can help you breathe better and fix practical problems like sinus issues.
  • Most patients are ready to return to work and social activities within two weeks(short times need to be back to normal activities).
  • People who are having problems with their functions can see changes in six weeks(short period recovery and result)

What happens after ten years of rhinoplasty?

The results of a nose job are meant to last a long time and are considered permanent. The nose may change a few years after surgery but usually has small changes. Like any other body part, the nose will continue to age naturally over time.

Some people may consider getting a correction rhinoplasty if big problems or changes happen over time. About 15% of people who have had surgery need a follow-up surgery to make small changes to what was done the first time.

It’s important to remember that rhinoplasty can have different long-term effects on other people. Maintaining good health and seeing your therapist for regular checkups can help ensure the best long-term results.

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If you are considering getting a rhinoplasty in Iran, it has the best doctors and beautiful results(you can call us to see that).

The changes people in Iran have gone through after getting nose jobs show that the process can improve facial harmony and boost self-esteem. You can trust the skilled doctors in Iran to help you get the look you want.

Before and after nose jobs photos with Iran health agency: 

These were before and after photos of nose jobs in Iran , which was done by the Iranian Health Agency. You can also perform nose surgery in Iran. Click on the image below for more information

rhinoplasty in Iran

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