Can I take a bath during IVF stimulation? [Guide for bathing during IVF]

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Table of Contents

A brief summary of the article:

Before, we talked about IVF Do’s and Don’ts, and now we want to focus on the specific questions if you don’t know about it, that can damage all your effort and money for having a baby. In this blog post, We mentioned most of your concerns and addressed them about bathing during IVF treatment.
A quick overview:
When people are undergoing IVF stimulation, they are usually advised not to take hot baths, hot tubs, or long hot showers because they could hurt the growing embryos.
The water you take a bath in must be warm, not hot. By doing this, you will increase the chances of IVF success. Let us explain more. A few things could go wrong if you take a hot bath during IVF treatment. The heat from the tub can raise the body's core temperature, making it harder to get pregnant and damaging the treatment. Also, hot baths could lead to illnesses, especially during the two-week wait (TWW) after egg collection.
For the first important question, start with the following;

How long before IVF stimulation should you avoid taking a bath?

When you’re undergoing IVF stimulation, it’s usually best not to take a bath 36 hours before egg collection. At this time, you will get an injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), known as the “pregnancy hormone” that helps your ovaries produce eggs. 

During fertility stimulation, it’s usually safe to take warm showers. However, avoiding hot baths before bed and any sudden temperature changes is best. 

What is the ideal temperature for a bath during IVF stimulation?

Most experts agree that a warm bath should be between 90 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit (32 and 40 degrees Celsius). This range is above body temperature and is safe and comfy.

The process helps keep risks as low as possible during IVF treatment. It’s always best to talk to your doctor for personalized advice, but staying in this temperature range should keep you warm and safe.

Next, let’s talk about cold bathing;

Can taking a cold bath during IVF stimulation affect the quality of eggs?

The quick answer is that taking a cold bath during IVF stimulation may not directly affect the quality of eggs.

Some health benefits of cold baths include lowering insulin resistance and stimulating brown fat, which are suitable for metabolic health. However, there is no direct evidence that cold baths can improve the quality of eggs during IVF stimulation. Egg quality is essential for IVF success and is mainly affected by age, diet, stress levels, surroundings, and hormonal balance. Paying attention to these things can improve egg production. 

Take note:

If you have any specific questions or concerns about IVF treatment, you should always talk to a fertility specialist. They can give you advice tailored to your unique needs.

What other ways to relax during IVF stimulation besides taking a bath?

To calm down during IVF stimulation besides taking a bath, try these other ideas:

  • Deep breathing and gradual muscle relaxation are good things to do.
  •  To calm your body and mind, take ten slow, deep breaths.
  • To ease stress, tense and relax different muscle groups.
  • Do light exercises like yoga, walks, or tai chi.
  • Light exercise can make you feel good by releasing serotonin.
  • Try ways to calm down, like meditating, writing in a book, or listening to relaxing music.
  •  Calm the mind and help you find peace inside.
  • Let go of what you thought would happen and live in the present. Say no to extra activities to keep yourself from taking on too much.
  • Add alternative therapies like acupuncture to your routine.
  •  Some studies show that acupuncture may help with IVF.

The important thing is to find the best ways to relax and make them a regular part of your life during the stimulation process of IVF (you must make some lifestyle changes in fertility treatment to have your dream family). Managing your worry and living a healthy life can help the treatment process.

General question about bathing in the IVF process 

Based on the experience of IranHealthAgency’s IVF services  in collaboration with the best IVF center in Iran, we collect your most general questions about bathing; check them maybe there be your question: 

  • Can I take a bath during IVF?

Yes, you can bathe during most IVF stages, but you have to keep it clean to avoid getting an infection. So, make sure you’re using clean water and don’t use any bath products that can make your vagina feel uncomfortable.

  • Should I avoid baths after embryo transfer?

Doctors usually suggest waiting 2-3 days (48 to 72 hours) after an embryo transfer before taking a full bath. According to some studies, this is to play it safe, decrease the possibility of infection, and avoid increasing your body temperature, which may impact implantation. Taking showers is generally safe after an embryo transfer.

  • Can I use bath salts or essential oils in my bath during IVF?

It is best to avoid using bath salts or essential oils during IVF unless your doctor specifically approves them. Some additives can disrupt your vaginal flora or irritate the vulva.

  • Can I take a bath with my partner during IVF?

It is safe to bathe with your partner while going through IVF treatment as long as you both practice good hygiene and the water is clean. It can also be a great way to rest and bond during this possibly stressful time. Following your doctor’s instructions about how much you can exercise and any other restrictions linked to your IVF treatment is essential.



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