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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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BEARD=Being Exceptional Among Regular Dudes, so don’t underestimate significant impact of beard on men attractiveness. If you are suffering from patchy beard and mustache beard transplantation in Iran a life changing procedure. Positive result happens for smart patients. this article including 20 important tips help you to find more about beard transplant from A to […]

BEARD=Being Exceptional Among Regular Dudes, so don’t underestimate significant impact of beard on men attractiveness. If you are suffering from patchy beard and mustache beard transplantation in Iran a life changing procedure.

Positive result happens for smart patients. this article including 20 important tips help you to find more about beard transplant from A to z.

All do’s and don’ts of beard transplantation , costs and pros and cons are the subjects we go through . So stay tuned please.

Hair transplant in Iran [amazing cost]

1- How is the procedure of beard and mustache transplantation?

Beard transplant is a branch of hair transplantation performed in different methods.

Facial hair transplantation is a method that helps regenerate the growth of thin hair and empty parts of it. This can help regenerate and repair the mustache, beard, beard line, cheek hair. Even if there is never a hair on one side of the face, hair transplantation can be done.

Normally hair follicles are taken from back of scalp and transfer to desire facial area.

2- who is a candidate for beard transplantation?

  • Men who genetically don’t have full beard and mustache.
  • In addition to men who have no beards or mustache at all, men who have hair-free portions of their beards and mustaches or have a patchy scattered beard can do the same.
  • Men who have scarring and wound cuts in their beard and mustache area can also have beard and mustache transplantation to hide these scars.
  • Men who have a diffuse scar on their sides and want a full beard line often undergo a beard transplant.
  • Beard and mustache transplantation may not be due to beard loss, but merely to modify the pattern of beard and mustache.
  • In general, for anyone with hair follicles in the back of their ears, a beard and mustache transplant can be performed.

3- Does a beard transplant hurt?

does a beard transplant hurt
does a beard transplant hurt

Beard transplant surgery, like other cosmetic surgeries, can be painful. The pain of hair transplantation is due to the injection of anesthetic drugs into the hair bank or grafting area and the grafting area. The amount of pain caused by these drugs varies from person to person, but the pain is not severe and can be easily controlled. Also, for a few days after surgery, the person feels pain, which is quite normal and disappears after a few days.

Some people experience pain due to not following the tips before hair transplantation. For example, smoking and drinking can eliminate the effect of anesthetic drugs, resulting in pain during procedure.

4- How to sleep after bear transplantation?

Sleep flat at night and avoid sleeping on the sides or on the abdomen.

5- How much does beard transplant cost in Iran?

beard transplant cost in Iran
beard transplant cost in Iran

Some factors define the final price of beard transplant in Iran including reputation of surgeon, case severity, destination and method but averagely bead transplant cost in Iran fall somewhere between 700$

– 1200$.

6- Can I shave my bears after transplant?

7-9 days after beard transplantation can be an appropriate time to shave. Good to know that, following the normal procedure, transplanted hair start to fall out by two or three weeks and grow back after 4-6 month later.

After fulfilling the procedure of growing back the new hair you can shave them whenever it is necessary.

7- Does beard transplant leave scars?

Claim of facial hair transplant without scar is not more than a lie. The scar will be visible in case your beard is shave but different methods have different shapes of scars for example:

FUT TECHNIQUE: leaving a line of scar

FUE TECHNIQUE: a series of tiny dot on the scalp

Notice: you get beard transplantation to grow beard so scar will be hidden under the facial hair

Every things about hair transplant

Useful information about cost, types and methods of hair transplant in Iran .

8- Is beard transplant permanent?

Beard transplantation is located in the category of permanent cosmetic surgery. after the whole procedure gets over you can shave and change its style like normal hair.

9- Does beard transplant look natural?

Combination of experienced & skilled surgeon with the appropriate method would result in natural look and desired outcome.

10-How long does a beard transplant takes?

how long does a beard transplant takes
how long does a beard transplant takes

Depending on the width of transplantation area the duration of beard transplant differs. but an average beard transplant takes 2-4 hours and only in one session.

When it comes to beard transplantation in Iran you are supposed to spend 3 days in the country.

Day 1: surgeon visiting, necessary lab test and preparation.

Day 2: operation day

Day 3: final checkup and changing the bandage and required post-op instructions

11- When and how to wash the face after beard transplantation?

when and how to wash the face after beard transplantation
when and how to wash the face after beard transplantation

During the first week you must be so kind with your face. You can gently clean the transplantation area employing shampoo then carefully rinse.

But don’t forget not to apply pressure, no to run it hardly and not to use hot water

12- Is beard transplant safe?

Beard transplantation is one of the safest cosmetic operations performed under local anesthesia.

Generally, grafts will be transferred from back of head to beard. If everything goes standardly there won’t be any risks.

