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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A brief summary of the article:

Beard transplantation is one of the methods of transplanting hair, which is used to treat those who have lost their beards. Like hair transplant in Iran, in this method, the specialist doctor and his team of colleagues separate the hair follicles from the donor area of ​​the head and carefully plant them in an area […]

Beard transplantation is one of the methods of transplanting hair, which is used to treat those who have lost their beards. Like hair transplant in Iran, in this method, the specialist doctor and his team of colleagues separate the hair follicles from the donor area of ​​the head and carefully plant them in an area of ​​the beard and mustache that is sparse or has fallen out.

It may seem strange to some to hear about beard and mustache planting and the possibility of performing such operations, but during the past decades, with the spread of machine life and numerous problems that have plagued human societies, unfortunately, skin and hair problems have spread among men and women. including hair loss in different parts of the body including head hair loss (in men and women) and beard and mustache loss (in men). But fortunately, with the progress of science and knowledge, various methods and techniques have been discovered and made available to experts for the treatment of beard and mustache loss.

What are the reasons for hair loss, beard and mustache in men?

The most important factors of beard and mustache loss are:

  • Alopecia areata
  • Stress and mental pressure
  • Fungus and skin disorders
  • wound
  • Hair root infection
  • Burn
  • Severe itching
  • Hormonal problems
  • Lack of some vitamins and nutrients in the body
  • Inheritance

Beard and mustache transplant complications and costs

One of the most important causes of beard hair loss is alopecia areata disease, which we have already written about the details of this disease in the coin hair loss article. But just to remind you, we mention here that hair loss in the beard, like the head, is due to the wrong activity of the body’s immune system, which attacks the hair cells and causes hair follicles to fall out.

But one of the other types of beard loss diseases in men is beard fungus, which causes hair loss in this area, and today it is also called “beard baldness” or “facial baldness”. This disease, which is caused by a kind of fungal infection on the face of people, has been controlled to a large extent by increasing the observance of skin hygiene tips among the people of the world.

Most of the time, this disease spread due to the use of contaminated razors in barbershops. The fungus that caused this disease is called “dermatophyte”. Of course, other factors such as contact with animals, lack of hygiene and other factors also played a role in the transmission of this disease.

Today, various drugs such as fluconazole, itraconazole, and terbinafine are prescribed to treat such problems, and fortunately, this type of facial skin fungus can be treated. Although the shed hairs of the beard cannot be regained using these drugs, and after the complete resolution of this condition and the treatment of this disease, by referring to a hair transplant specialist, the shed hairs of the beard can be restored using treatment methods. returned again. Methods such as planting a beard and mustache by the Sut method or using drugs such as minoxidil for beard and mustache.

In addition, in order to prevent facial fungus and its spread, there are some solutions that you will not get this disease if you use them:

  • Regular hand washing, especially after being in contaminated environments or in contact with animals.
  • Using a healthy and clean razor to shave the beard and mustache
  • Not using shared towels
  • Timely treatment of skin fungus in other parts of the body

transplantation beard and mustache

In any case, remember that at any stage of the mentioned diseases and discomforts, you can first treat them and then go to the hair transplant clinics for beard transplant. For example, those who have experienced severe stress or mental pressure, it is better to first treat their mental problems by referring to doctors and psychoanalysts or psychiatrists, and after the treatment is over, to implant a beard or use other medicinal treatments. Take action under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

Beard transplant methods

So far, various techniques and methods for growing a beard and treating the problem of hair loss in this part of the face have been presented and used in the world. Including:

  • fut method
  • Fue method
  • Sut method

In the meantime, the last method, i.e. Sut beard transplant, is the newest and best beard transplant method that is performed in Iran by the Renaissance hair transplant clinic. In this method, beard implantation is performed using new devices, and due to the high accuracy and speed of the operation, as well as excellent efficiency, it is considered the best method of beard and mustache operation in the world.

In beard transplantation, there is no need for a great and very thick hair bank. Hair follicles for beard transplantation are usually extracted from the hair around the ear or temple. By using the Sut technique, the beard line can be easily adjusted according to one’s wishes.

Benefits of beard transplant

Having a healthy and full back beard and mustache is very important for many men. The sooner and faster people go to the clinic for beard and mustache transplant, the better. In total, the most important advantages of beard planting (by Sut method) are:

  • The beauty and uniformity of people’s beards and mustaches
  • The naturalness of the result of the operation
  • Gaining a sense of self-confidence
  • No side effects
  • High speed of operation
  • The possibility of shaving implanted beard hair
  • No pain and bleeding
  • Natural growth of transplanted shoots

Side effects of beard transplant

Beard transplantation by Sut method does not cause any complications or problems, and if the person visits the doctor regularly in the time intervals that he is asked and follows the necessary instructions carefully, no problems will arise. And after a short period of time, his beard and mustache look completely natural.

Beard transplant recovery period

The recovery period after beard transplantation with the old methods was long and sometimes up to several days, but fortunately, with the Sut method, this problem no longer exists, and after the end of beard transplantation with this technique, a person can resume his daily activities after a short rest.

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