Cosmetic dentistry and particularly teeth whitening in Iran and other cosmetic surgeries have been neck and neck in improvement.

Bleaching the teeth in Iran  is one of brand-new non-invasive methods for creating a beautiful smile.

Another way to achieve this smile is the dental veneers in iran that Iran health agency offers you

Iran health agency a customer-oriented medical tourism facilitator in Iran, offers you the most cost-effective cosmetic dentistry in Tehran, Shiraz,  Ahvaz , Tabriz, Rasht and Mashhad meeting your comfort and needs.


Tooth whitening in Iran !?why Iran while I can have it in my hometown?

Tooth Bleaching in iran
Tooth Bleaching in Iran

You are right, but for persuading you I will come up with the couple of reasons, stay tuned!

1-top cosmetic and general dentist in Iran , Iranian dentist’s characteristics has been a strong ensuring reason for having a successful tooth whitening or bleaching in Iran .

They always try to be a good listener rather than a speaker. Patient’s opinion and desired result is always prior.

They just employ their knowledge and technique to help you with your demands.

The consultation session goes very soft and friendly not to make you embraced or discomfited to explain every single details clearly. they will have the most suitable consultation on a basis of every unique condition and phase but the ultimate decision will be made by patient.

All above, as you know cosmetic dentistry in Iran or any other countries required a combination of art and proficiency.  cosmetic dentist in Iran, keeping up with the latest technology, modern material, updated information and necessary oral anesthetic knowledge have a lot to say among board-certified dentists all across the world. no doubt about tooth whitening in Iran

you may come up with this reply to this reason that you already have plenty of them in your country.

totally agreed, so far Iran 1=1 your country

2-the number of top-rated clinics, dentistry centers and laboratories is not deniable required facilities for having satisfactory outcome when tooth whitening in IRAN.

The last version of dental veneers in Iran are being built in Iranian laboratories by Iranian specialist which are one of the modern way in creation of Hollywood smile in Iran.

If you have an easy access to them in your country and have not be persuaded to select Iran for your dental services, so Iran 2=2 your country

3-Iran’s culture and attractions: Iran is famous as a land of four seasons.

Four seasons means that at any time of the year you can travel to one of the cities of Iran to experience a different climate. In winter, there are cities in Iran that have summer climates, spring lands, and places with autumn colors.

More than 1000 springs with pristine promenades, dozens of beautiful waterfalls, rivers with beautiful tourist scenery, natural lakes, forest cover of lush oak trees and the fragrance of mountain bushes are another manifestation of the magical and dreamy nature.

Since cosmetic dentistry procedures specially tooth whitening are non-invasive and don’t take a long time. you can have a mixture of dentistry and fun tourism in Iran.

If you say it is not a reasonable and strong persuading enough. still IRAN 2=2 your country

4- tooth whitening cost in Iran, thank to lower value of Rial (Iran currency), medical services and specifically cosmetic dentistry including, tooth whitening or bleaching, dental veneer, orthodontics in Iran are carried out at very affordable and reasonable price.

In comparison tooth whitening in Iran with other countries, Iran wins the gold medal of offering cheapest while qualified dentistry services.

Let’s have a look at whitening price in Iran and other countries

price list of tooth whitening
price list of tooth whitening

Teeth Whitening in Iran is a money saying idea for more than 50 percent in average .so when it comes to tooth whitening price,

Iran 3=2 your country

OK! got persuaded, let me know how is teeth whitening procedure in Iran with IRAN HEALTH AGENCY?

Simple like a piece of cake:

Whitening the teeth
Whitening the teeth

1.visit the website

2.after finding us useful and reliable enough, click hear and a get a free consultation and clear quote or you can chat with Iran health’s consultant on Telegram, what’s app and ….

3. copmare the price and quality with other medical tourism facilitator and book it with us

4.leave the rest with Iran health agency. let me mention you will be posted on every single detail of dentist, clinics, techniques and material.

also accommodation, interpreter supporting your language for easy communication with dentist and private vehicle for comfortable commuting. (all based on your request and will).

-Does tooth whitening in Iran have differ types?

Do you agree with explaining what tooth whitening is first then different types?

Assuming the answer is yes.

Time and aging, genetic, smoking, tea and coffee drinking are some effective factors on teeth discoloration. nowadays, one the most popular cosmetic dentistry methods for getting rid of discolored teeth is teeth whitening in Iran or any other countries. Since white and beautiful teeth are unconsciously considered a sign of youth and beauty and have a profound effect on one’s appearance, therefore Plenty of people are interested in taking advantage of teeth whitening’s benefits to create a beautiful smile and shiny teeth.

When it comes to different common types of tooth whitening in Iran;

Tooth whitening, the so-called tooth bleaching, employs some chemicals called hydrogen peroxide in order to remove desolation of enamel.

Bleaching materials penetrate into the crystalline structure of the enamel and oxidize the yellow color left from colorful food and drinks. Over time, the bleaching material goes deeper to reach dentin, which is located beneath the enamel, changes its color to white.

