ORTHODONTICS IN IRAN: Phyllis Diller says:” smile is a curve that sets everything straight” and another famous quote says:” behind every beautiful smile there are beautiful teeth”

Orthodontics is one of the cosmetic dentistry methods. if your uneven, irregular, crooked teeth prevent you from laughing or smiling, give a shot to orthodontics treatment in Iran which Is a totally cost-effective yet reasonable service helping to set the teeth in line.

By Iran health agency you will definitely experience pleasant, practical orthodontics services employing the most qualified braces and Invisalign at top-rated clinics.

Dental Implant cost in iran

Iran for orthodontics treatment? I got to dig deep

Let’s discuss it logically. Nowadays in terms of availability of tons of commuting facilities, distance is not anything more than a Justification. Iran as a medical tourism destination has a lot of to say that trivializes other factors such as some extra miles. Features like:

Best cosmetic dentists in Iran:


The major factor for a successful orthodontics in Iran is a skilled dentist. Iranian dentists graduated from top-rated universities and passing advanced course of dentistry are neck and neck with professional dentists all across the world.

Orthodontics is a specific branch of cosmetic dentistry  in which a dentist, after finishing the general course of dentistry, spend 3 to 5 years on special courses to become an Orthodontist.

Super- standardized  dentistry clinics in Iran :

Obviously, even a top dentist cannot create a work art without utilizing the latest and advanced equipment.

In recent years. Private and government dentistry departments in Iran have invested a lot in equipping the clinics and hospital throughout Iran specially in major cities including Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan, Ahvaz, Tabriz, even Qeshm and Kish islands.

Kill two birds with one stone:

Iran and Iranians are truly proud of the country’s attractions and civilization. Since orthodontics procedure in Iran is not a time consuming service gives you a chance to visit Iran as well.

Since Iran health agency provides the dental tourism in different cities mentioning in the above paragraph, combination of dental health services and tourism isn’t impossible

Money doesn’t grow on trees:

Cosmetic dentistry cost in Iran and more specifically orthodontics cost in Iran is tempting enough to those travelingvabroad for dental tourism and health. Due to lower value of Rial normally cosmetic and general dentistry services are being performed at the super affordable cost for any types of patients with any lifestyle

Since a penny saved is a penny earned, give a try to orthodontic and invisalign Iran.

How much is orthodontics price in Iran?

Orthodontics cost in Iran is particularly depends on type of material, dentist’s reputation, grad of hospital and destination.

Obviously orthodontics in Ahvaz, orthodontics in Mashhad, orthodontics in Shiraz are much cheaper than orthodontics in Tehran, since Tehran is the capital and more globalized.

But normally orthodontics price in Iran is around 400$-800$ according to the kind of technique and material. Which is way more affordable than other countries.

Let’s have a look at orthodontic price in different countries:

orthodontic price in different countries

orthodontic price in different countries

Price is in $

How much does Dental Veneers cost in Iran?

Why I need a medical tourism facilitator in Iran:

Iran health agency as a medical tourism facilitator founded by group of doctors and travel agents provide the most comfortable and cost-effective services for health tourists in Iran. Iran health agency makes you:

  • Needles of any partner to accompany you during medical trip
  • Connected to the top surgeons and doctors in their field
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  • Keep contacting with your doctor any time

Iran health agency provides you with:

  • 4,5-star hotels in different cities
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Iran health agency’s other services are:

  • IKA airport cip services
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What is  the orthodontics treatment :

Orthodontics literally means racking teeth.in deed, orthodontics treatment is a cosmetic procedure to improve the performance, condition and appearance of your teeth.

Should be mentioned that dental braces not only well-position the appearance of teeth but also have positive effects on oral function.

Help me to get rid of mirror:

I spend half of a day in front of mirror looking at my teeth anxiously, to figure out if I have to wear dental brace or not;

Take away the mirror and read this article:

The ones candidate for orthodontics have the

problems below:

ectopic position:

when upper Maxillary (upper jaw) teeth with mandibular (lower jaw) teeth in the middle line are asymmetrica

orthodontic for ectopic position

orthodontic for ectopic position


a gap between teeth due to tiny teeth or large jaw

orthodontic for gap

orthodontic for gap

Teeth congestion:

teeth overlapping that’s make teeth congestion in one area.

orthodontic for Teeth congestion

orthodontic for Teeth congestion


when upper jaw teeth are far ahead more than usual.

orthodontic for Overjet

orthodontic for Overjet

Cross bite:

When closing the mouth, one or more lower teeth are placed on the inner surface of the maxillary teeth

orthodontic for Cross bite

orthodontic for Cross bite

Open bite:

Inadequate vertical overlap in the front teeth and the space created between the upper and lower teeth in closed position

orthodontic for Open bite

orthodontic for Open bite

Under bite:

lower jaw teeth being more ahead than upper jaw teeth while chewing.

