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What should I wear at home after BBL surgery?

What should I wear at home after BBL surgery?

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BBL surgery in Iran is the job of your surgeon, but after the surgery, your works begin! After you get home with the help of a friend or a family member, you should start resting at home; You probably do not know what to wear! Or when can you use your regular clothes?

You maybe ask “Can I wear skinny jeans after BBL?” You need to take special care during the initial recovery period after BBL surgery to see the final results as soon as possible. What you wear during your recovery will significantly affect your comfort and the outcome of the surgery. In this article, we will say what you should wear home after BBL surgery.

Wearing compression garment after BBL surgery

You should wear a compression garment before going home to help reduce swelling after BBL surgery. Wearing this dress is a vital part of your recovery process and you should use it around the clock in the first days after surgery. You cannot take off your compression garment even for bathing until your surgeon allows it.

Your compression garment should fit snugly over your body like a glove to prevent water from accumulating in the tissues under your skin and causing swelling.

However, this dress should not be so tight that it upsets you and disturbs your sleep. It is often recommended that you wear compression garments for 3 to 6 weeks after BBL surgery. In the first days, you should use it 24/7. After the initial recovery, it is enough to use it for 12 hours a day, which you can choose to wear at night or during the day.

There is generally no specific limit to the type of clothing you can wear on a compression garment. You may even want to wear your favorite clothes that are effective in boosting your mood! However, it is better to choose clothes that have enough space to breathe and move and do not put pressure on your buttocks. Cotton casual clothes, loose-fitting clothes, and pajamas are all good options.

wear home after BBL surgery

When can we use our usual clothes?

A few weeks after wearing the compression garment and passing the recovery period, it is time to unveil your beautiful body! You can gradually start wearing your usual clothes, but know that you need to change the size of skirts, pants and evening dresses that were your size before, possibly now they are tight! Before you go shopping for new clothes, you need to know some tips:

You have to wait until your recovery period is over. Although the goal of BBL surgery is to increase the volume of the buttocks and improve their appearance, this increase is very significant at first, which is partly due to the swelling after surgery, which gradually subsides.

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Also, part of the fat injected in the buttocks (up to 40%) will be gradually reabsorbed by the body. Therefore, it is recommended to wear comfortable and loose clothing until the recovery period is over.

Can I wear skinny jeans after BBL?

Can I wear skinny jeans after BBL

One of the questions patients ask is “Can I wear skinny jeans after BBL?”. As mentioned in the previous sections, you have to wait until you recover to wear tight clothes.

You may even be able to resume your daily activities sooner, but you will have to wait longer to wear jeans. This is important for maintaining adipose tissue and to have a faster healing.

However, you need to know one thing about wearing jeans after BBL. Wearing loose-fitting pants that do not put pressure on your buttocks is not a problem, whether it is jeans or not.

The important thing is that jeans or any other clothing you wear should not put pressure on the surgical sites and make it difficult for air to pass through the area.

As a guide, know that if any clothes are tighter than the compression garment, you should not wear them during recovery.

Tight clothing restricts blood flow to the buttocks, as a result of which the fat cells used in the area will die. After the recovery period, new blood vessels form at the site of the graft.

Eight weeks after BBL surgery, you can probably go for jeans. Of course, each body is unique, and the same goes for the post-surgery recovery process. During your recovery after BBL in Iran, you can ask any question you have about plastic surgery in Iran.

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