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15 common questions about Iran medical visa

Iran Health Agency > blog > 15 common questions about Iran medical visa
15 common questions about Iran medical visa

Iran medical visa is for individuals who have chosen Iran for general treatment or cosmetic operations. In this article we will go through short and direct answers to the common questions about Iran medical visa .stay tuned please. Due to devaluation of Iran currency and existence of plenty of experienced and knowledgeable surgeons and specialist […]

Table of Contents

Iran medical visa is for individuals who have chosen Iran for general treatment or cosmetic operations.

In this article we will go through short and direct answers to the common questions about Iran medical visa .stay tuned please.

  1. What is Iran medical visa?

Due to devaluation of Iran currency and existence of plenty of experienced and knowledgeable surgeons and specialist Iran has become a very popular destination for   medical and treatment trip.

Iran medical visa one the must –need documents for entering Iran.

What is Iran medical visa?
  1. What is necessary document to apply for Iran medical visa?

To apply for Iran medical visa you need to send us:

  • A copy of first page of your passport
  • A personal photo
  • An invitation letter from your doctor
  • IPD letter from hospital
  • Some information from you like email address, address, your dad name, occupation and etc.
  1. What should be the features of personal photo for Iran medical visa?

The formal or personal photo should meet some criterial which are so simple

  • No mask, hat or glasses on your face
  • – Your face must be entirely visible; no hair or other things should cover part of your face;
  • – The background of the photo must be a flat, homogeneous surface with a plain color (preferably but not necessarily white). A plain wall would be a perfect background.
  • – The photos must be something similar to the samples provided below. There are no limitations in clothes and their color. Women can either send a photo with or without hijab.
iranian medical visa
  1. What is the IPD letter?

IPD stands for International Patient Department. This license is required for hospitals and clinics that intend to accept international patients. In fact, it can be said that only hospitals can operate in the field of medical tourism that receive IPD licenses. They can then set up an IPD unit in the hospital. The activities of this unit include the following:

The hospital’s IPD unit estimates the approximate cost of treatment according to the disease and informs the patient before the trip.

This unit performs all the work related to the patient’s admission to the hospital and the stages of his treatment, and coordinates the operating room, the doctor, the inpatient room, financial matters, etc. for the patient.

Coordination of out-of-hospital work, including reception at the airport, hotel reservation, translator and all tourism and welfare activities during the patient’s stay in Iran, is the responsibility of the IPD unit.

The hospital's IPD unit estimates

IPD certification is available for all public or private hospitals that meet the minimum standards for admitting outpatients. Therefore, hospitals with excellent grades, one or at least two can apply for this license. Of course, getting an IPD is the first step in attracting an international patient. After that, the hospital should start branding and introduce itself to the world with the right advertisements.

IPD unit members

The IPD unit of hospitals and medical centers has a number of members, each of whom is responsible and provides the necessary services to the outpatient. The members of the IPD unit are:

IPD Committee: This committee is responsible for formulating executive policies and defining the hospital’s goals in providing services to international patients.

IPD expert: Certainly the foreign patient is not familiar with the process of work and treatment in Iran. He entered the country with an Iranian medical visa and wants to receive the best medical services. In these cases, all medical services from the patient’s admission to his discharge from the hospital are entrusted to a person who is aware of the rules and has the title of IPD expert. The IPD specialist makes the necessary arrangements for the patient’s hospitalization, coordination with the physician, estimation of treatment costs, and other matters related to this ward. In fact, all the activities that should be done in the field of health services are coordinated by an expert.

IPD unit of hospitals

IPD Physician: An IPD physician is a person who oversees all patient-related work. Initial visit of the patient, providing initial instructions, coordination with the receiving physician, coordination with the head nurse and nurses to do the work, daily visit of the patient, preparation of the case summary, coordination with the computer manager to prepare the electronic file, follow-up of emergency events, etc. IPD.

Admitting physician: The receiving physician is responsible for treating the patient.

Care team: The care team is a group that accompanies the patient during the hospital stay and accompanies him / her in the treatment process. An interpreter who conducts conversations between the patient and the treatment staff and the person in charge of the patient’s relationship with the IPD are part of this team.

Facilitator Company: In addition to the above information, there is a company called Medical Tourism Services Facilitator. The company sets up a contract between the patient and the hospital and actually introduces the patient to the hospital. All tourism and welfare services related to the patient and his companions are provided by this company.

Iran health agency have contract with many hospitals having international patients departments.

  1. How long should be validity of passport to apply for Iran medical visa?

Your passport needs at least 6 months validity from the time you enter Iran.

When we are submitting your passport information on foreign affair ministry if the validity be less than 6 month the system automatically shows error .then you should get new passport with adequate validity

How long should be validity of passport to apply for Iran medical visa?
  1. How long is Iran medical visa valid?

After we get you the confirmation foreign ministry affairs give 3 months’ time to go to consulate to pick up your visa.

In consulate they give you 1-3 months validity to enter Iran.

When you enter Iran you can stay 30 days.

  1. Can I extend my medical visa when I am in Iran?

Yes if your treatment process need longer time with offering some documents to foreign police you can extend it to 90 days .for more information read this article What is Iran medical visa? 

  1. How much is Iran medical visa fee?

There is 2 stage of payment for Iran medical visa

  • Depending on your nationality it starts from 80 to 100 dollars.
  • Second payment is in Iranian embassy located in your country, it is like as consulate fee it varies from 30-70 dollars depending on your nationality.
  1. Is there any refund in case of rejection?

Iran health agency refund the full fee in case you be rejected. Rejection cases are so limited in our agency due to our positive resume.

  1. How to pay for medical visa?

You can pay through western union, Iran health agency pay pal account or bank account.

How much is Iran medical visa fee?
  1. How long does Iran medical visa take to be confirmed?

IRAN medical visa for most of nationalities take 7 to 10 business days .but Americans, British and Canadian should expect longer time like 30-45 working days.

  1. Can I apply for medical visa online?

From the corona virus pandemic you cannot apply online for any kind of visa on your own. On the other hand you need some especial document that agency can provide you easier.

So medical visa should be applied only by travel agency or medical tourism company.

  1. Which nationality can enter Iran with Iran medical visa?

Iran health agency can get Iran medical visa for any nationalities .should be mentioned that only Israeli passports are not allowed to enter Iran.

  1. Can I get Iran medical visa upon arrival?

In the corona pandemic duration any type of visa upon arrival is impossible for any nationality.

For tourist visa you can submit your visa if you have got the confirmation in advance.

  1. Do I need vaccine certification to apply for Iran medical visa?

Vaccination certificate is not necessary for applying for the visa .but for entering to Iran is one of the obligations.

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