Under bite orthodontics

Under bite orthodontics

Over bite or deep bite:

is when the front teeth of upper jaw go too far down over the teeth of lower jaw.

Over bite or deep bite orthodontics

Over bite or deep bite orthodontics

If you have any of the problems above in your teeth and jaws, you would better consult an orthodontist about your teeth.

What elements does an orthodontist in Iran consider to plan my Orthodontics treatment?

First of all, an orthodontist examines your teeth to determine if you can use an orthodontic brace or no need to it. an orthodontist decides based on the result of diagnostic tools that include:

A complete history of medicine and dentistry

Physical examination

Tooth molding (taking a plaster frame of teeth)

Radiographic photos (dental x-ray)

What will happen If aren’t my teeth problems fixed:

One the one hand if teeth for any reason such as a small jaw or cracked teeth are overlapping or not aligned, chewing or biting procedure will be done with difficulty.

On the other hand, teeth irregularity chips away at oral and mouth appearance and deprives you from having beautiful smile.

Additionally, some other problem will appear as results of disordered teeth such as

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum problems
  • Chewing inadequately and consequently digestive problems
  • Headache
  • Feeling pain in neck, shoulder and back
  • Brushing the overlapping teeth is too difficult.

What are the different types of dental braces in Iran?

A best orthodontist in Iran will employ variety of fixed and removable orthodontic appliances.

Actually dental braces are used to move and align the teeth, rebuild muscles that have been destroyed gradually and help jaw to grow in necessary cases.
actually disordered teeth get a chance to be placed in an appropriate location under the pressure applied by dental braces .But not to mention that amount of pressure is technically and medically  calculated according to each  dental case necessity .

Tell me about different Types of orthodontics procedures in Iran

Fixed orthodontics in Iran:

fixed orthodontic iran health agency

fixed orthodontics iran health agency

as its name implies, in this type of orthodontics, dental appliances are completely fixed, meaning the patient cannot remove it from his or her mouth.

in this technique, commonly, the necessary number of strips, wires and brackets are used.  Good to know that brackets are made of ceramic and metal.

during the procedure Each of the brackets is bonded to a tooth and connected by a thin wire. The wires are gradually checked and adjusted over time to straighten the teeth and correct the jaw.

For holding and fixing the brackets in their position, some stretch rings wrapped round them.

The positive points about fixed orthodontic is that Tooth and jaw modifications can be easily performed and also that there is no plastic plate placed on the palate (top inside part of your mouth), which cause difficulty in speaking and eating.

Manipulation and adjustment of the brace is usually done monthly, and results are often achieved within a few months to several years.

Removable Orthodontics in Iran :

Removable Orthodontics

Removable Orthodontics

Removable orthodontics means that the patient can remove the orthodontic device while eating, then place it back. Therefore, removable orthodontic efficacy is entirely dependent on patient cooperation.

This device is commonly used for slight jaw correction and minor tooth reposition. The removable orthodontic device can only be fitted to the maxilla or used for both jaws.

The removable orthodontic device consists of a plastic plate with a wire that moves the tooth gently and gently.

When it comes to pros of removable orthodontic, I have to mention that this method, in addition to remodeling your jaw and teeth, it also makes brushing your teeth easier which improves overall oral health and reduces the risk of gum disease and infection.

At the negative side of the removable orthodontic, since it is removable by patient and might not get placed on time, treatment duration gets lengthened.

Generally, the duration of treatment with removable orthodontics is shorter than fixed orthodontics and usually takes six months to conclude.

Diamond Orthodontics in Iran:


Diamond braces are also known as mini-diamond braces which are made of stainless steel.

Actually the function of diamond braces is similar to the other traditional methods in a way that get fitted to the teeth in the same place.

But the difference between traditional orthodontic brace and diamond braces is adjustability.

In fact, in Diamond orthodontics, auto-adjustable brackets are used instead of traditionally adjustable brackets.

Actually The sliding mechanism is attached to the bracket wire. that’s why the teeth get automatically and naturally moved and regulated more quickly in a shorter period of time.

Pros of diamond braces are: convenience in oral hygiene and also Damon’s colorless brackets make it appear almost invisible and only the wire can be seen.

Cons of diamond braces are: In some cases, it has been observed that the patient has neglected to clean his teeth and the price is almost twice the other procedure.

This procedure results in stronger results in a short time, this feature is one of the reasons that makes demand orthodontic so popular.

Invisalign orthodontics in Iran:

Invisalign orthodontics is also refers to invisible braces The invisible orthodontic method uses a series of transparent plastic molds which applies constant force and pressure to move and align the teeth effectively. The move will continue until the desired results are achieved.

