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Is re-liposuction dangerous?

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Is re-liposuction dangerous?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from Some parts of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, or neck. This surgery is also used to shape these sections. liposuction in Iran is not considered as a way to lose weight overall or as a substitute for […]

Table of Contents

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from Some parts of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, or neck. This surgery is also used to shape these sections. liposuction in Iran is not considered as a way to lose weight overall or as a substitute for weight loss. so you may become overweight again after this procedure and the removal of fat Or a buildup of fat can be seen around the same area as the liposuction. so people want to have liposuction again. But the question that comes to the minds of all these people is whether re-liposuction is dangerous?

Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about Whether or not re-liposuction is safe? we also want to state the points that a person can consider in maintaining weight and body physique after liposuction. We will also introduce alternative methods of liposuction to avoid re-doing it.

What causes re-liposuction in Iran?

If you can not maintain your body physique after liposuction, You may be thinking of having liposuction twice and trying to repeat the procedure. But if you try to lose weight after the first surgery, this condition will not occur.

Generally, the conditions that cause fat return and overweight are:

  • Imaging that liposuction is a weight loss method.
  • The person thinks fat and weight loss after surgery is permanent.
  • Unaware of the potential dangers of performing re-liposuction
  • Disregard to follow the points to prevent overweight
  • Disregard the diet after the first surgery

Ways to preserve the results of liposuction and not do it twice

The most important and best way to deal with overweight gain after liposuction surgery is following a proper diet and alternate exercise, because this change in lifestyle can help you lose weight and fat, as well as change bad habits when overweight. By doing these two simple matter, you can also get rid of obesity. And there is no need to do re-liposuction.

What causes re-liposuction in Iran?

Some points on re-liposuction

If you are planning to have re-liposuction, there are some points to consider before making a decision. You need to consider whether you have made every effort to eliminate the fats you want to eliminate. Surgery and re-liposuction have their risks and should not be considered the simplest option. In addition, you should consider the cost of repeating the procedure. Because the cost of the second time is usually much higher than the original surgery. Because re-liposuction is more complicated than primary surgery.

If you think you’ve gained overweight and fat and it may be reduced in some other way, instead of constantly reshaping your body and having liposuction surgery, there are other ways to prevent overweight.

Some points on re-liposuction

Dangers of performing re-liposuction

Performing and repeating of re-liposuction is associated with more risks and is more complicated for the surgeon. because the surgeon must avoid removing the scar tissue this time, and the amount of fat that can be removed safely is much less than the first time.

These conditions cause a person to suffer more complications such as bruising, skin discoloration and scarring than the first time. A person who decides to have re-liposuction in Iran  should know that this surgery is a potentially dangerous treatment and think about all of these factors.

Which one is better liposuction or tummy tuck?

Bleeding, infection, and the reaction to anesthesia are the main dangers of re-liposuction in Iran. However, the likelihood of complications depends on the skill and knowledge of the surgeon. Other possible side effects include:

  • Severe bruising that may last for several weeks
  • Inflammation, which in some patients takes up to six months to go away completely
  • clotting blood
  • Skin abnormalities, if the skin elasticity is not good, and the wound healing process is slow or irregular fat is removed, there may be bumps on the skin.
  • Anesthesia that is temporary
  • Heart and kidney problems
  • In Pulmonary embolism may cause fat to move to blood vessels and lungs and block blood flow to the lungs.
  • Allergic reactions to medications and substances that used during surgery.

also your body needs a certain amount of fat to function properly. It may have completely lost fat in the first place, but you still do not know the results. In these cases, re-liposuction is not recommended and this surgery is not available at all. So instead of changing your fat intake, you should focus on options such as exercise and proper diet.

