What kind of results should a patient expect after the 360 liposuction?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A brief summary of the article:

Patients who have selected 360 ​​liposuctions as a way to lose fat in the abdomen and hips are often terrified of the results. In this article we show you what a patient should expect after the 360 ​​’liposuction. What is the meaning of 360 liposuction? If you are planning to do ​​liposuction in Iran, you […]

Patients who have selected 360 ​​liposuctions as a way to lose fat in the abdomen and hips are often terrified of the results. In this article we show you what a patient should expect after the 360 ​​’liposuction.

What is the meaning of 360 liposuction?

If you are planning to do ​​liposuction in Iran, you have probably heard the name Lipo 360 Degrees.
​​liposuction 360 (Lipo 360) refers to the logic of the body in which liposuction is performed (three hundred and sixty degrees or the entire middle part of the body). This is what 360 degrees means. If liposuction involves liposuction of the patient’s abdomen, back, and hips (covering both sides of the spine), it is considered 360-degree liposuction.
It should be noted that Lipo 360 Degrees is not a brand or a special type of sculpting method. Any skilled plastic surgeon can perform 360-degree liposuction.

This is just a common phrase. It means fattening the abdomen and hips that any plastic surgeon will be able to do.
Some surgeons use this to refer to body sculpting, which also involves the back of the body.
It should also be noted that 360-degree liposuction is different from what is sometimes called “full body liposuction“.
In other words, Lipo 360 degrees refers only to the middle part of the body and does not suck fat from the arms, thighs, legs or upper back.

What is the meaning of 360 liposuction?

Possible side-effects of 360 liposuction

One of the issues that patients who undergo 360 liposuctions should expect is the complications of this operation.

Side- effects that can occur in a very small number of patients include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Asymmetric bumps and depressions
  • Protrusion of scars
  • Body contour asymmetry
  • Embolism (in exceptional and possible cases about 0%)

However, with proper care and control, the surgical procedure is satisfactory.

Possible side-effects of 360 liposuction

In what areas of the body can fat transfer or fat injection be performed?

Another expectation that patients should have from Liposuction 360 is fat transfer. Despite the assumptions of patients, the fat can be transferred to only parts of the body.
In fat transplantation or fat injection, fat is removed from areas that have extra fat, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, etc., and is transfered to areas that may be underweight, such as the face, hands, and breasts, or hips.
The results of this method is safe, long-lasting and natural. Every year, thousands of people undergo successful fat transplants and are satisfied with the results.

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Fat transfer through surgery can improve the appearance and limbs and counteract the signs of aging by increasing mass to the desired areas to create the desired contour, as well as rejuvenating the face and body areas.
The fat transfer method uses excess adipose tissue from one area of ​​the body. Excess fats are filtered, purified and then injected into the site after leaving the desired areas.

Can Liposuction remove muscle?

This fat transfer, sometimes called fat transplantation or fat injection, can produce very natural results. Fat transfer can be used to strengthen or rejuvenate the following areas:

360 liposuction:

Fat transfer can be a more natural alternative to cosmetic surgery injections and restore facial mass loss due to the aging process. This method can be used to avoid saggy cheeks or thin parts of the face, nasal wrinkles, marionette lines (wrinkles that go down from the corner of the mouth to the jaw), wrinkles around the eyes, forehead lines and other wrinkles.

areas of the body can fat transfer

Hip fat injection:

Hip size increase is increasingly welcomed today. Using fat transfer through liposuction 360 (also known as Brazilian hip lift (BBL) and without the use of implants (prosthesis), the smallness and unevenness of the buttocks can be corrected. One of the positive features of fat transfer versus hip prosthesis surgery is the prevention of possible postoperative complications in hip prosthesis surgery.


Breast fat injections are often not performed due to many side effects.

360 liposuction With A Tummy Tuck:

If You Are Looking For A Lumpectomy For Breast Cancer, a breast defect, a fat transplant is an effective way to fill the gap. Fat transplantation is also an option for completing breast reconstruction following a mastectomy. However, to achieve sufficient breast mass, this is usually a multi-step process that requires at least two to four consecutive fat transplants.

Who is fat transfer suitable for?

The purpose of fat grafting or fat transfer is to increase the body or to fill in the deficient areas. Grafted or injected areas usually include the hands, face (including lips), depressions (following liposuction and scarring), and buttocks (enlarged). You should definitely have donor areas (accumulated fats) to be able to extract fat from these areas. It is important that you do not have any circulatory problems in terms of physical health.

Fat transfer is suitable for the following people:

  1. People who have lost mass or wrinkles in the face.
  2. People who want permanent correction compared to fillers (temporary skin fillers).
  3. Those who want to improve the contour of their body, cure the wound, fill in the dumps of the body and face. Rejuvenate your hands and face.
Who is fat transfer suitable for?

Liposuction of the hand with fat graft (fat injection in the hand):

Liposuction of the hands is effective in increasing the mass of “fattening” wrinkled areas, covering the arteries, tendons and improving the appearance of the skin on the hands.

What are the different surgical options to achieve the ideal limb after childbirth?

About 6 months to one year after delivery, depending on the condition of each person to perform one or more surgeries, including lipomatous surgery, abdominoplasty, breast lift, and breast prosthesis are simultaneously done.

What is the recovery time and recovery period after postpartum cosmetic surgery?

One more thing the patients should expect is the recovery time after the surgery. Recovery time is determined by the amount of surgery in different people.
For example, in mini-Tommy Tuck surgery (mini-abdominoplasty), it usually takes 1 or 2 nights in the hospital and 1 to 2 weeks of recovery time. In complete abdominoplasty surgery, however, it takes approximately 4 or 5 days to stay in the hospital and then 3 to 4 weeks to recover.
Likewise, breast implant a long recovery period. It makes sense to consider a 1-week recovery for breast lift and prosthesis surgery and a 2-week recovery to reduce breast size.

What is the recovery time

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