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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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NO matter what the gender is, hair loss negatively affects self-stem. and in some cases it is only hair transplant to retrieve your confidence. Hassle-free surgery is a big lie! so stay tuned to learn more about hair transplant without surgery. every things about hair transplant without surgery. Thanks to the improvement of medical technology. […]

NO matter what the gender is, hair loss negatively affects self-stem. and in some cases it is only hair transplant to retrieve your confidence.

Hassle-free surgery is a big lie! so stay tuned to learn more about hair transplant without surgery.

every things about hair transplant without surgery.

Thanks to the improvement of medical technology. many safe and cost-effective non-surgical methods have replaced with surgical ones.

Hair transplantation is one of those fields having alternatives. The aim of this content is comparing durability, effectiveness and price of non-surgical hair transplant methods.

1-hair transplant with PRP

hair transplant without surgery


to begin the process of hair transplantation by PRP method, some blood is taken from the person. The blood components are separated using a centrifuge to increase platelet concentration.

Platelets have a wide range of growth factors and they are responsible for the treatment and recovery.

These concentrated platelets then enter the skull to stimulate hair growth. In this method of hair transplantation, the patient’s stem cells, called follicular precursor cells, are activated.

Because of the richness of platelets and the presence of growth factors, PRP assists in the growth of cells at the designated site.

You may have been asked what are the side effects or the pros of this procedure, fortunately it has no hindrance and is an effective treatment for men and women suffering from hair loss.


The results obtained from a series of injection sessions with ProPlasmaTM solution will not be permanent. Because this solution only keeps the existing hair in the growth phase. Therefore, if complementary therapies sessions don’t be done to maintain the results, the hair density will return to its original state before treatment.

But by completing sessions every 3 to 6 months, the results can be well maintained.


The initial results of treatment are visible up to two months thereafter, and the full effects of hair restoration are achieved 1 year after treatment.


Multiple factors define the PRP ‘S price including destination, reputation of specialist, number of sessions.

For instance, prp injection in Iran starts from 200$ per session.


The PRP hair transplant can be used even for cases of extremely acute hair loss but generally This method is recommended for those who have live follicles on the head and have not yet reached 100% balance.

hairline lowering by hair transplant in Iran

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2- hair transplant with Mesotherapy

hair transplant with Mesotherapy


It is a method of injecting the necessary nutrients and minerals (including acids, collagen, etc.) as well as vitamins beneficial to the scalp. Employing the method will prevent those who have had hair loss due to a lack of the necessary vitamins and minerals from falling out .and even some of the dead hair follicles are likely to re-grow.


After all the sessions get done the hair loss will be stopped and existing hair will get thicker.

Noted that for maintaining the result you had better repeat the procedure every year.


Because hair follicles in the middle layer of the skin are stimulated by hair mesotherapy, hair loss can be completely reduced or stopped.

Nutrition of Hair Cells: Since hair mesotherapy requires nutrients directly injected into their roots, hair loss stops significantly.

Makes hair healthier and stronger

Hair loss is not just about hair loss: hair loss can also be due to thinning, fragility of hair and loss of volume. Mesotherapy leads to thickening and more density of hair.

Since in the mesotherapy of hair, the nutrients needed by the hair cells are injected directly into the hair follicles, the cells may be rebuilt


the cost of this treatment is not high and this makes most people use it. If your hair has fallen out due to hormonal imbalance, go for mesotherapy immediately. The cost of mesotherapy for each vial (5 cc) is 100$ .


This method is useful for those who have been diagnosed with a doctor due to a lack of minerals and vitamins needed for hair follicles to grow. Why people may lack these substances and cause different causes (eg pregnancy, stress, skin diseases, wounds, inheritance, etc.)

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3- hair transplant with Microneedling

hair transplant with Microneedling

Microneedling Is actually a method stopping hair loss.


Microneedling is actually one of the methods of treatment for hair loss that is very popular nowadays and is used more often than other treatments to prevent hair loss. This type of treatment cures hair loss by using a device called dermaroller if the hair follicles are not destroyed. Nowadays, research has shown that proteins and other substances in the body play an important and effective role in hair growth, stimulating the growth of the hair. One of the tasks of Microneedling  is to stimulate these small skin bumps.


Hair loss treatment should be permanent. Continuous treatments are recommended to keep your hair as healthy as possible.


After fulfilling the number of prescribed sessions the hair loss will be fully stopped


Microneedling is a cheaper treatment than hair implantation or transplantation, which is performed periodically over a specified period of is around 80$ per session.


the people below are not candidate for microneedling:

Women who are pregnant

Men and women with diabetes, hemophilia or other diseases that slow down skin repair.

People taking blood thinners or similar drugs.

People with open wounds. In general, anyone with active acne or open sores on their skin is not allowed to use microneedling.

The most serious complication of microdeletion is infection, and this usually occurs when there is an open wound on the scalp. To prevent infection, you need to sterilize it before using the dermaroler.

Mesotherapy and microneedling or mesotherapy an Prp

Mesotherapy and microneedling or mesotherapy an Prp

combination of Mesotherapy with 2 other mentioned methods above will lead to sooner and noticeable outcome.

Since Mesotherapy Is amethod of transferring necessary nutrition to hair  ,there is no limitation of mixing it with other restoration procedures.

All in all, you have to be honest with the fact that methods like PRP ,mesotherapy and microneedling have a reinforcing effect and never create new hair, reinforce existing hair, even if those hair that are  weak and thin (or prevent hair loss). All over the world they only use (hair transplants) to create new hair and increase their density.

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