There are variety of material for teeth whitening in Iran which have different compactness.

How is teeth whitening procedure in Iran?

teeth whitening
teeth whitening

In the bleaching procedure in Iran, a wrap made of plastic will be placed on the teeth to protect the gums after that the teeth whitening material is applied to the teeth at a relatively high concentration.

The third step will be applying   a light or laser the teeth in order to activate the chemicals. Light increases the reaction speed of the bleach product and fastens color modification.

What is the difference between dental veneers in Iran and teeth whitening ?

Tooth whitening in Iran is a simple technique utilizing whitening chemistry such as ceramide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide and

Actually the function goes on dividing the stains, sediment at the enamel surface or even the deeper layer, into smaller parts and then dispersing them on wider area of the tooth.

The laminate or porcelain veneers have in Iran a variety of thicknesses that can be less than 5 mm or more. In the laminate procedure, the main purpose is to cover tooth defects such as fractured, cracked, chipped, uneven, discolored teeth.

While in tooth bleaching procedure, the purpose is just tooth whitening. .

Read more in dental veneer in Iran

Composite veneers  or teeth bleaching ? Which one works better?

Bleaching is only recommended for people who just desire to whiten their teeth, whiteout, resizing and reshaping of their teeth or have regular tooth-sized.

But in composite resin veneers in Iran, in addition to tooth color modification, the shape, size and appearance of the teeth also get changed.

In the composite veneer in Iran, relatively specific amount of material is positioned on the tooth without shaving. Read more here


Are tooth whitening and plaque removal in Iran the same procedures?

Good to know that, both teeth whitening and plaque removal methods make the teeth brighter,

but in each of these methods, the type and amount of material differs

. The (ultrasonic) or plaque removal method squeakily clean the teeth from the precipitated solutes, which causes nasty oral smell, teeth roughness and discoloration.

Basically, saliva naturally combines with the germs, food and bacteria of the mouth and consequently forms a layer called plaque on the teeth.

In general, plaques in the lower parts of the gums and inaccessible areas to clean gradually causes decaying teeth over time. Therefore, removing these plaques is only possible Plaque removal in clinic

As a result, removing plaque from tooth and gums sometimes causes them to become clearer.

Teeth whitening in Iran is just one way to whiten teeth not anything else.

Tooth whitening is actually a way of removing stains and pigments on the teeth that have been gradually modified over time. This method is purely a cosmetic dentistry in Iran and not a cure. Tooth whitening is one of the best and least harmful procedure to whiten teeth.

Who is a good candidate for teeth bleaching in Iran?

creating a beautiful smile
creating a beautiful smile

Application of teeth bleaching in Iran is particularly limited. Actually it doesn’t work with all type of the teeth with any conditions

For example; individuals having attached veneers on their teeth are not allowed to use tooth whitening material to whiten them since it doesn’t have positive effects on previous dental restoration like crown, porcelain veneers, composite veneers, lumineer and implant.

Too sensitivity is another obstacle to take advantages of teeth whitening benefits in Iran. Multiple filling in frontal teeth is also considered as another restriction

 I am worried about tooth whitening in Iran and its Pros and side effects:

Teeth whitening is one of the safest method for bleaching teeth, because it does not cause any tooth damage.

All above one of negative point about whitening teeth in Iran is not working well with all  type of teeth

for example, this is not an appropriate idea for teeth having brown spots or discoloration as a result of medication or Dental injuries.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult with a dentist to get to know with current existing oral condition and type of your teeth. that is an initial action for the most positive consequence.’

Another problem with the tooth bleaching method is Tooth senility, let me mention that, it is totally temporary and disappears within a few first days.

Normally it is not a big deal since it is completely treatable with anti-allergy toothpaste.

What are the necessary actions before teeth bleaching in Iran?


Before going through tooth bleaching in Iran, repair the decayed teeth, then plaque removal and bracing if needed to get a better bleaching result.

Notice: all will be recognized and evaluated by a professional and experienced cosmetic densities in Iran.

What are post-operative actions after having teeth whitening in Iran?

Cutting down on usage of drink and food affecting tooth color, smoking, tea and coffee makes more sense and also helps with longer result lasting.

Regular dentistry visit is not pointless. Normally very 6-month evaluation health of teeth is recommended.

 I prefer to know more about teeth whitening in Iran regarding Lifespan

Duration of tooth whitening lasting in Iran particularly depends on the type of diet, oral hygiene, type of nutrition a person has after bleaching, and the amount of pigments in beverages and foods.

Tooth whitening is one of the most practical methods for whitening that are widely used today. Many people create the perfect color for their teeth to have beautiful teeth and discolored teeth by bleaching their teeth. The color of the teeth changes with time and with age.

This bad tooth color is caused by the penetration of the color of the grains into the enamel tubular structure and the alteration of the dentin minerals, causing yellow tooth color. Many people also do not have a good tooth color for congenital reasons., teeth whitening, also called bleaching, has always been popular.