What is the difference between fleshy and bony nose?

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Table of Contents

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Fleshy nose and bony nose difference One of the main and most influential factors in the appearance and face of any person is his nose, that’s why we see significant changes in people’s faces after cosmetic surgery. The proof of this claim is the difference in people’s faces in before and after nose surgery photos. […]

Fleshy nose and bony nose difference

One of the main and most influential factors in the appearance and face of any person is his nose, that’s why we see significant changes in people’s faces after cosmetic surgery. The proof of this claim is the difference in people’s faces in before and after nose surgery photos. But the result after nose surgery is not the same in all people and the reason for this is the difference in the shape of the nose. In general, people’s noses can be divided into two main categories, and during the consultation for rhinoplasty in Iran, your doctor will ask which category you belong to; Bony nose or fleshy nose.

Which category you fall into affects the outcome of the surgery. In this article, we are trying to present the characteristics of two large categories of fleshy nose and bony nose. Stay with us.

Characteristics of fleshy noses

In terms of skin thickness, fleshy noses have thicker skin compared to bony noses, and in terms of appearance, fleshy noses have wide and drooping nose tips. In terms of tissue and cartilages, fleshy noses have weak tissue and cartilages, and the lack of cartilage and bone bank is one of the prominent signs of fleshy noses.

How do I know if we have a fleshy nose?

To detect a fleshy nose, you can slightly press the tip of the nose between two fingers, then you will see some fat oozing from the tip of the nose, which often does not happen with bony noses; This exudation of fat is because there are active sebaceous glands in fleshy noses.

Bony nose feature

Bony noses, however, in terms of skin thickness, have thin, medium and flexible skin, and due to the thinness of the nose skin, bony details are clearly visible from under the skin, and if we want to say in terms of appearance, bony noses have a hump on the bridge of the nose.  Bony noses have strong tissue and cartilage in terms of texture and cartilage.

Fleshy nose surgery

One of the ideas that exist in the minds of people who want to operate their fleshy nose is that the fleshy nose operation is reversible and changes the shape after the “stuffy nose” surgery, or that this operation is very difficult.

In the past, perhaps due to the traditional nature of this operation and the lack of use of correct techniques, there was a possibility of changing the shape of the nose after the operation, which was due to the surgery to reduce the tissue of the fleshy nose. After the operation, we could see the tip of the nose drooping, due to the reduction of the volume of the cartilage and tissue of the nose and the reversibility of the nose.

With this method, the shape of the nose would change after the operation. But nowadays, with the new methods used in performing this operation, doctors assure the patients that the nose will not change after the surgery. In this type of surgery, the goal is to reduce the tip of the nose and make it elegant so that its vulnerable cartilages are not damaged. In order to make the tip of the nose thinner and shape, the fat under the nose should be removed, if this is not done carefully, it can lead to deformity in the tip of the nose.

In this method, as little cartilage as possible is removed from the nose, and only in cases where the cartilage has made the shape and arch of the nose unattractive, the cartilage is reduced. And sometimes it is possible for the surgeon to take help from the cartilage of the ear and graft it to the nose in order to strengthen the cartilage.

Bony nose surgery

Bony rhinoplasty is performed in open and closed methods, in which the surgeon can carefully work on the details of the nose with incisions on the blade and nose blades. But in the closed nasal septum method, there is no incision and the incisions are made inside the nose.

In bony nose surgery, the more the number of strong bones and cartilages in the nose, the more likely it is that the patient will achieve the desired result.

* One of the things that cause problems in bony nose surgery is excessive thinness of the nasal skin, which can cause the surgeon to face problems.

Also, rhinoplasty can solve problems such as nasal septum deviation, nasal crookedness, respiratory disorders, nasal polyps and broken nose, etc.

Complications and disadvantages of fleshy and bony nose surgery

  • Bruising, swelling and inflammation of the relevant area
  • Obstruction and congestion of the nose caused by internal swelling of the nose
  • The possibility of piercing the septum or nasal wall
  • infection
  • The possibility of asymmetry of the nose compared to the face
  • Need for revision nose job
  • Bad-smelling nasal discharge

The cost of fleshy and bony nose surgery

The cost of this operation is estimated by a specialist depending on the type of fleshy or bony nose and the type of operation it requires and according to the problems and abnormalities of the nose. However, due to the subtleties required during the operation, nose surgery is considered more difficult than other nose surgeries, and its cost is calculated according to the size of the nose and the type of surgery.

Does the fleshy nose return to its previous state after the operation?

In the past, we saw that some nose cosmetic procedures changed after some time. But today, with the advanced techniques that are considered for nose surgery, it can be said that there is no difference between flesh or bone nose surgery.

In fact, the most important issue regarding nose surgeries is the thickness of the nose skin. The thicker the skin of your nose, the easier the operation will be. If the skin of the nose is too thin, it makes it a bit difficult for the surgery.

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