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What is Iran medical visa?

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What is Iran medical visa?

The Iran medical or treatment visa is a type of temporary visa granted for foreigners who want to travel to Iran for medical reasons. In the following paragraphs, we have gone through the conditions and documents required for a Iran medical visa, the steps for obtaining it, the costs, and so on. What is the […]

Table of Contents

The Iran medical or treatment visa is a type of temporary visa granted for foreigners who want to travel to Iran for medical reasons. In the following paragraphs, we have gone through the conditions and documents required for a Iran medical visa, the steps for obtaining it, the costs, and so on.

What is the process of getting the Iran medical visa?

In a few past years, due to the devaluation of Iran’s currency (Rial)in comparison to the dollar and euro, Iran is one of the affordable and cost-effective destinations for treatment.

On the other hand, from the corona pandemic started other types of visas like tourist and pilgrimage are not being issued, so the medical visa is a good alternative for the one seeking travel to IRAN.

Should be mentioned that an Iranian medical visa or T-visa cannot be issued on arrival at the airport during the pandemic.

Iran medical visa has to be applied by an agency to get the tracking number and confirmation .so it will be rejected for sure if you apply online on your own.

What is the process of getting the Iran medical visa?

How long Iran medical visa takes to be issued?

For most nationalities, it takes 7-10 business days, and for American, British, Canadian, and Irish citizens takes 3-4 weeks.

After we get THE CONFIRMATION, the applicant attends the Iranian embassy in the country of residence to confirm, stamp, and finalize his visa

For what reasons Iran medical visa is achievable?

Iran medical visa can be for either general treatment or cosmetic procedures.

Individuals who are suffering from a physical illness that is not curable in their own countries or the cost of treatment is not affordable for them are can travel to more advanced countries in the medical field which lowers cost.

Iran is also one of the popular destinations for cosmetic and plastic surgeries, especially for rhinoplasty in iran.

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The initial requirement for this kind of trip is a medical visa.

A medical visa is one of the types of visas that are issued in a short time and the applicant can treat his / her illness in the destination country without any concerns.

Iran medical visa is achievable

How long I can stay in Iran with a medical visa?

The validity of the Iranian medical visa is 30 days, which means that the applicant can stay in Iran for 30 days with this visa and go through the stages of treatment of his / her illness, but this time can be extended depending on the applicant’s condition.

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From the time we get the confirmation code, you have 2-3 months to go to the consulate to finalize your visa. then in the consulate, they give you 1-3-month validity and time to enter Iran depending on the situation.

How can I extend the Iran medical visa in Iran?

The validity of an Iranian medical visa varies from one day to 30 days, depending on the application registered in the Foreign Ministry system. Of course, this period of stay can be extended up to 90 days, which means you can extend twice and for 30 days each time.

The maximum stay is 90 days, the extension of this period needs official permission of the competent authorities.

For the extension of your medical visa, you have to go to any foreign police office or police
+10 existing in the city you have accommodation in.

Necessary documents for extending your medical visa:

  • The permission letter from your surgeon or doctor: the doctor should confirm that your treatment process requires a longer time
  • Receipt of expenses: The applicant must submit a receipt of expenses he/she has already incurred for the treatment of the disease to the foreign Police Office.
  • Determination of the exact time of starting a person’s treatment in Iran and the progress of treatment of the disease: It should be clear exactly when the person arrived in Iran to treat the disease and how much progress has been made in treating the disease.
  • The cost of renewing a medical visa: To renew a visa, a person must pay a fee to the foreign Police Office, the amount of which is determined at mentioned offices.
How can I extend the Iran medical visa in Iran?

What are the steps of getting the Iran medical visa?

  1. Contacting Iran health agency: our agents will get you all explanations and details of getting the Iran medical visa
  2. Collection of necessary documents for obtaining an Iran medical visa
  3. Hospital Admission Letter (IPD)
  4. Letter from a specialist doctor regarding the applicant’s need to visit Iran for treatment.
  5. Scan of the applicant’s related medical records
  6. Passport scan and personal photo
  7. Fee payment
  8. Receive EVISA Health Iran
  9. Obtaining a visa (Pickup) at the Iranian embassy or consular services in the country of residence

What are the necessary documents for Iran medical visa?

Passport: Scanned and valid for at least 6 months from the time of arrival in Iran

Personal photo: Scanned with a bright background and the person’s face is clearly visible. Note that the photo must have been taken in the last 6 months and match the current face of the applicant.

IPD Admission Letter: Admission must be from a public or private hospital with an international department.

Medical records: Tests and activities performed for the patient such as ultrasound, radiography, CT scan, etc.

(These documents are not required, but increase the visa acceptance percentage.)

Letter from a specialist doctor: A letter with an official stamp from a specialist doctor in Iran or abroad on the subject of the applicant’s need for treatment

What are the necessary documents for Iran medical visa?

What is an IPD letter?

IPD stands for “international patients department “

IPD letter is an official admission letter in Farsi language from the hospital having an international section to foreign affairs ministry in which that is explained the mentioned applicant needs to be hospitalized in this hospital.

In the letter, your name, passport number, nationality, doctor name, and the type of your problem your illness is written.

This letter indicates that the applicant has filed a case at the hospital providing the letter, and the hospital confirms that the person applying for a medical visa is to be treated at this hospital.

Actually, the hospital is taking responsibility for the patients.

