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How long should wait for round 2 bbl?

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How long should wait for round 2 bbl?

BBL stands for a Brazilian butt lift, a popular aesthetic surgery to create two natural and round butts and satisfying outcomes while avoiding the associated risks and dangers of implants. This common cosmetic surgery benefits from liposuction to collect fat from suitable body parts, including hips, thighs, and abdomen, and help the patients achieve their […]

Table of Contents

BBL stands for a Brazilian butt lift, a popular aesthetic surgery to create two natural and round butts and satisfying outcomes while avoiding the associated risks and dangers of implants. This common cosmetic surgery benefits from liposuction to collect fat from suitable body parts, including hips, thighs, and abdomen, and help the patients achieve their goals. For example, if you want to know what is a Brazilian butt lift and who can help you have round butts, pre-and post-surgery precautions, and relevant risks and dangers, please scroll down to fulfill your curiosity about this perfect surgery. BBL in Iran goes through the standard stage and provides you with permanent results.

What is BBL?

As mentioned earlier, BBL is the process of transferring fat from suitable parts of the body to have two round and augmented buttocks.

Most people are candidates for this surgery because exercising didn’t help achieve considerable changes in their body shape. For example, BBL surgery in Iran is performed under local or general anesthesia; selecting the suitable type of anesthesia depends upon the surgeon’s decision.

Suppose the patient needs a small volume of fat to augment her buttock. In that case, the doctor probably uses local anesthesia, and the general anesthesia is applicable for a more significant fat volume.

What is BBL?

The surgeon uses liposuction to gather fat. After harvesting, he purifies the fat cells and removes blood and blood vessels to be ready to inject into buttocks and improve their patient’s buttock size.

Remember that the liposuction process needs to create some incisions in your skin to access fat cells. The processed fat is injected into particular spots to create round and natural-looking buttocks;

however, you will experience three or five incisions across your buttock for injecting fat cells. Some injected fat cells will attract the body, so the surgeon injects more fat cells to compensate for this loss.

When the injecting process comes to an end, the doctor uses stitches to close the incisions and applies some bandages to reduce the bleeding risk.

Who are suitable candidates for BBL in Iran?

Your lifestyle and genetic factors are highly influential in your body shape, especially buttocks; your body stores fat cells uniquely.

You may notice that some people have prominent butts; however, others are totally flat. Rapid body changes, including losing weight and pregnancy, affect your natural shape, and you may experience dropping butts and decide to reshape your body through a healthy lifestyle and exercising. If you want quick and more permanent outcomes, bbl is an excellent option to experience fundamental changes.

If you are challenged with the following problems, you will be suitable candidates for BBL in Iran:

  • if you suffer from imbalance buttocks
  • if you want to improve your butt size
  • if you don’t like to go through a butt implant
  • if you want to decrease fat of particular parts of your body, including the stomach
  • if you want to remove particular cellulite parts of your body and augment your buttock
  • if you have realistic expectations about bbl outcomes
  • if you are physically healthy and have no disease
  • if you are ready for full cooperation with your doctor
  • If you don’t smoke
  • If you are not over weight loss
  • If you follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly

Note: Don’t forget that everybody’s condition is different, and your outcomes may not look like other people who have gone through a similar operation.

Who are suitable candidates for BBL in Iran?

Who are not good candidates for BBL in Iran?

Most people could be an excellent candidate for Brazilian butt lift; however, this surgery does not help with sagging skin and inadequate fat storage.

That surgeon may suggest other procedures to reshape the body, including body lift or implant. Some people are not satisfied with their body image and decide to undergo cosmetic procedures.

Surprisingly, they are not satisfied with the outcome. this group of people have psychological disorders and never can like their bodies; they are not suitable candidates for bbl.

If you want to lose a particular amount of your body weight, please ignore bbl surgery because your body goes through meaningful changes and your buttock shape is not an exception; wait to stable your body BMI then plan to bbl in Iran.

How to prepare for a Brazilian butt lift?

  • The surgeon asks you to avoid smoking four weeks before surgery
  • It would be best if you refused to take particular medicines and supplements that increase the risk of bleeding, such as Vitamin E, and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs like Aspirin and Ibuprofen
  • It would be best if you avoid drinking and eating after midnight
  • Ask one of your friends or a family member to give you a drive after surgery and take care of you four days after BBL in Iran
  • Prepare healthy foods so that you don’t need to cook during recovery time
How to prepare for a Brazilian butt lift?

Pre-operation precautions

The surgeon will examine your overall health and ensure that you are a suitable patient for surgery. He asks you about the reasons that guide you to go under the surgical knife then suggests the pre-operation precautions.

It would be best to quit about four weeks before and after surgery if you smoke because it compromises the wound healing process.

Share a complete list of your medicines with your doctor, and don’t forget to mention the name of any supplement or minerals because they may intensify the surgery’s side effects.

Then he requested to do some tests and make sure that your lungs and heart are healthy and ready for this outpatient procedure.

In addition, some genetic bleeding disorders such as hemophilia and autoimmune diseases can bring some problems to your recovery period so inform your doctor about your health condition.

BBL in Iran post-operative precautions

You will need particular care after surgery to reduce the possibility of risks and dangers so ask one of your friends or a family member to take care of you.

What should I wear at home after BBL surgery?

You are not allowed to sit about two weeks after surgery because your butts are swollen. But, according to your doctor’s order, avoid smoking for four months so that your wounds improve entirely. Don’t sleep on your back; try to take some rest on your stomach or side until your incisions heal.

