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Get a rhinoplasty in Iran or Turkey?

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Get a rhinoplasty in Iran or Turkey?

Rhinoplasty in Iran and Turkey; which one is better to choose? Get a rhinoplasty in Iran or turkey Rhinoplasty or nose job is one of the most popular and effective cosmetic surgeries in the world. The nose is one of the most important parts of the face that has a direct impact on a person’s […]

Table of Contents

Rhinoplasty in Iran and Turkey; which one is better to choose?

Get a rhinoplasty in Iran or turkey

Rhinoplasty or nose job is one of the most popular and effective cosmetic surgeries in the world. The nose is one of the most important parts of the face that has a direct impact on a person’s beauty and attractiveness. that’s why everybody at any age wants to do a nose job.

It is commonly said that a well-formed nose has a positive effect on the face but is not visible. On the other hand, a deformed and disproportionate nose can be seen! Do you want to have a nose job too? if yes, where do you want to do it? of course, you prefer a place with the best quality and price.

If you have read one of our articles about top 5 cheapest countries for rhinoplasty, you know that Iran and Turkey were in the first and second positions. now in this article, we want to decide between rhinoplasty in Iran or rhinoplasty in turkey, which one is better? don’t miss it.

cost of rhinoplasty in iran health agency at very affordable price

What is a rhinoplasty?

What is a rhinoplasty

In general, in rhinoplasty, the skin of the nose and the tissue beneath is removed with the help of a few small incisions to cut and correct the bone and cartilage of the nose.

Then the scalp returns to its desired shape over time. There are many different types of rhinoplasty, depending on what is wrong with your nose.

Now the question arises that before rhinoplasty, what should be considered to be most satisfied with the result of surgery?

Which surgical procedure is appropriate for each person’s rhinoplasty, and by what criteria does the surgeon determine the appropriate shape of your nose? You may be interested to know that facial beauty is also a science and has its own principles.

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What is the best age to get a nose job?

There is a certain age limit for rhinoplasty, and it is recommended that this procedure not be performed before the prescribed age, as it can cause problems for people.

The age of cosmetic surgery is possible in girls from the age of 15 and in boys from the age of 17, provided that they are fully physically and mentally developed and have sufficient motivation.

Who should not have rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is prohibited in children, the elderly, and those with diseases such as cancer, blood diseases, coagulation disorders, and chronic debilitating diseases, acute infections, severe mental illness, and heart disease.

Who needs rhinoplasty?

About 27% of people need rhinoplasty, depending on the individual. Have symptoms such as crooked nose, enlarged or swollen nose, nose deviation, or nasal appendages.

Why everybody wants to have a nose job?

have a nose job

Rhinoplasty or nose job is generally performed to correct the appearance of defects or function of the nose, as well as to improve some breathing problems. These defects may be present at birth or genetically, or may be caused by injury-like abnormalities, such as a broken nose.

If you do this with a doctor with a valid degree and expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery, the side effects will be minimized by eliminating the defects. In addition, rhinoplasty can greatly enhance the beauty of a person’s face by blurring the nose, raising the tip of the nose, and improving the shape of the nostrils.

Due to these effects, this type of surgery and the changes made in the face after it, with the photo of the operated noses, increases day by day.

Rhinoplasty in Iran; cheapest price with the best doctors

rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery has gained a lot of fans in Iran, especially in recent years. According to the British Daily Mail, 200,000 people in Iran undergo rhinoplasty every year with the aim of having smaller noses and more beautiful faces.

Despite the cost of this operation, the number of rhinoplasty surgeries in Iran is 7 times higher than in the United States.

Advantages of rhinoplasty in Iran

  • The lowest price
  • Most famous doctors and surgeons
  • Most famous country in the middle east for health tourism
  • The low cost for postoperative care
  • Best clinics and hospitals with high standards and good price
  • High statistics of satisfied patients in Iran

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Turkey is ranked among the top countries in the world. Their doctors have done successful work in plastic surgery. This has a positive effect on health tourism and, of course, on the country’s economy.

The advantage of lower costs has made Turkey more attractive in this regard. Not only from European countries, but also a large number of patients come to Turkey from Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon.

Advantages of rhinoplasty in Turkey

  • A good cost for nose job
  • One of the top countries in nose job
  • One of the famous countries in the middle east in health tourism
  • Famous and expert doctors for cosmetic surgeries
  • High ranked hospitals for patients

What kinds of rhinoplasty we can get in Iran and Turkey

Beside all the advantages that we’ve mentions, it is important to know that does your destination to the type of nose job that you need? In the continue we are going to talk about the types of nose jobs that doctors can do in both Iran and turkey

Tip Plasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty and its types

Many people tend to make their face more beautiful with rhinoplasty, but there are many problems and concerns that dissuade them: the difficulties of recovery after rhinoplasty, choosing a skilled and reliable surgeon, and figuring out how to operate on them. It is more appropriate to ensure that they reach the proper shape after surgery and …

In the first step, it is recommended that you to read this part and know that choosing a surgeon is one of the most important options for your rhinoplasty. it should be noted that creating the best change with rhinoplasty, apart from the skill and ability of the surgeon, depends on various other factors, including:

  • Skin material and its flexibility
  • Whether the nose is fleshy or bony
  • Structural problems such as deviation in the nasal septum or asymmetry in the holes
  • The amount of balance and fit of the nose with other components of the face
  • The person’s mental image of his face and his expectation of the impact of rhinoplasty on facial beauty

Despite all of this, a specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery, after a thorough examination of the nose and other facial features, counseling and talking to the person, as well as a series of tests and measurements, can determine what type of nose surgery. And how much change is needed. Then the best rhinoplasty procedure that is right for the person is chosen.

