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All you need to know about pregnancy & nose job

All you need to know about pregnancy & nose job

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Pregnancy and rhinoplasty

When considering “pregnancy & nose job,” there are important factors regarding the timing and safety of rhinoplasty procedures. Pregnancy causes natural changes to the body, including the nose, that can impact decisions about undergoing plastic surgery.

At the same time, rhinoplasty procedures and recovery place physical demands on the body that must be considered for pregnant women or those planning to become pregnant. Determining the optimal timing for “pregnancy & nose job” requires thorough research and an open conversation with your plastic surgeon.

There are pros and cons to having rhinoplasty before or after pregnancy and necessary precautions if a nose job is performed during pregnancy.

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A brief overview of the timing of a nose job (rhinoplasty) and pregnancy

Here are a few thoughts on the timing of a nose job (rhinoplasty) and pregnancy:

  1. Before pregnancy: Getting a nose job done before pregnancy allows time to fully heal and see the final results before your body changes shape during pregnancy. The surgery and recovery won’t affect a future pregnancy.
  2. After pregnancy: Waiting until after pregnancy stabilizes your body shape before undergoing nose surgery. Pregnancy can cause natural changes to the nose that may impact surgical goals.
  3. Rhinoplasty doesn’t affect future pregnancies or the ability to breastfeed.
  4. Recovery is more manageable without having to care for a newborn. Surgery causes swelling and requires rest, pain medication, and avoiding strenuous activity.
  5. Discuss this with your surgeon if you plan to get pregnant soon after rhinoplasty. They may recommend waiting at least 12 months after surgery before getting pregnant to allow complete healing.
  6. Each woman’s situation is unique. Discuss openly with your plastic surgeon about the right timing for your goals, health, and lifestyle.

I Get a Nose Job Before or After Pregnancy?

 Deciding whether to undergo rhinoplasty before or after pregnancy is an important decision. This section weighs the pros and cons of both options, including impacts on surgery and recovery, risks, and timing considerations.

Getting a nose job before pregnancy allows time for complete healing and to see your final results before the body changes of pregnancy. It’s a good option if you plan to get pregnant within the next couple of years. The downside is recovering while also caring for a newborn.

Getting a nose job after pregnancy means your body shape has stabilized, and any natural nose changes from pregnancy won’t impact your surgical goals. However, you may have to wait at least 6 months after giving birth to allow hormones to normalize. The advantage is you won’t have to recover from surgery while pregnant or immediately after having a baby.

Overall, before or after pregnancy can work, but most surgeons recommend waiting at least 12 months after rhinoplasty before getting pregnant.

Pregnancy before rhinoplasty

If you’re considering rhinoplasty, preparing and recovering gradually is essential, as the process involves both preoperative and postoperative steps. It’s also crucial to remember that the nose’s healing process can take some time.

If you’re planning to become pregnant, it’s recommended to wait until your recuperation period is finished before trying for children.

Most rhinoplasty doctors agree that getting pregnant is safe once the incisions have healed and the cartilage has tightened. Depending on the individual, recovery times typically range from one to two months after surgery. Experts suggest you start trying for pregnancy one month after your rhinoplasty procedure. After the healing phase, there is no medical requirement for delaying pregnancy.


If you’re pregnant, avoid taking any medications after rhinoplasty. Wait until after the swelling has gone down and the nose has healed before becoming pregnant, as additional surgery may be necessary. Anesthesia can also be harmful to the fetus. Pregnancy can cause more swelling around the nose, which may last longer. It’s best to wait six months to a year after the nose operation before getting pregnant.


Patients who have had rhinoplasty should wait six months after the surgery before getting pregnant. Swelling inside the nose during pregnancy can cause breathing problems and affect healing. Other changes during pregnancy, such as nasal congestion and water retention, can also impact the nose after surgery.

Pregnancy after rhinoplasty: dangerous?

There won’t be any risk if there is sufficient time between getting a nose job and being pregnant. The nasal structure has to be corrected, wounds need to heal, and swelling around the nose needs to go. Due to this, it is advised to wait at least six months following rhinoplasty before trying to conceive. In actuality, rhinoplasty is acceptable a year following giving birth.

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Here is an outline of some common FAQs about pregnancy and nose jobs:

Is it safe to get a nose job while pregnant?

Rhinoplasty is typically avoided during pregnancy due to risks to the fetus from anesthesia, medications, and changes in nasal anatomy. Only in rare cases is it considered after a thorough risk assessment.

What’s the best time to get a nose job – before or after pregnancy?

Before allows time to heal before body changes of pregnancy that can alter surgical results. After letting the nose stabilize after pregnancy changes. Most surgeons recommend waiting 12+ months after rhinoplasty before trying to conceive.

How soon after pregnancy can I get a nose job?

Wait at least 3-6 months after giving birth to allow hormones to normalize. If breastfeeding, wait until finished as well.

How will pregnancy affect my nose job results?

Pregnancy can cause natural changes to the shape and structure of the nose that may impact the surgical results of rhinoplasty done before pregnancy.

Is recovery from a nose job harder during pregnancy?

Yes, recovery limitations are more significant during pregnancy. Can’t take strong pain medications. Recommended to avoid strenuous activity and lifting. Increased nausea, swelling, and fatigue.

Can I breastfeed after getting a nose job?

Yes, rhinoplasty should not impact the ability to breastfeed after recovery successfully.

Are nose job results affected by breastfeeding?

Maybe. The hormonal changes may cause subtle changes to the nasal tissues. Results are often preserved, but there is a small risk of alterations in the appearance.

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