This letter is the most important document required to obtain a medical visa, and if this letter does not exist, the application will definitely be rejected. IRAN HEALTH AGENCY is a contracting party with several hospitals in Iran, and if the applicant does not have this letter or license, you can obtain it through IRAN HEALTH AGENCY.

How much is the Iran medical visa fee?

The cost of an Iranian medical visa has two parts: First cost is what we get for visa services and tracking code

IRAN HEALTH AGENCY, as a sponsor, inviter, and executor of the visa for the applicant, as well as collecting documents, uploading, following up, etc., receives a fee as a visa service, which can be paid in Rials or dollars in person or Online The cost of the visa service that the IRAN HEALTH AGENCY  receives is at the lowest possible price and is quite economical due to a large number of applications for a visa as well as the direct contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is in charge of issuing the visa.

Iran medical application fee is 80-100$ in case of any rejection we will refund the visa fee.

 SOCOND cost is the Visa issuance fee at the embassy

Visa issuance fee is the amount that a person applying for a medical visa must pay to the embassy when visiting the Iranian embassy at his place of residence. The amount also varies according to the applicant’s country. In the system and visa confirmation, the amount payable to the Iranian embassy will be specified and the applicant will be notified by the Iran health agency. For example, the cost of issuing a visa for a Belgian national is 30 euros.

“The benefits of obtaining visa Iran medical visa by IRAN HEALTH AGENCY”:

High speed and accuracy

The IRAN HEALTH AGENCY is based on long experience in obtaining visas always try to complete the process of getting an invitation letter and documents for a medical visa as quickly and accurately as possible, so you do not have to worry about this.

Reliable and trustworthy

One of the most important features of the Iran health agency is its reliability, our team has been by your side as a sponsor since taking responsibility for your medical visa invitation and will not leave you alone until the last moment.

Shortning the visa application process

If you leave the Iranian medical visa to our team, the visa process will be very short due to the high experience of our staff and this action will be done in less time.

Reducing the risk of rejection (rejection of Iran’s medical visa application)

When you apply for an Iranian medical visa through us the chances of your visa application being rejected are minimized and you can plan your trip with more ease.

The reasonable, cheap, and cost-effective visa application process

The cost that IRAN HEALTH AGENCY receives from you for the process of obtaining an invitation for an Iran medical visa is much lower and more appropriate due to the quality provided by our team and compared to the costs set by other agencies.

24-hour support

IRAN HEALTH AGENCY provides 24-hour support for all people who come to Iran for a visa or invitation for a medical visa, which means that you can ask questions at any time of the day or night or on any subject that is ambiguous. You can contact our agents and solve your problem.

"The benefits of obtaining visa Iran medical visa by IRAN HEALTH AGENCY":

Note a few points about the IRAN medical visa:

Iran has become one of the most popular countries for health and medical tourism due to its skilled and experienced doctors, advanced medical equipment and equipped medical centers, and reasonable prices for medical services, that is why Iran’s medical visa has many fans.

Citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada should expect more time to obtain the Iran medical visa, approximately for a month, as obtaining a visa is a bit more complicated for them.

Citizens of Afghanistan and Pakistan cannot apply for a medical invitation on their own and should receive the invitation through health tourism companies registered in the electronic visa system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran.

Representations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran are also active in different countries on Thursdays and Fridays and issue visas to applicants. (Thursday and Friday is weekend in Iran )

Medical visa on arrival in the airport has been stopped for any nationalities till further notice due to the corona pandemic.

Nowadays, health tourism services, in addition to general treatment, include skin and hair services, hydrotherapy, beauty services, and even checkups. So even for unnecessary procedures, you can apply for Iran medical visa.

If the documents are incomplete, the application for an Iranian medical visa will be returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the applicant or the company that applied for the visa must completely eliminate these deficiencies and complete the documents within 12 hours.

There is a list of medical centers that are allowed to admit international patients in the foreign affairs ministry system so the invitations from centers on that list will be approved (so invitations from  medical centers that are not on this list, even if the center has an IPD license, it is not acceptable)

Citizens of some countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada in addition to the documents mentioned above must choose and introduce a leader tour from the ministry that this person must be with the patient in all stages of treatment. This part also will be done by our agency

This is because those mentioned countries don’t have any consulate and embassy in Iran.

Due to the universal situation and the corona pandemic, people who intend to enter Iran on a medical visa, in addition to the above documents, must pass their negative PCR test, which is valid for a maximum of 72 hours and translated into English when entering Iran. Relevant officials submit.

Recently Iran government is asking for a vaccination certificate too.

Visa issuance takes between 7 and 10 working days after submitting the documents, but this time can be reduced to three days depending on the doctor’s opinion and confirmation letter.

Note that Iran’s medical visa approval times vary for citizens of different countries. Citizens of the United States and some other countries may wait up to 2 months to receive their visa.

Iran has also provided airport treatment visas for the convenience of travelers and patients entering the country for medical services. Note, however, that this is true in a number of countries.

Another point that you should pay attention to is that the person applying for a tourist visa cannot use medical services and must apply for an Iran medical visa. Of course, this option does not apply to people who need medical care during the trip.

The validity period of the Iran medical visa is 30 days, but if the patient needs more time, his / her visa will be extended up to 90 days. Presence in Iran for more than 90 days requires coordination and approval of the competent authorities.

Note a few points about the IRAN medical visa:
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