In general, the purpose of rhinoplasty in Iran and Turkey is to correct the size and shape of the nose according to other elements of the face. Also, resolving nasal problems and maintaining its positive points can lead to a successful rhinoplasty operation with minimal pain and difficulty.

Also, paying attention to the passage of air and observing the principles of surgery that do not cause any problems in your breathing or even solve your respiratory problems is another goal of rhinoplasty.

It should be noted that the achievement of a standard form and size is based on aesthetic criteria. This means that your surgeon will try to adjust the final size of your nose and its angles to other components of the face and the available distances. The criteria of aesthetics will make your nose and face more beautiful in the public eye.

Rhinoplasty is performed in several general ways depending on the type of problem the person has:

Closed rhinoplasty

In closed rhinoplasty, only a few small incisions are made inside the nostrils to remove the skin from the bone and cartilage. The surgeon does not have enough vision in this procedure and his access to different parts of the nose structure is limited.

Performing this procedure requires more precision and skill and is used more to make smaller and more limited changes. On the other hand, the recovery time for closed nasal surgery is shorter. Also, the scar is not visible after surgery.

To perform surgery in this procedure, no incisions are made on the outside of the nose, and all the necessary changes are made through the nostrils and internal incisions. Given that the surgeon does not have a direct vision for the procedure, he or she must be highly skilled to make the desired changes.

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Advantages of Closed Rhinoplasty

  • Short surgical time
  • Less swelling after surgery
  • Shorter recovery period
  • Better blood circulation

Open Rhinoplasty

In open rhinoplasty, cracks are made in and out of the nostrils and the middle blade so that the skin is removed from the bone. In this case, the surgeon has more access to the structure of the nose and can more easily shape the nose to the desired shape by shaving the bone and shaping the cartilage.

As the name implies, to make an open nose job, an incision is made between the two nostrils to completely separate them. In this case, the skin is removed from the complete nose cartilage and gives the surgeon a better view of the operation.

Advantages of open rhinoplasty

  • View cartilage directly
  • Nose deformity with more control and accuracy

Septoplasty (Nose blade surgery)

Septoplasty, or surgery of the middle septum, is a method of correcting a septal deviation or wall between two nostrils. Septal tilt or deviation may cause problems and defects, including asymmetry in the nostrils, nose tip tilt, respiratory and donkey puffiness, sinus problems, nosebleeds, and so on.

Tip plasty (Tip of the nose surgery)

Tip plasty corrects the shape of the tip of the nose. In this method, by correcting the cartilage of the tip of the nose, it is possible to eliminate the width, size or height of the tip of the nose, as well as its deviation. The Tip plasty can also be useful for those who have a small nose arch. Tip plasty is one of the complementary methods for post-rhinoplasty correction.

Rhinoplasty without anesthesia

This procedure is also known as non-surgical nose hump correction. There is no need for anesthesia to correct the hump above the nose. With just a local anesthetic and splitting the top of the nose, the bone is shaved to remove the hump and bulge on the nose.

Ethnic rhinoplasty in Iran

Ethnic rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgeries among Africans, Americans and Asians with relatively wide noses.
For more information and the price of this type of surgery, refer to the ethnic rhinoplasty in iran.

Tips for a more effective rhinoplasty

Tips for a more effective rhinoplasty

To minimize the complications and risks of rhinoplasty, which is known for its light and uncomplicated cosmetic procedures, you need to be extremely careful in choosing your doctor. This is also necessary to maximize the satisfaction of the operation.

To be sure, ask your surgeon all your questions. These questions can be about your doctor’s degree and experience in this field. You can test your choice by looking at photos of your nose and measuring them with your own taste.

Ask questions about how to perform the operation and the complications after the operation so that you can be more satisfied with the operation. For example, if you want your nose to look normal after surgery, a doctor who does a fancy nose job may not be the right choice for you.

At this point, you need to consider what your nose looks like. Is your operation a bony nose operation or is it within the scope of a fleshy nose operation? If your nose is fleshy, ask your doctor about returning the meat after the operation.

Restricting this practice is the only age for people to grow. Of course, people who are not physically fit for any surgery should also avoid it. Girls must be at least 15 or 16 years old before surgery.

Boys must also be at least 17 or 18 years old. Otherwise, as the person grows, the shape of the nose will change.

Due to the fact that physical beauty plays a very important role in human life, rhinoplasty has a significant ability to create a better feeling and increase one’s self-confidence.

In fact, it is undeniable that rhinoplasty is a positive experience for the vast majority of those who perform it.

Many studies show that the majority of people who have had rhinoplasty are psychologically better off. An important point to consider in order to have a great experience is to choose a professional, capable and trustworthy doctor whose performance is in line with our wishes.

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