Dangers of performing re-liposuction

Consider this points before repeated liposuction

If you decide to have re-liposuction, you should talk to your primary surgeon beforehand about whether you can have the surgery again. Also try to find a surgeon who has had this experience. This will be very useful because it will reduce the risk of complications.

generally, consider the following before re-liposuction:

  • People who have decided to lose weight by liposuction for the second time, should inform their doctor of all their medical records and drug allergies.
  • According to doctors’ advice, people who have decided to have liposuction should avoid taking drugs that cause blood clotting disorders for some time before doing it; Because using of these drugs increases the likelihood of bleeding during surgery.
  • Smoking and drinking beverages should be stopped shortly before liposuction; Because consuming these items makes the operation difficult.
  • Women should make sure that they do not bring any jewelry on the day of liposuction.
  • Bathing the night before liposuction is essential; Because people may not be able to take a shower for a while after the liposuction.
  • It is better for people to wear loose clothes and buttons on the day of liposuction.

Is double re-liposuction reversible?

If the weight remains constant and is not added, it is irreversible because the fat cells in the texture are destroyed. Therefore, there is no need for a special diet. If you gain more than seven or eight kilograms, you should expect unusual obesity in some areas.

Is double re-liposuction reversible?

In what part of the body is liposuction possible again?

re-liposuction can be used to reduce fat accumulation in the following members:

  1. thighs
  2. buttocks
  3. Abdomen and sides
  4. Arms
  5. Back
  6. Inside the knee
  7. Chest
  8. Cheeks, chin and neck
  9. Legs and ankles

Frequent liposuction results

The results of re-liposuction will not be completely clear until swelling and inflammation are completely gone. In some cases, it may take several months for the swelling to go away completely. Usually after four weeks of surgery, we will see the swelling and inflammation go away and the protrusion of the texture in which the fat has been removed will be reduced.

study about: Buccal fat removal in Iran

People who maintain their body weight will see more lasting results. Overweight causes changes in distributing of fat. People who have had fat buildup in their thighs in the past may experience fat buildup in their buttocks after surgery.

People who are satisfied with the results of liposuction surgery, before surgery, have examined all the advantages and disadvantages of this method,  they are aware of postoperative care, and have selected an experienced and skilled surgeon.

Frequent liposuction results

How Much Does re-liposuction Cost?

The cost of re-liposuction can vary depending on different factors. But generally, it costs more than the first time. Therefore, you need to ask your surgeon for guidance on the final cost estimate of liposuction.

Factors affecting cost estimation are:

  • Cost of disposable operating room equipment
  • Cost of anesthesia
  • Cost of Hospitalization
  • Cost of Tests that must be performed before liposuction.
  • Cost of Medications prescribed after liposuction.
  • Salary of a plastic surgeon

The salary of a plastic surgeon can vary depending on his experience. Performing Surgery and clinic location are other factors that affect the plastic surgeon’s salary.

In addition, your satisfaction is not only dependent on the cost.

When you are choosing a plastic surgeon to perform re-liposuction, his/her experience  and Bargaining power is as important as the final cost of the surgery. Most insurers do not cover the cost of cosmetic surgery or its complications.

How Much Does re-liposuction Cost?

Liposuction in Iran Treatment Alternatives

If you are unhappy the results of your first liposuction, so it must concluded that r re-liposuction in Iran may not be the most appropriate treatment option.

if you have overweight and can not prevent your weight, you should consider alternative and more rigorous treatments that can change your lifestyle and eating habits. For example, it prevent you from overeating. This means that instead of having re-liposuction, you will be able to lose weight permanently.

Who is suitable for re-liposuction in Iran surgery?

Generally, re-liposuction can be performed for people who have the following characteristics:

  • Having High general health
  • Having mental health
  • Having Proper weight
  • Having Not smoking
  • Having good elasticity skin
  • Having realistic expectations
  • Having a positive outlook
  • Having an active lifestyle
Who is suitable for re-liposuction

Specialized diet after re-liposuction surgery

If you are obese and consider re-liposuction, it is best to follow a low-calorie diet under the supervision of a nutritionist.

If your body is fit, avoid starchy foods such as pasta, rice, potatoes as much as possible. Consuming high-calorie foods such as sweets, ice cream, chocolate and high-fat foods are all fattening. Frying food make it high calories and obese.

It is very useful to use vegetables with food and fruits. Exercising is an integral part of liposuction, after a week to 10 days you can start exercising.

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