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When can I wear makeup after rhinoplasty

When can I wear makeup after rhinoplasty

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It is normal to want to wear makeup during the post-operative phase of rhinoplasty to conceal bruises and make you feel better in general. That’s fine! However, it’s crucial not to make the cast wet. Since if it gets wet, it will fall off before the 7-day post-surgery removal deadline and may affect your surgery outcome.

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makeup on nose after rhinoplasty

When can I put makeup on nose after rhinoplasty?

wear makeup after rhinoplasty

Surgeons usually say not to apply any pressure to the nose for around 3 to 4 weeks after a rhinoplasty. However, the exact amount of time you must wait before applying make-up on the nose after rhinoplasty is determined by a few considerations, the most important of which is the method of rhinoplasty.

The incisions for closed rhinoplasty would be made inside the nose. As a result, there will be no noticeable bruises, less bleeding, and a quicker healing time. If you underwent a closed rhinoplasty, you will be able to wear make-up a few days after the surgery. The time it takes to put on makeup after open rhinoplasty is normally much longer. Most surgeons recommend waiting a month or more before doing makeup on your nose.

Keep in mind that a cast would be placed on your nose after surgery, and you must keep the cast dry for about a week.

When can I put makeup on my face after rhinoplasty?

Almost all patients experience bruising and swelling after rhinoplasty. If you can tolerate just let them disappear gradually after 1-2 weeks. If you can’t stand bruises and you need to return to work, swelling and bruising can be largely hidden with the use of cosmetics and foundations including a tinted sunscreen. In general, patients can usually wear makeup right away as long as they avoid the operated area. After about two weeks, they can resume wearing eye makeup as well.

makeup on face after nose surgery

What cosmetics you use depends on the type and color of your skin. It is usually best to use mineral-based cosmetics and green-based foundations to better hide swelling and bruising. Just keep in mind that when applying make-up, do not apply them within 1 cm of the edge of the cast or nasal incisions. Do not use water to remove your makeup in the first week, but you can gently use a cleansing cloth or eye makeup remover.

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Protect your skin from the sun after rhinoplasty

Protect your skin from the sun after rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty, the skin around the nose will become more sensitive to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The sun’s UV rays can change the color of the skin, especially in the surgical area. This color change may not go away over time and become a problem.

To protect your nose, it is better not to be exposed to the sun, and if you have to go out, use sunscreen and a hat.

Use sunscreens that do not clog pores, as clogged pores can become problematic after rhinoplasty in Iran and may cause pimples and acne. Most doctors recommend using sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or 40. A higher SPF will clog pores and cause acne and pimples.

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Continue to use moisturizers after rhinoplasty

use moisturizers after nose surgery

If you were used to using moisturizing cream to prevent dry skin, it is recommended that you do not give up this habit after a nose job. It is also recommended to avoid products with active ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acid or retinoids. The presence of these agents in health and beauty products can irritate skin and make it more sensitive to sunlight. In addition, they dry the skin, while the goal of skincare after rhinoplasty is to have healthy and moist skin.

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How to wear makeup after rhinoplasty?

How to wear makeup after nose surgery

Putting on makeup after rhinoplasty can necessitate extra caution. Always keep in mind that after surgery, the skin becomes more vulnerable, so you must take precautions to prevent any harm in order to achieve the desired results.

  • Make sure everything is clean before applying makeup after a nose job. Before applying makeup, make sure your skin is clean and that you’re using clean brushes and cosmetic products.
  • After rhinoplasty, you must use extreme caution when applying and removing makeup. When using makeup, applying more pressure to your face will irritate the wounds and delay the healing process.
  • After rhinoplasty, it’s important to prevent clogged pores. Since some cosmetics can clog your pores, it’s important to choose the right cosmetics. Also, use it sparingly.
  • To allow your skin to breathe and recover, avoid using powders, blushes, and some foundations.

When you first start wearing makeup after rhinoplasty, be cautious and stay away from the surgery site. Makeup and certain cosmetics can irritate incisions and cause infection, preventing proper healing and achieving desired results, as well as posing a health risk.

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