Can I have rhinoplasty with fillers?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A brief summary of the article:

What is a nose filler and rhinoplasty? Nose filler injection is a cosmetic surgery in Iran that does not require rhinoplasty in Iran. By carefully injecting the gel into the nose, a specialist can raise the tip of the nose and smooth out the curvature of the septum. Correction of the shape of the nose […]

What is a nose filler and rhinoplasty?

Nose filler injection is a cosmetic surgery in Iran that does not require rhinoplasty in Iran. By carefully injecting the gel into the nose, a specialist can raise the tip of the nose and smooth out the curvature of the septum. Correction of the shape of the nose by using the filter method is not permanent, and if its result is not satisfactory, it will return to its original state after a few months.

If you have a nasal hump, this method can solve your problem. A filter with a volume that creates in prominent areas makes the surface of the nose uniform. Also, people with a concave and sunken nasal septum will achieve a good and desired result by injecting gel.

You can also get more information from the article Considerations before rhinoplasty in Iran.

Types of nose fillers

Nose fillers have a variety of effective compounds used in fillers to correct the shape of the nose.

Nose filler has two types of effective compounds that increase collagen and elastin production, which are the builders of skin.

The fillers are still visible after a few months of their cleaning. There are fillers in different brands, some of which work better and give good results, which is why experts use them.

Types of nose fillers

The difference between nose filler and nose job in Iran

Filler nose correction suits people who fear nose surgery and want to make their nose more angular. In general, it can be said that nose filler is suitable for making small changes in the nose.

If you are looking for significant changes in the shape of your nose, consider nose surgery and consult your doctor about choosing any treatment.

Advantages of nose filler

  • Nasal correction with filler allows you to avoid anaesthesia.
  • Short recovery period and rapid recovery
  • After this procedure, you can return to work and regular activities as soon as the same or the next day.
  • The cost of “rhinoplasty in Iran” without surgery is much lower than traditional rhinoplasty in Iran.

Disadvantages of nose filler and rhinoplasty

  1. If you are looking for a dramatic and permanent change in your appearance, this method may not meet your requirements.
  2. There are complications such as bruising and swelling.
  3. There is a possibility that a wrong needle will cause damage.
  4. This is a relatively new method, so long-term side effects have not yet been well studied.
  5. Insurance does not cover any costs.
nose filler and rhinoplasty

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

1. The results of rhinoplasty are permanent.

2. Using a nose job, you can make general changes to your nose and achieve mental results.

3. This method is not new, so the side effects and possible side effects are well-studied and known.

4. If you have a related medical problem, such as respiratory problems, insurance can cover it.

Disadvantages of Rhinoplasty

1. If the result is unsatisfactory, in addition to waiting for recovery, you must do a nose job; you cannot do other things.

2. This procedure is usually performed in a hospital under general anaesthesia.

3. The risks of infection are much higher.

4. It costs significantly more than a nose filler.

Disadvantages of Rhinoplasty

Boney nose filler

People with bony noses are better candidates for gel injections. These people are usually dissatisfied with their nasal hump. The doctor injects the filler up and down to remove the bulge and flattens the septum. Some bony noses are sagging, and a visual error can be created by injecting gel into the tip of the nose.

Your dermatologist may also recommend a nose lift with thread after a nose examination. The thread has a better effect on lifting the nose and removing its sagging. The filler also eliminates the nasal hump. In the thread lift method, the doctor inserts a particular thread under the skin and pulls it upwards.

Fleshy nose filler

Nose filler is used in many nose models. The shape of the fleshy noses is corrected by properly injecting the gel. Of course, all non-surgical methods make minor changes. For dramatic changes, your doctor may recommend nose surgery. People with vast and fleshy noses do not get the desired result from injecting fillers. But the doctor injects filler into the septum and tip of the nose for smaller noses.

People with fleshy noses are better off using nose shrinkage methods such as nose shrinkage ampoules instead of fillers. This ampoule contains the HYALURONIDASE enzyme and is injected under anaesthesia. Usually, one session is insufficient for this method, and the doctor will prescribe between 2 and 6 sessions of treatment depending on the nose size.

Fleshy nose filler

How to inject filler into the nose?

To perform a nose filler injection, the applicant must lie down until the injection site is immaculate. The hyaluronic acid filler is injected with a thin needle into the determined areas. There are various fillers for injections, including Juvederm. It is usually done after nose injection molding.

After the injection, some instructions need to be followed, and one of them is not to use glasses for a short time. The nose filler injection is completed in 10 minutes and quickly shows the results. The durability of nose filler injections is between 12 to 18 months, and re-treatment can prolong the results.

Familiarity with the different types of nose filter gels

1. Nose gel containing hyaluronic acid

2. Hyaluronic acid maintains skin moisture and also improves the hydration of the skin. These gels are used to decrease different depressions in the face.

In cases where hyaluronic gel is used, it is as follows:

1. Eliminate acne scars

2. Increase species size

3. Fix frown lines and crow’s feet lines

4. Fix the smile line

5. Nose lift

Hyaluronic acid is a completely natural substance that can be found in the body of every human being. This gel has become one of the most popular fillers today.

In cases where hyaluronic gel is used, it is as follows:

The gel containing calcium hydroxyapatite

Calcium hydroxyapatite is naturally present in every individual’s bone. This compound is very similar to minerals, which is often used to remove moderate to severe wrinkles.

The most common uses of this gel for wrinkles are:

1.Lines on the nose

2. For volume in different areas of the face

Hydroxyapatite gels are produced biosynthetically. Biosynthetic means a completely natural gel that is not used in animal products. This gel also reduces allergic reactions.