Invisalign orthodontic iran health agency

Invisalign orthodontics iran health agency

In deed Invisalign braces are positioned in removable orthodontic category which is supposed to be replaced every two weeks.

Invisalign braces should be used throughout the day except when brushing and flossing.

How are Invisalign braces built in Iran?

To check if Invisalign orthodontics in Iran is effective on well-positioning the teeth and resolving the irregularity, a mold or frame will be taken from your teeth in advance.

Once the positive effects of invisible orthodontics or Invisalign braces is approved for you, a detailed and certain treatment plan will be designed for you by using a 3D software.

This software will indicate a series of improved dental procedures to your orthodontist during the course of treatment.

Advantages of Invisalign brace: invisible orthodontics can help correct a number of minor orthodontic problems including: overlapped teeth, short gap between teeth, mild cross bite, mild over bite and mild Under bite.

Many severe dental and skeletal problems cannot be resolved by this method

The cost of Invisalign orthodontics is much higher than other orthodontic procedure

The plaque may be lost

This orthodontic is useful only for adults

Let me add that Invisalign cost in Iran is more than the other orthodontic braces.

Lingual Orthodontics in Iran :

Lingual brackets are sometimes called “internal brackets” because of their location and structure.

Lingual Orthodontic iran health agency

Lingual Orthodontics iran health agency

Lingual orthodontics is a dental treatment in which brace (bracket, wire and elastic) is positioned behind the teeth (tongue side). Unlike traditional brackets that are placed on the outside of the teeth.

Although the orthodontic position of lingual braces is opposite of fixed procedure, both have a lot of similarities in terms of infrastructure and orthodontic principles.

Pros and cons of lingual orthodontics:

One of the most important benefits of lingual braces in Iran is that they are barely visible and almost hidden.

Lingual orthodontics is more capable of correcting complex problems such as changing the tooth height, rotating the tooth and removing the gap between the teeth.

And a bad point about lingual braces is the difficulty in attachment and also adjustment in terms of their location inside the mouth

How is an orthodontic procedure done in Iran?

An orthodontic procedure in Iran follows the step below

First: A diagnose or examination step fulfilling by an orthodontist, after visiting him, taking necessary dental x-ray, a plastic frame of your teeth and some lab tests.

The whole process must be done in your country not to waste money and time in IRAN.

Second: Based on your orthodontist’s diagnose in Iran and appropriate type of braces, brace preparation procedure gets done in special laboratories.

Third: After attaching the braces to your teeth and tightening them by the dentist, it is the turn of third step.

Regular visit to verify the procedure improvement is One the requirements of positive outcome. this step can be done in either your country or IRAN.

When is the best age to start orthodontic treatment?

It is never too late to draw a stunning smile on your face.

Although the importance of an early treatment for child’s

best age to start orthodontic

best age to start orthodontic

dental health and

self-esteem is not deniable, till you have If you have a strong jaw base and a small tooth gap, it can’t be an exaggeration that dental orthodontics has no age limitation.

Medically, there is a strong evidence that The rightest age for the majority of   children to get braces is right before losing their last set of baby teeth. around “age 7”.

Even for adults, thanks to technology and invisible braces, embarrassment is a   poor excuse for refusing to get orthodontic treatment.

What are the advantages of orthodontics braces?

  • The equal pressure and balanced force to the roots while biting and chewing
  • Beauty in appearance and aligned teeth
  • More convenience in brushing the teeth and as a result greater tooth longevity
  • Resolving the gastrointestinal or digestive problems by true biting and chewing
  • Changing the position of the bones and coordinating the facial components


What are the advantages of orthodontics braces?

  • Increment of teeth decay possibility, since oral hygiene in teeth in braces is more precise and time-consuming than before orthodontics treatment.
  • Inconvenience and discomfort
  • Other side effects of orthodontics include the potential reversibility of orthodontic treatment in case the patient doesn’t follow the post-op instructions after removing the orthodontic device from the mouth.

How to get prepared before an orthodontics treatment in Iran?

Orthodontists prefer to resolve dental problems before the brackets’ attachment on the teeth.

Actually they would like to experience more convenient orthodontics procedure/

Typically, these problems include removing gum disease and dental decays.

What are the dos and don’ts for dental braces?

  • Do put value on your dentistry appointments and check-up regularity
  • DON’T bite your nails or chew on pencils
  • DO regular floss after the meals
  • DON’T eat foods that may chip away at your braces
  • Do not forget to brush your teeth carefully 3 time a day
  • Don’t forget to care about your braces while playing sport
  • Do put your removable braces in their special box when not using them

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