13-What are the methods of beard transplant in Iran?

methods of beard transplant in Iran
methods of beard transplant in Iran

There are three major methods for beard and mustache transplantation in Iran, all of which include techniques in which surgeons remove hair from the donor areas. Note that when deciding to get the beard transplanted, choose the right beard model and style adapting with your face shape.

1 – Beard transplantation in Iran with FUT method

One of the methods of planting beards and mustaches is the FUT method, also known as strip harvesting. In this procedure, a 3- to 4-inch ribbon is removed from the donor site and divided into small grafts each containing 4 hair strands. These mini-grafts are transplanted in the desired area in the beard and grow back like other normal hair. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the entire treatment is performed in 4 to 8 hours depending on the number of transplanted grafts.

Complications of the FUT method

  • Swelling and pain in the face
  • Scar left behind
  • Low density
  • Irregular hair growth

2- Beard transplantation in Iran with FUE method

The second method of planting mustache and beard is known as the FUE method. The advantage of this method is that no scar occurs at the donor site (.For this reason, and because no one wants to have a scar on their face, the FUE method is most popular one  to plant beards and mustaches. When the FUE method is used to plant beards and mustaches, the results are quite natural and no one will notice the beards and mustaches being planted. The mustache transplant not only restores lost hair but also helps the patient regain his confidence.

3- Beard transplantation in Iran with SUT method

This method has revolutionized the development of natural facial hair transplantation (beard, eyebrow and eyelashes) which is very natural with high density, and normal line.

One of the other benefits of this technique is you don’t have to shave your head for get your transplant.

you also see the immediate effects of your transplanted hair and the density of it on the same day of transplantation, because it allows surgeon to transplant your hair up to 1 cm high.

14- Does donor hair grow back?

does donor hair grow back
does donor hair grow back

Honestly speaking, the answer is no, but since follicles are separated from back of head which has the densest concentration of hair, there shouldn’t be easily noticeable bald patches.

The hair around donor area will be adequately grown back to conceal the hairless area.

In addition, FUE is one of the latest and most popular hair transplantation techniques in which hair grow back in to donor are slowly but surely.

The duration of recovery differs from person to person.

15- How many grafts are needed for a full beard?

There are multiple factors affecting the number of required beard transplant. elements like style of desired bearded, largeness of beard area and the level of patchiness.

For example, a goatee beard requires only 1300-1600 grafts whereas a full beard transplantation averagely needs 2500-300 grafts.

16- What are the benefits of beard transplant?

What are the benefits of beard transplant
What are the benefits of beard transplant

Better appearance, more self-esteem

  • Affordable price
  • Permanent procedure
  • Only one session and time saving procedure
  • Affordable price
  • Short-term recovery
  • Covering skin blemishes, defects and injuries in the beard and mustache
  • Natural grow back
  • No pain during the procedure

17- What are the beard transplants sides effects?

There are some temporary complications that definitely happen after any kinds of surgery. After beard transplant you may face:

  • Temporary Swelling and bruising
  • Itchiness during first week
  • Redness in immediate first days
  • Soreness
  • Numbness due to local Anastasia
  • Tightness
  • Temporary scabbing and crusts
  • Infection (happens under weak after-care)
  • Scarring (not noticeable because of hair of area around donor part)

18- What to do before beard transplantation?

  • Stop smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery
  • Stop taking some medicine such Aspirin from 2 weeks before of beard transplant
  • Stop taking some anti-inflammatory medication 4 days before beard transplantation
  • Take a vitamin c tablet, a full week before the beard transplant for having sooner recovery
  • Take Some necessary lab tests the day before surgery
  • No caffeine in the morning of hair transplant surgery decrease the risk of bleeding

What to expect after beard transplantation?

One of the important issue after beard transplantation is hair loss. Please note that in most cases, the transplanted hair start falling for about 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. But do not worry because this is a temporary issue and your hair will resume growth and your beard will look completely natural and beautiful after 4-6 month.

19-What to do after beard transplantation?

After implanting the beard, you need to follow a certain set of instructions from your doctor. If you want to improve after surgery as quickly as possible and have lasting results and no problems, you should carefully consider a number of strategies

  • Sleep flat at night and avoid sleeping on your sides or abdomen.
  • Keep the area as clean as possible.
  • Quite heavy exercise and physical activity until the surgeon has given you permission.
  • Do not swim or do activities such as going to the sauna or hot water bath.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Avoid scratching and even touching the beard.
  • Try not to expose your face to extreme sunlight as much as possible.
  • If you are taking certain medications before surgery (blood pressure medication), consult with your surgeon.
  • After beard transplanting, consult your doctor before shaving.

20-What is the best age of beard transplantation?

People who, for whatever reason, have low back hair and are not convinced and want to have a beard implant, they should wait until they are 30 years old because their hair will have the maximum growth until this age and the need or needless to beard transplant becomes clearer. Most people who have done the procedure at an early age noticed that they had their own hair growing in following years.

Can I see some before and after photos of beard transplant in Iran?

Also you can know more about hair transplant in Iran in below article:

Do and don’ts after the hair transplant in Iran

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