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Dental bridges in Iran

Dental bridges in Iran

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Iran is a reliable bridge for reaching dental services. Dental bridges in Iran are  the cosmetic dental treatments if you have gaps between your teeth. stay tuned to learn more about price, procedure and so on.

We consider this to be a subset of dental implants in Iran, although there are some differences between this two that we will mention!

Dental bridges in Iran? why?

Let me start my explanation with a question. why Iran not?

Best dentists: experienced dentists proficient in cosmetic and general dentistry.

Lowest cost: 50-70 percent saving up comparing to the other countries,

Best dental clinics: world-class clinics well equipped with latest tools and technology

Best quality: easy access to cost-effective materials.

How much does dental bridge cost in Iran?

If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.” therefore having cosmetic dentistry in Iran save you up 50-70 percent.

Dental bridge cost in Iran is   from 130$ to 250$ per tooth including all side costs.

Factors Determining the Cost of a Tooth Bridge in Iran:

dental bridge cost

    dental bridge cost
  • Type of dental bridge in Iran
  • Material used in bridge construction
  • Number of Units
  • Bridge location in the mouth
  • Basal / lateral tooth condition
  • Required tests / scans
  • Cost of living in geographic area
  • Dentist experience

    Dental bridge cost in different countries
    Dental bridge cost in different countries

Dental bridges cost in different countries.

The table below illustrates price of dental bridges in different countries.

Man only realized the value and importance of his possessions when he lost them

If we lose our teeth for any reason, whether it’s genetics or inadequate care and tooth decay, we should know that this is not the end of the world and there is a way we can fill in the missing teeth.

Although with a false tooth or dental bridge in Iran

What is dental bridge?

Dental bridge is a cosmetic procedure designed to fill the gap between teeth by the help of two teeth both side of toothless area.

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In most cases dental bridges are lined on both sides of the abutment teeth   and in some other cases the bridge only has one base on one side.

What is the procedure of dental bridges in Iran?


  1. The process of the preparation of both sides teeth involves in partially shaving to create the space needed to place them.
  2. Cosmetic dentist in Iran employs a soft, formidable material to get the impression of position of the teeth.
  3. In a laboratory the false dental bridges are made according to the taken pattern.
  4. A dentist creates a temporary bridge helping patient be able to eat while protecting the surrounding teeth and gum tissues during the course of construction.
  5. the temporary dental bridge is removed and a new porcelain or metal dental bridge is fitted to the tooth and corrected if large or small.
  6. You need to visit your dentist several times to make sure the frame and byte are fixed. Of course, this is different for each person. If the dental bridges in Iran are of fixed type, the dentist may temporarily adhere it to ensure that it is fastened.

What are dental brides in Iran made of?

PFM dental bridges
PFM dental bridges

PFM dental bridges are including one metal frame and exterior part made of porcelain.

All-ceramic systems can also be used to build dental bridges in Iran to replace a missing tooth.

Another type of dental bridge in Iran is the FRC fiber reinforced composite system. In the FRC system, as its name implies, by adding fibers of glass polymers, it is added to the composite strength and improves its mechanical properties.


4 available type of dental bridges in Iran

  • Traditional dental bridges in Iran:

Traditional dental bridges
Traditional dental bridges

One of the most popular dental brides are traditional types.

function: The traditional type consists of an artificial tooth that is held in place by adjacent teeth. In this type, adjacent teeth are bonded to the artificial tooth using adhesives.

made of: made of either porcelain fused to metal or ceramics.

application: in cases that there is gap between two healthy teeth in the both side.

Positive point: neutrality and permanent durability

Negative point: shaving healthy adjacent teeth

  • Cantilever dental bridge in Iran:

Cantilever dental bridge
Cantilever dental bridge

 function: Cantilever dental bridge in Iran is same as traditional type but there is a slight difference that false tooth is attached to one side of adjacent tooth.

made of: made of either porcelain fused to metal or ceramics.

application: is used when are used when there is only one side of the natural tooth on one side and there is no tooth on the other side or the tooth is not strong enough to hold the bridge Positive point: neutrality and permanent durability

Negative point:  not good for back teeth. Weakness against pressure and force, shaving the healthy tooth.