BBL post-operative precautions

What are bbl risks and dangers?

Whether cosmetic or non-cosmetic, all surgeries have some risks; however, the advantages of an operation should weigh the disadvantages.

Brazilian butt lift is not an exception; you may encounter the below risks:

  1. blood clot and its movement to brain or lungs
  2. infection of incisions
  3. asymmetry of buttocks after surgery
  4. patience unsatisfaction about of the results
  5. Allergic reaction to anesthesia
  6. creating large and ugly scar
  7. fat cells death
  8. inappropriate wound healing
  9. pain
  10. skin damage in the donor and treated areas

The death rate in bbl surgery is 1 in 3000, which happens because of doctors’ inadequate experience injecting fat cells into sensitive parts. In some cases, the patients may need a second surgery to improve butts’ symmetry; consider these risks, then think about bbl.

How long should you wait to see the outcome?

Most patients want to see their final results as soon as possible, but a bit surgeon suggests waiting 1 to 3 months to see the outcomes; however, permanent results can be observed when the butts swelling resolves.

How long should you wait to see the outcome?

What is the difference between buttock implants and bbl?

Bbl surgery and buttock implants have a significant number of pros and cons. The buttock implant includes inserting a silicone implant inside the gluteal muscle through an incision created in the natural butt crease to help it look rounder.

study more about BBl in this article: Complete guide about sitting after BBL

The implant’s shape and size are selected upon patient expectations, and the implant butt candidate does not go through the limitations of inadequate fat cells for transfer into the buttocks.

One of the significant concerns about butt implants is malposition which is not uncommon. The Brazilian butt lift does not go through these problems.

Its risks and complications are not comparable to butt implants; it’s a safe and risk-free procedure to reshape buttocks if you select a skilled and experienced surgeon.

How much does this cosmetic surgery cost?

The costs of a Brazilian butt lift depend upon various factors, including doctor’s fees, your medical tests expenses, the hospital’s expenses, including anesthesia and surgical tools.

The insurances will not cover cosmetic surgery expenses, so you have to pay your expenses because it is not a medical operation. At the consulting session with your doctor, you may ask him about Brazilian butt lift costs and acquire the necessary information.

How much does this cosmetic surgery cost?

What are BBL in Iran benefitss?

Bbl provides patients with more natural outcomes and makes buttocks more round, and it can address specific problems resulting from aging, such as sagging buttocks so that they lose their specific shape.

Unfortunately, the risks and disadvantages of Brazilian butt lifts are not comparable to other alternatives such as silicone implants that challenge patients with severe disorders.

What should I wear at home after BBL surgery?

Bbl in Iran is among the safest procedures to augment and lift buttocks, and you may benefit from the uncountable advantages of bbl. The doctor uses the patient’s fat cells to increase the buttock’s size so the body will not encounter threatening risks resulting from injecting foreign materials.

Some people claim that bbl promotes their confidence and satisfaction about body image and helps them follow a healthy lifestyle and concentrate on fitness.

As you read above, this less invasive procedure uses your fat to improve your physical appearance. You won’t experience some consequences such as fat cells rejection, wasting your time and money, and serious complications.

Bbl recovery

Planning for bbl is a straightforward process, but the recovery time may be challenging because it affects your walking abilities.

For example, you will experience pain and swelling, which needs time to resolve. You need to take some bed rest to heal completely and feel better to come back to your everyday life.

Follow-up checkups with the surgeon are compulsory after surgery because they are sensitive operations to help the doctor ensure your healing is satisfying.

In addition, you should follow the surgeon’s guidance to avoid the severe complications of bbl surgery. For instance, your doctor asks you to wear a particular compressing garment within the first days of healing. You can use pain medications to feel better and reduce possible uncomfortably.

Bbl recovery

When should the patient visit the doctor immediately after BBL in Iran?

  • The warning symptoms mean urgent visit with the doctor, including:
  • The treated area becomes hot and red
  • The patient feels severe pain and discomfort which does not respond to a pain medication
  • Foul-smelling and yellow or green liquid from sutures
  • fever, chill, and nausea
  • Intense bruising

How to take care of wounds?

The most challenging aspect of recovery time is that you cannot sit or lie for two weeks after the bbl procedure. Be patient and lie on your side to pass the recovery timeline quickly and successfully.

It would be best if you cared about yourself properly and changed the dressings according to the surgeon’s advice. Avoid using some medications such as aspirin because they increase their risk of bleeding after surgery.

Before changing your wounds’ bandage, please wash your hands carefully and disinfect them because they get serious infections.

Clean them as your doctor instructed but be careful not to apply powder near or on the wounds. Avoid swimming and long bathing time during the recovery time; instead, you may use a sponge to clean your wounds. Consume prescribed medicines to prevent infection keep your condition under control. Call your doctor if you find your butts look strange.

What to do in case of patient dissatisfaction?

The bbl outcomes are permanent if you don’t experience significant weight fluctuations. Still, you may need revision surgery if you are not about Brazilian butt lift results.

The second surgery is recommended when your butts look asymmetry, and it imposes more money upon your shoulders to revise your buttock appearance and create a more balanced shape. But don’t worry because it lasts several months to see the final results.

Instead, be patient and follow the doctor’s recommendations for regular taking your checkups and taking your medicines to enjoy the final results.

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