Doctor Mohsen Fadaei

Dr. Mohsen Fadaei

Dr. Mohsen Fadaei

Introducing the doctor

Surgeon in Tehran

Dr. Mohsen Fadaei, plastic surgery specialist, member of “Iranian Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons Association”

Dr. Mohsen Fadaei, subspecialist in plastic, aesthetic, maxillofacial surgery from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, top rank of the subspecialty board of plastic surgery in the country, specialist in surgery from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, top rank in the specialty board of surgery in the country, doctorate in general medicine from the university Medical Sciences of Tehran, he graduated with honors from Tehran Modarres High School.

He is a member of the Iranian Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons Association and has started performing plastic surgeries since 2014 in Erfan, Laleh, Tandis, Arman, Gandhi hospitals and various surgical centers such as Alfa Surgery Clinic, Maryam Surgery Center and Sheikh Surgery Clinic. Bahai have been active. During the years of continuous activity and the high percentage of satisfaction of the clients, they have performed a total of more than ten thousand successful surgeries separately and combined.

Dr. Mohsen Fadaei, the best plastic surgeon and the best nose surgeon, focuses on advanced techniques in nose surgery, face and neck surgery, breast surgery and body surgeries. His goal is to provide successful, natural, and at the same time safe results in plastic surgeries to the clients.


Face and Neck LiftBody Liposuction,Arm Lift (Brachioplasty),Leg Lift (Thigh Lift),Breast Lift (Mastopexy),Tummy Tuck,BLL,Breast Implant,Gynecomastia,Cheek Implant,Rhinoplasty,Blepharoplasty.Facial Fat Injection.Chin Implant.Botox and Filler Injection.Jaw Implant.Eyebrow Lift.Cat Eye.Lip Lift.Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Years of Experience:12

Hospitals: Arman hospital, Alfa surgical center, Maryam clinic

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