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One-day dental implant in Iran

One-day dental implant in Iran

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One-day dental implant in Iran is a procedure influencing both aesthetics and function of your teeth positively.

Why one-day dental implant in Iran?

Extra miles aren’t a good justification anymore. book a fly and trust Iran as a reliable platform for medical services because of:

Professional cosmetic dentists:

Plenty of doctors and dentists mostly graduated from European and American countries having years of experience in different fields.

VIP clinics:

World-class hospitals and clinics well-equipped with the most updated facilities and tools.

Actually providing health tourist with the most comfortable condition and atmosphere is the main goal.

Branded material:

Necessary material in the field of general or cosmetic dentistry from the most and developed countries like USA.SWEDDEN. KOREA .UK.

Reasonable price:

Due to devaluation of Iran currency during recent years’ medical procedures are performed at a very low cost while maintaining the quality.

In comparison to other countries dental implant in Iran is 40-80 percent cheaper

than USA and European countries.

How much does one-day dental implant cost in Iran?

How much does one-day dental implant cost in Iran

Price of Immediate Dental Implants in Iran Like many other medical services, is not fixed! The price difference is directly related to the implant material  and the country from which it was imported. Maybe the 300$ to 500$ range could be a reasonable minimum for an immediate implant cost.

What is dental implants:

A dental implant is a good alternative to a missing tooth, which is becoming increasingly popular. The titanium base of the implant is inserted into the jawbone, which plays the role of the natural tooth root in maintaining the crown.

How is the procedure of dental implant in Iran?

procedure of dental implant in Iran
procedure of dental implant in Iran

Dental implants in Iran is performed in different steps.  There are one-step ,2-step and 3-step dental implant in Iran.

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How is one-step implant in Iran?

Immediate dental implant or digital dental implant and one-day dental implant are the other names of one-step dental implant.

In this method, the gum or implant don’t have to be coated. Generally, a piece of metal with a peripheral ring is designed to eject the bone after the bone is totally healed.

The rod attaches to the bone after the healing time has elapsed then there will be possibility of placing dental crown.

How is two-step implant in Iran?

in this method, the base of the tooth implant is inserted into the jawbone and covered by the gum. Similarly, the tooth implant is not visible and no pressure is applied to the implant.

The implant is healed in the mandible (upper jaw) for two months and in the maxilla (lower jaw) after three months. After this period, the gum and implant are moved to be visible then a screw is inserted permanently.

After a period of usually 2 weeks, the implant is molded to form a crown. A temporary prosthesis can be used at this time. It should be noted that these dentures should be removed during sleep.

One of the benefits of this surgery is that the dental implant is placed under the gum and is not visible.

How is 3-step implant in Iran?

This is one of the most common surgeries for dental implants. The implant base is placed in the gum and a period of two to three months is needed to allow the implant to attach to the jawbone.

After this period, part of the gum is removed and the implant crown is applied. Next, the abutment bar attaches to the implant that protrudes from the gum.

difference between traditional dental implant and one-day dental implantdifference between traditional dental implant and one-day dental implant

In traditional implant procedures, patients have to wait several months for the implant to fit the jaw bone correctly and precisely.

The gum will also heal during this period.

The gum is then cut to the tooth crown; dental bridge get positioned in the right place.

But in a one-day dental implant procedure, in the same session where the artificial root was implanted in the jaw, a temporary crown is implanted at the desired site.
This method preserves the beauty of the tooth and enables the individual to appear in social circles without shyness until a permanent crown is replaced.

Usually a temporary crown is designed so that it does not come in contact with the front teeth, so it is purely aesthetic and not very practical.

After a few months when the jaw bone completely heals, the permanent crown replaces the temporary one.

Which type of dental implant is the best?

Which type of dental implant is the best

studies of one-stage and two other methods of dental implants have proven to be equally successful, and the patient should decide which method to use depending on the diagnosis of the specialist dentist.

Accordingly, one –day implant is a time and money consuming method for those travel abroad for dental health.

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Who is the candidate for one-day dental implant?

This method is suitable for people who have a sufficient amount of natural bone at the implant site.

In people who have good oral health, dentists can install immediate implants immediately after tooth extraction.

Necessary preparation before one –day dental implant?

The dental implant in a one session or day means you don’t have to wait months for your dental implant to be ready. Instead, dentists add the crown (the white and visible part of the tooth) immediately after the rod bar is inserted.

If pre-implant exams show any signs of gingivitis or periodontitis, your dentist will treat them completely before they begin. Antibiotics may also be prescribed.

Sometimes the jaw bones are not strong enough for dental implant performance. To increase the strength of the jaw, implant specialist will recommend a bone graft.

Bone grafting is a very risk-free process where grafting is done on natural or artificial bones where the implant must be performed.

The ideal gingival (gum) condition also plays important role in dental implant procedure because the gum should be well placed around the implant and the crown to give a natural look to the teeth.

If the gum tissue in these areas is weak, it may be grafted to another area of ​​the gum.

After the dentist’s reassessment, a dental implant is performed if the jawbone has sufficient strength.

What are the advantages of one-day dental implant?advantages of one-day dental implant

  • The Immediate Dental Implant is performed under local anesthesia and mild medications such as Ibuprofen.
  • In addition, the dental implant in one session will not cause severe pain and inflammation. However, in traditional implant procedures, all of these complications appear. That’s why the popularity of instant implant methods is increasing day by day.
  • The implant in one day helps patients to return to normal life quickly. Immediate dental implants also restore the appearance of the teeth rapidly.
  • All above immediate dental implants, in addition to restoring the appearance of the tooth, relieve one of the hassles associated with old methods such as being embarrassed about appearing in public circles and parties.
  • High accuracy
  • No need to incision and stitch
  • less pain, bleeding and swelling
  • less infection
  • rapid recovery
  • natural appearance
  • quality

What are the advantages of one-day dental implant?

One of the problems with single-stage implants is that they are extremely vulnerable and the patient must be very careful in eating a variety of foods until the implant is fully welded.

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