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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A brief summary of the article:

Dental crowns in Iran as well as the other cosmetic dentistry services is performed by the dentists proficient in general and cosmetic fields. should be mentioned that affordability and quality are two outstanding features of dental tourism in Iran. the mother of this article is dental veneers and hollywood smile page that we offer you […]

Dental crowns in Iran as well as the other cosmetic dentistry services is performed by the dentists proficient in general and cosmetic fields. should be mentioned that affordability and quality are two outstanding features of dental tourism in Iran.

the mother of this article is dental veneers and hollywood smile page that we offer you to see

Dental vacations in Iran:

Dental vacations in Iran
Dental vacations in Iran

When you are considering traveling abroad for dental services. definitely features of the destination have outweigh the what you have access to conveniently in your home country.

Actually If you are looking for improving the appearance or performance of your teeth, there are three options: dental veneers in Iran, bonding and dental crown in Iran.

But if you want to improve the appearance and function of your teeth at the same time, dental crowns treatment in Iran is the best choice for you.

What about dental crowns in Iran tempts you?

What about dental crowns in Iran tempts you
What about dental crowns in Iran tempts you

Iran as a popular medical tourism destination meets all my needs mentioned below:

1-Quality: the first priority for any health seeker is positive and desired result.

Quality of dental service
Quality of dental service

Quality is always achieved by professional dentist and well-equipped dental center.

Abundance of dental clinics with noticeable quality, cutting-edge technology and word-class facilities ensure the quality of dental crowns in Iran.

On the other hand, general or cosmetic dentists are neck and neck with the dental professionals of USA or Europe in qualification and experience. English speaking   comfortable communication with patients are other characteristics.

Therefore, the mixture of very latest hi-tech facilities and professional expertise will bring you qualified dental crowns in Iran.

2-reasonable cost: “If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting”

since basically medical services in Iran performed at very low cost, dental crowns price in Iran will lead you to save up to 50 _80 percent.

Indeed, the cheapness is as a result of sharp decline in value of Iran currency during the recent years while the word-class quality is not deniable.

3-safty, hospitality and attraction, location:

safty dental service
safty dental service

Plenty of tourist attractions, security, Iranian people hospitality and geographic position of Iran has made the country popular destination for dental tourism.

Dental crowns cost in Iran:

Dental crowns cost in Iran
Dental crowns cost in Iran

Indeed, the average dental crown price in Iran is around 250$ covering all side costs while a dental crown cost in other countries are way costlier than Iran.

for instance: dental crowns in USA cost   $800 to $3,000. The same service costs up to $2,000 and $2,500 in England and Australia.

what are dental crowns:

dental crown also called (dental cap) is a type of dental restoration that completely covers the tooth or dental implant.

actually dental crowns are employed to protect the teeth have been extensively damaged from breaking or improve the aesthetics

Right time of dental crowns:

right time of dental crowns
right time of dental crowns
  • Tooth fracture
  • Tooth Decay
  • After root canal treatment
  • After Tooth filling in wide range
  • Tooth discoloration
  • To support the dental implant
  • To improve the appearance of the teeth

4 different types of dental crowns in Iran:

1-Put gold crown on your teeth in Iran:

gold crown on your teeth
gold crown on your teeth

Your teeth are kings of your mouth they deserve crown.

The golden dental crowns are rarely crushed or broken and not easily chafed.

The good point about golden dental crowns is that a small amount of teeth will be shaved for placement

These crowns are very durable and can last for decades. Some people use gold alloy crowns on grinding teeth that are out of sight.

2- Stainless steel crown

The stainless steel crown is a pre-made crown that is temporarily used to protect permanent teeth. This type of crown is suitable for temporary use, for example after tooth filling, whereas permanent dental crowns are made from other materials.

Stainless steel crown
Stainless steel crown

Stainless steel crowns are very common for children and suitable for protecting their primary teeth.

This type of crown covers the entire teeth of children and prevents further decay and erosion.

since primary teeth fall out after a while, there is no need for a permanent tooth crown,

all above, the stainless steel crown is affordable and more convenient.

3- Porcelain crown

Porcelain crown
Porcelain crown

Unlike metal types, crowns made of porcelain are perfectly matched to natural teeth and completely appropriate for frontal teeth. Although porcelain gives the teeth a completely natural appearance, it also has its drawbacks.

Porcelain crowns are more susceptible to wear and fracture in comparison to the metal types.

Another disadvantage is that over the time; cracks appear on them.

4- ceramic crown

ceramic crown
ceramic crown

Ceramic crowns are as natural as porcelain noes and more suitable for people with allergies to metals. Ceramic crowns can be used for front and back teeth.

Generally, the durability and longevity of the dental crowns of gold and metal alloys are higher than other types.

Ceramic and porcelain crowns are not resistant to pressure and may break. But dentists can still combine porcelain with metal to add aesthetic and high resistance to the crown simultaneously.

5. Resin crown

Resin crown
Resin crown

This type of dental crown is made of resin and also more affordable than others. The only disadvantage of this type is being more prone to wear and fracture than others.

How is the procedure of dental crowns in Iran?

Some details required to be checked by your dentist when it comes building a dental crown in Iran. Including The position of tooth in the jaw, the presence of adequate space in the jaw, the general condition of the gum, the amount of remaining tissue in the tooth, the proper length of the tooth root, the absence of a lesion or cyst around the root

If a tooth is approved for all of those mentioned items, the process of making a dental crown begins in Iran.

Dental crowns and hollywood smile
Dental crowns and Hollywood smile

1- the root examination

The dentist first examines the root and perform root canal treatment if needed.

