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What is a cat’s eye operation, or canthoplasty?

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What is a cat’s eye operation, or canthoplasty

The eyes seem smaller and duller when the eyelids are drooping and swollen. Although there are various cosmetic procedures for dealing with this degree of puffiness and drooping, they cannot provide you with long-term beauty. Cat-eye surgery, also known as “eye expansion” or “epicanthal surgery,” is one of the most common types of eye surgery […]

Table of Contents

The eyes seem smaller and duller when the eyelids are drooping and swollen. Although there are various cosmetic procedures for dealing with this degree of puffiness and drooping, they cannot provide you with long-term beauty. Cat-eye surgery, also known as “eye expansion” or “epicanthal surgery,” is one of the most common types of eye surgery today. Cat-eye surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Many people, particularly young ones, have undergone cat-eye surgery in recent years to improve their looks and make beneficial alterations to their appearances. But do you understand how to accomplish it? Do you understand the risks and hazards of this surgery? What precautions should be taken following the operation? In this post, we will discuss how to execute a cat’s eye surgery, as well as the risks and costs associated with this cosmetic procedure.

What is a cat’s eye surgery?

Canthoplasty surgery, popularly known as “cat’s eye surgery,” lengthens and expands the eyes. The eyeballs are raised upwards during the cat’s eye surgery, and any sagging eyelids are repaired. This procedure is sometimes combined with lower eyelid surgery, and it can also be used to eliminate drooping eyelids and puffiness beneath the eyes. As a result, one or more types of therapy procedures are blended based on the individual’s symptoms and goals.

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Cat and fox eye surgery:

The only difference between these two operations is the type of incision created and the length of the incision. The degree of elevation of the brow tail might also affect the condition of the eyes.

However, a surgical blade is used to create an incision in the skin, and by removing a portion of it, the eyes are lifted and stretched toward the temple.

Cat and fox eye surgery does not require anesthetic, and the procedure is conducted exclusively under anesthesia.

Be aware that this procedure takes one day and three hours to complete and that you must return home with a partner.

Eye cat surgery in Iran is completely possible. Because this nation has qualified surgeons for this procedure.

Who can do cat eye surgery?

The first and most significant need for candidates for cat eye surgery is good overall health. You should have no limits in this respect because this surgery is frequently conducted under general anesthesia. Also, if you have a specific ailment, make sure to address it with your doctor to avoid complications in the future.

If you merely want canthoplasty, your eyelids should be free of drooping, puffiness, and creases. Of course, this does not exclude those with these concerns from doing so. Instead, it suggests that if you have such a condition, you should correct it by having an eye and brow lift.

Our advice is that you should participate in the doctor’s consultation sessions before proceeding with the cat’s eye surgery. The doctor will make your expectations more realistic during these sessions by showing you photos or videos of the cat-eye operation and its results.

Furthermore, the doctor will provide you with all required details concerning the operation, limits, and care before and after it during these meetings. The best surgical strategy is also decided, and the doctor understands exactly what you want during the procedure.

Different methods of cat eye surgery

There are several techniques for raising or tugging the eyeballs, often known as “cat eye surgery.” The doctor will recommend one of these treatments to the patient based on their expectations and personal qualities. As a result, by taking part in pre-operative consultation sessions, you can assist the doctor in determining the best method to beautify your eyes.

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Canthoplasty surgery normally takes 2–4 hours and is conducted under local anesthesia. Of course, the doctor may also employ general anesthesia in specific instances. To begin, a tiny incision is made in the circular muscle of the eye. The external canthal tendon, which is placed on the side of the eye socket, is then gently divided and sliced. The internal structure of the lower eyelid should be brought to the place of the tendon cut in the continuation of this procedure. This structure is somewhat raised to reach the bone of the eye socket for this reason. The excess skin is cut and the incision is sutured after these two parts are joined.

This action makes your eyes tired and hungover while also making them appear attractive. Although the results of canthoplasty remain for a long time, there may be a need for restoration after a few years due to various reasons, such as aging or an inappropriate diet and lifestyle.

Lateral canthoplasty or pulling the outer corner of the eye

This procedure is most commonly used to address upper eyelid drooping and tugging. Of course, in some circumstances, lateral canthoplasty can also be done to correct drooping lower eyelids.

Korean models use this technique to lift their drooping upper eyelids and enlarge their eyes. In addition to lifting the eyelids and smoothing the area around the eyes, the outer corners of the eyes are pulled up to create a cat shape.

Epicanthoplasty or pulling the inner corner of the eye

This treatment can be used with external canthoplasty to give a more beautiful look and longer eyes. However, if you merely want to draw the inner corner of your eye, an Epicanthoplasty will suffice. Both procedures require a high level of precision and ability. As a result, if you intend to employ a mix of the two treatments, ensure that your doctor is qualified.


Some facilities may use the term “Canthopexy” instead of “canthoplasty,” although the two procedures are not the same. There is no incision in the circular muscle during Canthopexy surgery. No section of the tendon is severed in this approach. The circular muscle and the external canthal tendon are pulled together and gathered with a suture to draw the eyes into Canthopexy.

This creates a little additional skin on the lower eyelid. These skins will be removed as part of the operation so that your eyelid does not seem floppy and droopy. This method can also be used to correct drooping lower eyelids.

Octropion or lowering of the lower eyelid

Our skin becomes loose and droopy as we age and skin collagen depletes. This relaxation will be especially noticeable around the eyes, where the skin is thinner and more sensitive. Other methods of eye lift or cat eye surgery can be used to correct drooping and pulling of the eyes if the drooping of the lower eyelid is not too severe. However, if your drooping eyes cause the lower eyelid to turn outward, the Octropion method is best for you.

After examining all of the information on cat eye surgery, you may locate the top specialist in this field in Iran and, after meeting with your selected doctor, carry out this lovely process.

Remember that each practice has advantages and disadvantages. So, before having a cat’s eye surgery, inquire about the aftercare.

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