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Traveling after rhinoplasty

Traveling after rhinoplasty: timeline for when it’s safe to resume travelling

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Traveling after rhinoplasty requires some extra planning and precautions. While most plastic surgeons recommend avoiding any non-essential travel for at least two weeks after surgery, many rhinoplasty patients are eager to resume activities and trips sooner than that timeline. Undergoing a major procedure like rhinoplasty also means you may temporarily have visible bruising, or swelling or need to follow specific post-operative instructions during your travels. There are additional risks to be aware of when traveling too soon by car, train or plane after a nose job. However, traveling after rhinoplasty can be done safely if you take the necessary steps to allow for proper healing, communicate with your doctor, and minimize factors that could negatively impact your results. This guide covers everything you need to know about timelines, precautions, tips and risks to consider when traveling after rhinoplasty surgery for optimal recovery.

timeline for traveling after rhinoplasty

Here is a general timeline for when it’s safe to resume traveling after rhinoplasty surgery:

  • Week 1: No travel recommended. Focus on rest and recovery.
  • Week 2: Light travel may be possible, but still not advised. Discuss with your surgeon.
  • Weeks 3-4: Short car trips and local travel may be cautiously resumed.
  • 1-2 months: Most patients can resume domestic travel by car, train or air. Take precautions.
  • 3 months: International and long-haul flights become less risky as more healing occurs.
  • 6+ months: After 6 months, all travel restrictions are lifted in most cases. The swelling has resolved.

The timeline can vary depending on the extent of surgery and your personal recovery. Always get clearance from your plastic surgeon before planning any trips requiring extended travel soon after your procedure.

While travel is not recommended for at least 2-3 weeks post-op, necessary trips may be possible after this period, provided you take steps to reduce swelling, bleeding risks and other complications. Listen to your body, and don’t overexert yourself too soon. Safe travels!

when you can fly/drive after rhinoplasty?

Here are some general guidelines for when you can fly or drive after rhinoplasty surgery:


  • Short trips: This may be possible after 1 week, with assistance and if not taking pain medications.
  • Longer drives: Wait at least 2 weeks before driving for an extended time. Must be off prescription pain meds.


  • 1 week: Not recommended to fly this soon after surgery.
  • 2 weeks: Many surgeons allow air travel 2 weeks post-op if healing well.
  • 1 month: Safest window for air travel after allowing more recovery time.
  • 3-6 months: Swelling has resolved, and the nose is stabilized enough for any flight.

You can read more information and the important thing to know about flying after rhinoplasty in the key points for flying after rhinoplasty.

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