2-gum condition

gum condition
gum condition

If the amount of crown damage is excessive, and the tooth decay is near the gum, and even below it, gum surgery is required to be performed.

During this treatment (which is not as daunting as it may sound), some of the gum and bone tissue around the tooth is removed to allow sufficient amount of crown to be available for dental crown placement.

The dentist then removes all tooth decay, then completely cover the tooth with an appropriate restorative such as amalgam or composite to prepare for shaving and molding.

3- Root treatment

Obviously after the root canal treatment of teeth having excessive decay, the wide part of tissue gets lost .in these cases some kind of intra-root support that is called post.

The post is a metal rod that is inserted into the tooth canal and prevents the tooth. At the top of the rod is a crown-like part known as the core. These two parts are bonded to the tooth and then proceed to the next steps of building the dental crown such as a normal tooth.

dental crowns for childeren
dental crowns for childeren

4-Tooth shaping and molding

In order to dental crown placement some preparation such as special form of shaping is necessary.

After shaving the tooth and creation enough space for dental crown placement.

Next step is shaved tooth and jaw molding. the rest of dental crown building will go on in the dental laboratory in Iran

Let me mention that till crown preparation some temporary cover will be positioned on the tooth.

5-. placement and final review

At the next meeting, the metal base of dental crown on the tooth will be tested. During this session, issues such as the full alignment of the crown with the tooth and its position relative to the gum should be examined, and the color of the dental crown should be selected.

for making sure the patient is recalled for the next session.

6- Final session

In this session, a veneer with a porcelain layer on the tooth is tested and its color is examined too. The color of the made veneer is also surveyed from the patient, if his satisfaction, the dental crown is attached to the tooth with the special glue.

What is the dental glue made of?

What is known dental glue among individuals is Cement which is actually a biocompatible material (It has not been known to harm the body during numerous tests)

These dental crown cements have many different types depending on the type of crown and the condition of the tooth and many other factors, as determined by your dentist. So using twin glue, iron glue and … to attach dental crown is not only inaccurate but also it can create irreparable risks to your health.

What to do after having dental crowns in Iran?

after having dental crowns in Iranhealthagency
after having dental crowns in Iranhealthagency

You must put value on oral hygiene more than before. Brushing the teeth regularly and use dental floss to ensure that teeth and dental crowns are kept healthy.

And also the usage of fluoride-containing mouthwashes is practical to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth from decay. This is especially important for patients with periodontal disease and dental decay.

Although dental crowns in Iran   are extremely strong and can withstand the pressure of natural biting, as well as a natural tooth, but there is still a risk of fractures.

Dental implant in Iran 

Another service in Iran Health Agency about in dental part, in dental implant that you can see this details in top link.

Can a dental crown need a replacement?

The answer is yes when:

  • The secondary decay appears on the tooth underlying dental crown
  • gun abrasions leading to lose the apparent beauty of teeth.
  • Gradual discoloration of the surrounding teeth over the years leading the difference of crown to be more noticeable.
  • Dental crown breaks.
  • Over the time, the cement used for attaching the dental crown is gradually washed away and causing the crown to loose but it can be re-glued.

The Lifespan of dental crown in Iran:

Lifespan of dental crown
Lifespan of dental crown

The lifespan of dental crowns in Iran relays on the amount of “wear and cracking” And how well you follow your oral hygiene practices and avoid unhealthy habits (such as breaking hard or crushing your teeth, chewing hard materials, chewing nails, and using your teeth to open packages).

On average, the durability of dental crowns in Iran is between 5 and 15 years. However, you can extend its shelf life by using the right dental hygiene products.

Cause of blackening of the dental crown:

The usual reason of the new crown blackening can be, fracture of the dental crown and appearing the metal part of the crown in the mouth which is in black.

In this case, you can get your dental crown replaced after the consultation with your best dentist in Iran.

What are the complications of dental crowns in Iran?

What are the complications of dental crowns in Iran
What are the complications of dental crowns in Iran

1-Allergic reactions

In very rare cases, allergic reactions to metals or materials used in the dental crown may occur.

2-Sensitivity and discomfort of the tooth

Tooth discomfort or tenderness occurs when the effect of anesthetic agents is eliminated.

If the tooth having dental crown has residual nerve in it after root canal treatment, it may have some sensitivity to cold and heat.

Pain or tenderness when chewing usually illustrates that the dental crown is too high and your dentist can easily fix the problem.

3- Loosening, crushing or falling of the dental crown

Dental crown becomes loosened When the cement has been used under the crown is washed over therefor it allows bacteria to penetrate into it. As a result, the tooth is decayed. Even Sometimes the porcelain crowns may be completely crushed.

Actually if the crushing is minor, a resin composite can be used to repair crushing but in cases of major crushing, the dental crown may require replacement.

Dental veneers in Iran & dental crowns in Iran

Dental veneers in Iran & dental crowns in Iran
Dental veneers in Iran & dental crowns in Iran

Indeed, veneers and crowns are two methods that basically get employed in order to improve the aesthetics and function of teeth.

But obviously there is a major difference between dental veneers and dental crowns in a way that veneers only cover the frontal surface of teethe whereas crowns cover the whole tooth.

Another difference of these two restoration methods is the thickness.

Dental veneers in Iran utilizing in building the Hollywood smile is an ultra-thin layer of porcelain or other materials about 1 millimeter (mm) in thickness.

But dental crowns in are thicker and about 2 millimeter (mm).

But normally dental crowns are better solution when you have wide filing or after root canal treatment.

While dental veneers are more appropriate selection for cosmetic purposes.

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