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Tourism in Turkey for medical purposes

Tourism in Turkey for medical purposes [+ introducing the agency that helps you]

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Did you know over 1 million medical tourists came to Turkey for care in 2022 alone? With world-class doctors and state-of-the-art hospitals at massively discounted prices, it’s no wonder why.

Let’s start with dentistry, shall we? Those pearly whites of Turkish men and women aren’t just good genetics, my friend. Turns out Turkey ranks number 1 globally for dental tourism. We’re talking about 70% savings on implants, veneers, and more compared to the USA and UK. Sign me up!

Now I don’t want to brag, but hair restoration is another area where Turkish surgeons dominate. One area making waves is the Sapphire FUE technique for super natural-looking hair transplants at nearly half the price. Thousands of balding guys take a short flight each year to get those luscious locks back.

When it comes to hospitals, Turkey doesn’t mess around. We have some of the largest and most technologically advanced medical centers with a 5-star hotel level of luxury. I’m talking Michelin chef-cooked meals, free Wi-Fi, and personal care assistants. JCI is accredited to meet rigorous standards.

Hold on, it gets wilder. Get this – organ transplants like liver and kidney moved up 300% over the past decade as word spread of their expertise. Top-notch success rates at a fraction of the sticker price abroad. Foreign patient coordinators handle all complicated logistics too.

Listen, with practically zero wait times, massive savings, VIP hospitality services, and tourism perks to boot – it’s a no-brainer why Turkey rocks the medical tourism scene. Word is spreading fast about this destination for world-class healthcare at bargain costs. Come and see it firsthand!

let’s talk about it more details

Getting Affordable, Quality Care in Turkey

Turkey has become a top destination for medical tourism over the last few years. Why? Well mainly because you can get really good medical care for much cheaper prices than you would pay back home. And their doctors are well-trained and speak great English.

All sorts of people come to Turkey as medical tourists – from young women getting plastic surgery to couples using IVF to start families, to those needing major treatments like organ transplants or cancer care.

World-Class Hospitals and Clinics

Turkey invests heavily in state-of-the-art medical facilities. Hospitals and clinics in major cities like Istanbul and Ankara feel like luxury hotels! They have modern equipment, international specialists, fancy private rooms, and even translators available.

The medical staff is highly skilled. Many doctors train abroad and then return to Turkey so they provide care that meets Western standards. Wait times are also much shorter than public healthcare at home.

Affordable Prices

Even after travel costs, it still often works out cheaper for patients to pay out of pocket for procedures in Turkey versus going through insurance back home. You can save an average of 50-70% on all kinds of treatments from cosmetic surgeries to dentistry to cancer therapies. Those are big savings!

Some example prices – dental implants might cost around $500 vs $2500; rhinoplasty $1500 instead of $6000. Of course, each case is different. But you get the idea – way more bang for your buck!

Combining Care with a Turkish Holiday

Most tourists come for 7-10 days – enough time to have your treatment and recover while also seeing sights. Expand the trip a bit longer and you could tour Istanbul’s bazaars and landmarks or relax on the beaches along the Turquoise Coast.

Medical travel in Turkey tries to reduce stress. They offer personalized coordinator services, airport transport, nice hotel rooms to rest in, and even sightseeing ideas between appointments.

With Turkey’s quality care, skilled doctors, and far lower prices – it’s easy to see why so many global patients are choosing the medical tourism route through this beautiful country.

Discovering Iran Health Agency – Your Medical Tourism Guides in Turkey

Looking for an all-inclusive medical tourism experience in Turkey? Then you need to meet IranHealthAgency! Guided by the motto “Your health our priority,” this company helps International patients access affordable, quality care in both Turkey and Iran.

I’m telling you, these guys have got it all figured out. Their dedicated case managers walk you through every step – from selecting top-notch hospitals and booking appointments to arranging your visa, airport pickup, tourism activities, and follow-ups back home.

And get this: they have exclusive partnerships with the Ministry of Health’s premium hospitals around Turkey, we’re talking the cream of the crop medical centers. We’re talking cutting-edge oncology programs, world-renowned transplant institutes, advanced IVF and fertility clinics.

With IranHealthAgency, language, and cultural barriers melt away. Their English-speaking staff, interpreters, and doctors guarantee personalized attention addressing your unique needs and concerns. Because they get it – undergoing new treatments in a foreign land can be stressful.

Once you arrive in beautiful Turkey, sit back and relax! Let them whisk you away to 5-star hotels, lavish recovery care facilities, and curated tours in Istanbul and beyond. Enjoy the full VIP experience with their extensive connections.

Here’s the bottom line: IranHealthAgency fuses bespoke medical care with tourism hospitality for the ultimate nurturing experience abroad. If navigating international hospitals is daunting, put your health and happiness in their capable hands, my friend!

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