  • Maryland dental bridge in Iran

Maryland dental bridge
Maryland dental bridge

function: The false tooth is bonded to only one adjacent tooth using resin, metal, and porcelain wings.

made of: made of porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or plastic application: in cases that there only one tooth next to dental gap

  • Positive point: neutrality and permanent durability. With this type of bridges, the adjacent teeth will not be affected and filed down
  • Negative point: not strong against pressure and biting 
  • Implant-supported dental bridge in Iran

Implant-supported dental bridge
Implant-supported dental bridge

Function: Implant-supported dental bridge is the latest type of dental bridge used to hold the implant in place. When the implant is inserted into the jawbone, the tooth bridge is attached to it.

Made of: made of either porcelain fused to metal or ceramics.

Application: in cases that there is gap between two healthy teeth in the both side.

Positive point: durability against getting loos, comfort, neutrality

Negative point: long process. requiring dental implant first

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Dental bridges vs dental implants in Iran

features Dental bridges in Iran Dental implants in Iran

$150 to $250 in Iran

(including all the related fees)

A single dental implant costs $500-$900 in Iran

Durability :

10-15 years

Dental implants usually last for decades and no need to fix or replace

After care :

In dental bridge  method often three tooth crowns involve therefore  brush and floss are more  difficult

Oral health is better and easier at implants

Aesthetics :

More natural and beautiful

endurance : The implant is also durable and durableAnd the chewing power is also of a higher quality than the bridge.
procedure :

Shaving the adjacent teeth

No need to shave the other teeth

Why Dental implants are better than dental bridges:

According to the table above dental implant is, a better treatment for replacement of missing teeth.

Although the cost of dental implant in Iran is higher than the cost of dental bridges in Iran, it is a valuable treatment that has been welcomed and used by its users, and the most important advantage is that it will replace the tooth without shaving the teeth around the toothless area. It prevents the loss of healthy base teeth.

Dental implants and dental bridges
Dental implants and dental bridges

Notice: The significant drawback about the dental bridge is that it is not permanent, and after a few years the adhesive that attaches it to the tooth is washed out and eliminated, and also causing decay in underneath teeth is another negative point of dental bridges.

Who is a good candidate for dental bridges in Iran?

If you are still having healthy tooth or teeth around toothless are you are a candidate for dental bridges in Iran otherwise dental implant can be the best option for filling the gap between teeth.

What are the positive points of dental bridges?

dental bridge by IRAN HEALTH AGENCY
dental bridge by IRAN HEALTH AGENCY
  • Dental bridge fills the toothless area.
  • The bridge improves the appearance of teeth and smile and improves chewing and talking.
  • The shape and color of the dental brides can be quite similar to a person’s natural teeth.
  • The bridge can be used for many years, provided that its health is respected and no accident occurs.
  • In case of good after care underneath teeth will remain intact and also dental bridges will protect natural teeth from movement to the toothless area.

Dental bridges in Iran and necessary after care:


The aftercare instructions play significant role in lengthening the dental bridges lifespan and ensure that the abutment teeth remain healthy and intact. The dental bridges should be brushed at least twice a day like other natural teeth and cleaned daily with a dental floss once a day.

Your dentist in Iran teaches the patient how to use a dental floss to clean the bridge.

Small toothbrushes can also be useful to clean the dental bridge better.

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How long is recovery of dental bridges in Iran?

Recovery is easy and quick after the bridge is inserted and the discomfort caused by it is very minor. The patient gets used to the cement shortly after the bridge is permanently attached.

Is dental bridge in Iran a painful procedure?

During the bridging process, you do not feel any pain as the part of the mouth is completely numb. However, the patient has to keep his mouth open for several hours, causing jaw pain and discomfort. But taking painkillers can solve the problem. You can also place an ice compress on your bones.

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