What is the distance between rhinoplasty and LASIK eye surgery?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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If you do not know that you should first  have rhinoplasty or eye surgery, it is better considering that after rhinoplasty. Vision is limited, so it is best to have LASIK first before rhinoplasty. LASIK eye surgery is best done before rhinoplasty so that the patient does not need glasses after rhinoplasty. But for whatever […]

If you do not know that you should first  have rhinoplasty or eye surgery, it is better considering that after rhinoplasty. Vision is limited, so it is best to have LASIK first before rhinoplasty.

LASIK eye surgery is best done before rhinoplasty so that the patient does not need glasses after rhinoplasty.

But for whatever reason, if you want to have rhinoplasty first and then LASIK, you can have LASIK eye surgery 4 weeks after rhinoplasty. If you need to wear sunglasses for more than a month, it is better to wait longer than the said time. Be sure to consult your doctor about this If you use glasses or lenses and If you are planning to have rhinoplasty, you can find out more about rhinoplasty and LASIK here.

Rhinoplasty can be done about three months after LASIK. Because first the eye recovery period should be almost over so that rhinoplasty does not cause any problems for the eyes. But it is better to consult your surgeon .

Does bruising after nose surgery not hurt my eyes?

In all cases, it is best to consult your doctor for reassurance. In general, rhinoplasty is usually not a problem, and bruising and swelling after rhinoplasty are not related to eye symmetry and are related to the tissue under the eye.

bruising after nose surgery

Is it okay to wear glasses after rhinoplasty?

To answer this question, it should be noted that this issue depends entirely on the changes that have been made on your nose during the operation.

We need to know what changes have been made. For example, if this  focuses on the bridge of the nose, which is where the glasses are, you will probably need about six to eight weeks to be able to wear regular or sunglasses after that, and the reason for this The point is, you should not put pressure on your nose, and your nose should not be under pressure.

LASIK eye surgery and LASIK Eye Recovery

LASIK eye surgery is an outpatient procedure meaning that you are discharged the same day. Generally, when you do not have symptoms of postoperative problems, you do not need to be hospitalized and you are discharged the same day.

Before you go home, it must be determined that you can drink, breathe and urinate naturally. You will not be allowed to drive immediately after the operation because you have been injected with anesthesia for surgery.

You may feel bored the day after the operation. With the help of this operation, astigmatism, myopia, myopia can be treated. Football, karate, boxing, etc. should be waited for at least four weeks after the operation and should not be done.

Most of these patients who underwent eye Lasik my reported a normal mood the day after surgery and their vision improved immediately after LASIK surgery. But patients who followed the medication tips recovered sooner than patients who did not pay attention to the medication tips.

Every eye surgeon based on what can lead to the best result. It has its own rules and regulations. Your doctor will probably give you eye protection or sunglasses. It is better to have a companion to take you home after the operation because you can not drive after your operation.

LASIK Eye Recovery

Do not rub your eyes during your recovery period after LASIK eye surgery!

In the first 8-12 hours after surgery, your eyes are sensitive and you may even have a significant discharge at this time and your eyes may become inflamed with red spots inside. These symptoms are normal and temporary and usually go away very quickly.

Your doctor may ask you to see him or her 24 to 48 hours after surgery to make sure your eyes are healing.

Your eyes will probably get better after three months. However, in patients who have more problems, it is possible that the healing process of the eyes will take longer and take up to six months.

Of course, every human being’s healing process is different from other human beings, and for this reason, it is not clear how your eyes will heal. In three to five percent of cases, the eyes should be strengthened after vision has improved and stabilized.

Do not rub your eyes

How is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty) is a surgery that changes the shape of the nose. The motive for this may be to improve breathing or change the appearance of the nose, or both.

The lower part of the nasal structure is cartilaginous and the upper part is bony. Rhinoplasty can change cartilage, bone, skin, or all three.

You may also have some pain and tenderness after the operation. Most of the bruises that form are pulled to the upper part.

Rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty can be performed using a variety of techniques as possible Bruising usually lasts a week or more after rhinoplasty, if there is a slight bruising.

  1. Nose size
  2. The shape of the nose
  3. Nasal width
  4. Crooked nose
  5. The tip of the nose is hooked
  6. Asymmetric nostrils
  7. And in most cases, rhinoplasty may take between 1 and 3 hours.

Study more a bout rhinoplasty: Best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran

In the first days or weeks after surgery, patients may feel discomfort or bruising. Reducing the swelling caused by rhinoplasty may take several weeks. And residual swelling usually lasts between 6 and 12 months. During the healing process, you should follow the instructions of your surgeon and follow the instructions of your doctor and pay attention to the post-surgery care.

How is rhinoplasty?

Avoid strenuous exercise

  • Do not bend your head or twist
  • Do not inflate your nose

The nose becomes very thin after surgery, any extra force or weight or pressure can be harmful and affect the outcome of your operation. Bending from the waist or blowing and blowing your nose can increase the pressure inside your nose. Which can cause discomfort, result or unwanted complication.

Sometimes patients may start wearing very light glasses after 1 to 2 weeks of rhinoplasty, while others may wait 4 to 6 weeks to use them again.

In general, because each person has a different approach to the other person in terms of ability and treatment methods and doctor and medicine, be sure to consult your doctor for all of the above.

After rhinoplasty, the eyes become red and bruised. This, like the complications that occur after surgery, gradually disappears with a doctor’s prescription. This is a point that should be considered by people after the operation. Do not expose to sunlight after surgery. And use medications prescribed by your doctor.

Avoid strenuous exercise

Do not wear glasses for at least a month after rhinoplasty

Because rhinoplasty does not meet the expectations of the surgeon and the patient, this procedure carries many risks.

One of the respiratory problems of scars and destruction of mucous membranes is the feeling of “nasal obstruction”.

The main risks of rhinoplasty are postoperative abnormalities, which sometimes (5 to 15) percent of these cases cause surgery to be revised.

The overall result of LASIK eye surgery and rhinoplasty

You should take your doctor’s instructions seriously after surgery and do so to have a positive effect on recovery.

Different people with different medical backgrounds and conclusions, different treatments are different in different people, and in addition, each doctor has a different treatment method, so you should consult with your surgeon about what you want to do. To get the best advice.

But in general, we have mentioned the common cases that are observed in patients in this article so that people who want to know more should have a study in this field.

You should talk to your doctor about your expectations and motivations for surgery so that your doctor can explain, for example, what rhinoplasty does and whether it is relevant to the surgery. And what can not be solved with this surgery and what are the results for you

Care after LASIK eye surgery should be performed immediately after surgery. Nurses who provide you with health care usually provide the necessary training on side effects.

Depending on the type of rhinoplasty surgery in Iran, many complications may occur For example, many surgeries carry the risk of bleeding, infection at the surgical site, and blood clotting.

After LASIK eye surgery, you will be transferred to a recovery room. You will probably regain consciousness there and stay in the recovery room for a few hours. You will feel confused. Some people feel nauseous when they regain consciousness and you will feel confused after regaining consciousness.

Employees may tell you to take deep breaths to assess your lung function. They monitor your breathing, blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature. Tell your doctor immediately if you have any unusual, new or worse symptoms after surgery.

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