Depending on the composition of the fillers, there are different instructions for how to prepare them. Your doctor should give you detailed instructions on what to do or not to do before injecting fillers.

The following are the recommendations of experts in this field.

1. Avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, vitamin E, and other blood-thinning supplements in the week before the filler injection. If you are taking blood thinners, ensure your doctor knows about them.

2. Be aware of your vitamin K levels to decrease the risk of bruising. In the weeks before the injection, eat plenty of green leafy vegetables to boost your vitamin K levels.

3. Drink plenty of water before the injection session and eat a full meal, but do not overeat, as you may feel nauseous during or after the injection. It is also recommended to eat foods containing starch and protein.

Cost of nose filler

  • Factors affecting the cost of nose fillers include the following:
  • Examination of the type of nose by a specialist
  • What are your expectations of the amount of nose filler used
  • If you need a lot of gel to fill in the empty parts of the nose, the cost of nose gel injection will also increase
  • Filler type
  • Some gels also cost more as they last longer
Cost of nose filler

Care after gel injection

Due to the amount of filler injected into the nose, many people can return to work immediately. You should avoid scratching this area after the injection. Rubbing and pressing on fillers is harmful and should be avoided. In fact, you should allow the filler to adapt to the lines under the skin and stabilize in place.

The filler stabilizes within 4 to 7 days, and the results are visible. Disharmonious bulges on the nose are smoothed out. Experts usually recommend that you drink plenty of water in the first few days after the injection to increase the durability of the filler.

The durability of nose filler

The filler is utilized to add volume to the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose or the roughness in various areas. People with a large hump on their nose or a nose with acute deformities (deviations resulting form fracture and breathing problems from nose deviation) are more likely to have nose jobs because they may need ever-lasting prostheses.

Nose filler injections are usually repeated for individuals depending on the circumstances and expectations and the specialist’s discretion to achieve the desired result. The filler is smoothly injected into the nose and endures for 6 to 18 months when the patient reaches the desired face. Because the body naturally metabolizes hyaluronic acid over time, most patients return for it every 6 to 12 months to keep their noses looking their best. Filler-based rhinoplasty in Iran provides immediate results and is a straightforward procedure.

A suitable candidate for nose filler injection

  1. A person whose bridge of the nose is slightly lower than usual.
  2. A person with a slight nose hump can be injected with gel on both sides to create a uniform appearance in the bridge of the nose.
  3. People with asymmetry or slight nose indentation can be covered with a minimal gel injection.
  4. To fill the area connecting the nose to the upper lip in the middle line in a person with this sharp angle.
  5. People who have had nose surgery in Iran before have minor problems and want to correct it without surgery, such as roughness or indentation on the surface and tip of the nose.
  6. People who have a recessed bridge of the nose and their nose looks short can show a taller nose by injecting filler and filling the bridge of the nose.
Suitable candidate for nose filler injection

Combination methods with nasal gel

The nose is one of the parts determined to be proportional to other face parts. The filler enlarges the nose by creating volume. Some people may have narrow lips, and their noses may appear large after injecting the gel. In this case, the volume of the lip can be increased. Lip augmentation is possible by injecting a gel or lip prosthesis.

Some people also have sagging skin. When the filler is injected into the nose, the skin in this area is smoothed, and wrinkles are removed. In this case, the sagging skin of other parts of the face is more visible than before. A dermatologist recommends a facelift for these people. Facelift is performed by gel injection, thread, Botox in Iran or surgery.

Filler injection is used to correct which part of the nose?

In the filler injection method for correcting the shape of the nose, filler injection usually corrects the nose’s bridge, the nose’s tip, and uneven areas. People with large humps in the nose or severe nasal deformity are not good candidates for non-invasive rhinoplasty. Because filling with filler is not able to eliminate these types of deformities.

Some people are not sure if a nose job will have a positive effect on their face. One way to understand this is to use temporary methods such as filler injections. If they are satisfied with their face with this method, they can proceed to a “nose job”  next time instead of extending the filler.


Can you get a rhinoplasty if you have a filler?

Yes, you can get rhinoplasty if you have filler in your nose. However, waiting 6-12 months after getting filler injections before undergoing rhinoplasty surgery is generally recommended. This allows time for the fillers to dissipate entirely.

How long before rhinoplasty should I dissolve filler?

If you currently have filler in your nose and plan to get a rhinoplasty soon, you should consult your surgeon about whether you need to dissolve the filler first. This may need to be done several weeks or months before the surgery.

Can you straighten your nose with filler?

Fillers can be used to help refine or straighten certain areas of the nose. However, the filler cannot significantly alter the underlying nasal structure or change shape or alignment significantly. For more substantial changes in the nasal profile, surgery is needed.

Can I get rhinoplasty if I have Botox?

Yes, you can get a rhinoplasty even with Botox injections. But you’ll want to follow your surgeon’s specific recommendations on discontinuing Botox use before surgery. Botox does not usually interfere with rhinoplasty.

Is nose filler gone wrong?

If filler in your nose results in complications like lumpiness, unevenness or incorrect placement, see an experienced injector. They may be able to massage, dissolve or correct the filler to improve the appearance.

Non-surgical nose job?

A non-surgical nose job subtly uses dermal filler injections to change the nasal contour. However, results are temporary and not a replacement for rhinoplasty surgery to alter the underlying structure.

Permanent nose filler?

There are no genuinely permanent injectable nose fillers available. Even the longest-lasting options like Bellafill last up to 5 years. For permanent reshaping or alteration of the nose, surgery is required.

How to dissolve nose filler naturally?

There is no natural or at-home method to dissolve nasal filler properly. You must see a qualified injector to dissolve it to receive hyaluronidase injections or similar dissolving agents. Do not try other methods to dissolve filler yourself.
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