How many sessions are needed for a successful hair transplant?

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Table of Contents

A brief summary of the article:

One of the most repeated questions the candidates for hair transplants in Iran (those who decided to come to Iran for hair transplant) asked us is how many sessions are needed for a successful result.
Here is the answer from our expert in hair transplantation:
The number of hair transplant sessions depends on many factors specific to a patient, such as:
the extent of hair loss
the density of the donor area in the back and sides of the head
the type of hair transplant chosen
and the target look.

We provide a summary based on trustworthy sources to clarify everything for you about hair transplant sessions:

  • The donor site can perform 3,500 transplants in the first session. We must conduct a second session if somebody needs 5,000 grafts (transplants). The donor field is anticipated to take 8-12 months to recover before the second version of the hand can follow.
  • Sometimes, more than a single surgery is needed to yield satisfactory results. However, even though the second and third sessions might help improve the others, the first procedure usually results better and is closer to the ideal shape.
  • Because one follicle implantation is the norm, in some instances, several thousand (1,000-2,000) follicles can be transplanted simultaneously. At the same time, the whole hair loss treatment process may require the transplantation of up to 4,000 follicles. Many people opt for having two or three of these sessions at different times as they deliver long-lasting effects.
  • The number of sessions may be between three and four, depending on the doctor and the gravity of hair loss.

Generally, it may take 2-3 sessions to transplant 6000 grafts, and the number of variables contributing to this may vary on a case-to-case basis. Therefore, the number of hair transplant sessions required by one patient may differ from several others, depending on the unique circumstances and specifications in each situation.

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An in-depth overview of the hair transplant session!  

You may need more categorized information to give you a complete overview of hair transplants and help you make better decisions. Here’s a categorized overview:

Small to Moderate Hair Loss:

  • Number of Sessions: Patients with mild to moderate hair loss may require one to two sessions to achieve satisfactory results.
  • Duration per Session: Each session typically takes about four hours.
  • Transplant Area: Hair follicles are extracted from the back or sides of the head (donor area) and transplanted into thinning or bald areas.
  • Healing Time: Sessions occur several months apart to allow each transplant to fully heal12.

Extensive Sessions (Follicular Unit Transplantation):

  • Goals: The aim is to achieve the best cosmetic result within the patient’s total donor reserves.
  • Advantages:
  • Establishes a natural hairline.
  • Provides coverage to the bald scalp.
  • Minimal disruption to daily routine.
  • Optimal graft survival.


  • Considerations:
  • Good judgment is crucial in deciding what constitutes an extensive session.
  • Extensive sessions may have limitations and risks.
  • Densely packing grafts can affect graft survival3.

Mega Sessions (FUE Hair Transplant):

Ideal Choice: For those seeking more complete results in a single session.

  • Criteria:
  • Dense and elastic donor area.
  • High demands for coverage.
  • Procedure Stages:
  • Donor area selection.
  • Hair follicle extraction.
  • Separation of follicles.
  • Recipient site creation.
  • Optimum distribution of follicles.

Duration: An FUE Hair Transplant mega session can last an average of 8 hours; if necessary, it can be completed over two consecutive days4.

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Medical Team Significance:

A skilled medical team with experience and coordination is essential for successful outcomes.

IranHealthAgency teams include a hair transplant doctor, assistant doctors, anesthesiologists, and specialized staff.

Factors Affecting the Number of Sessions Graft Range per Session Overall Grafts and Sessions (estimates)
Extent of hair loss First session: 3,500 grafts (typical) |Second session (if needed): Varies depending on the remaining grafts *Light hair loss: 1,000-2,000 grafts (1-2 sessions)

*Moderate hair loss: 4,000 grafts (2-3 sessions)

*Extensive hair loss: 6,000+ grafts (3-4 sessions)

It is important to note that these are just general guidelines. Consult a doctor for a personalized assessment.

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