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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in iran is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the shape and size of the buttocks by transferring fat from other parts of the body. It is one of the most popular and sought-after surgeries worldwide, as it can create a more attractive and curvy silhouette. However, before you decide to undergo […]

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in iran is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the shape and size of the buttocks by transferring fat from other parts of the body. It is one of the most popular and sought-after surgeries worldwide, as it can create a more attractive and curvy silhouette.

However, before you decide to undergo a BBL, you may have some questions and concerns about the procedure, the recovery, the results, and the risks. In this blog post, we will answer some of the most common questions about BBL and provide tips on preparing for your consultation with your doctor.

What is BBL, and how does it work?

BBL is a fat transfer procedure that involves harvesting fat from areas with excess fat, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, or back, and injecting it into the buttocks to create more volume and projection. It is necessary to purify and process the fat before injecting it, and only high-quality fat cells are used for injection.

BBL is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation, depending on the extent of the procedure and your preference. The surgery usually takes 2 – 4 hours, depending on the amount of fat to be transferred and the desired outcome.

What are the benefits of BBL?

BBL can offer many benefits, such as:

  • Improving the shape and contour of the buttocks
  • Increasing the size and projection of the buttocks
  • Creating a more balanced and proportionate figure
  • Enhancing the self-confidence and self-esteem of the patient
  • Using the patient’s fat reduces the risk of infection, rejection, or allergic reaction
  • Providing a natural-looking and feeling result

What are the risks and complications of BBL?

As with any surgery, BBL carries some risks and complications, such as:

  • Bleeding, bruising, swelling, and pain
  • Infection, inflammation, and scarring
  • Fat necrosis, cysts, or calcification
  • Fat embolism, which is a rare but potentially fatal complication that occurs when fat enters the bloodstream and blocks blood flow to the lungs or other organs
  • Asymmetry, irregularities, or dissatisfaction with the result

To minimize the risks and complications, it is essential to choose a qualified and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who follows the safety guidelines recommended by the Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force, which is a global group of experts who evaluated the risks of BBL and issued a practice advisory with technique recommendations in 2018. The key recommendation was that fat injections to the buttocks are safe if delivered into the subcutaneous space beneath the skin, never below the fascia and into the gluteal muscle.

How long is the recovery, and what can we expect?

The recovery time after BBL varies from patient to patient, depending on the extent of the procedure, the healing process, and the individual factors. Generally, the recovery time is about 2 – 4 weeks, during which the patient should follow the post-operative instructions given by the surgeon, such as:

  • Taking the prescribed medications and antibiotics to prevent infection and pain
  • Wearing a compression garment to reduce swelling and support the healing tissues
  • Avoiding sitting or lying on the buttocks for the first 2 – 4 weeks, and using a unique pillow or device to sit on the thighs instead of the buttocks
  • Avoiding driving and sleeping on the back for the first 2 – 4 weeks
  • Resuming light activities and walking as soon as possible to promote blood circulation and prevent blood clots
  • Avoiding strenuous activities and exercises for at least 6 – 8 weeks
  • Maintaining a healthy diet and hydration to nourish the body and the transferred fat cells
  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol, as they can impair the healing process and the survival of the fat cells

The final result of BBL may take several months to appear as the swelling subsides and the fat cells settle in their new location. Some of the transferred fat cells may not survive the transfer and may be reabsorbed by the body, resulting in some volume loss

. The average survival rate of the fat cells is about 60 – 80%, depending on the surgeon’s technique and skill. The patient may need a touch-up procedure or a second BBL to achieve the desired result.

How do you prepare for the consultation with the doctor?

The consultation with the doctor is an essential step in the BBL journey, as it allows the patient to discuss their goals and expectations, learn more about the procedure and the risks, and find out if they are a good candidate for BBL. To prepare for the consultation, the patient should:

  • Do some research and have a clear idea of what they want to achieve with BBL
  • Write down a list of questions to ask the doctor, such as:
    • Are you board-certified in plastic surgery?
    • How many BBL procedures have you performed, and how often do you do them?
    • What technique do you use and follow the guidelines recommended by the Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force?
    • Where will the surgery be performed, and is the facility accredited?
    • What are BBL’s possible risks and complications, and how do you handle them?
    • What are the activity restrictions, and what can I expect during recovery?
    • What is the cost of the procedure, and what does it include?
    • Can I see some before and after photos of your previous BBL patients?
  • Be honest and realistic about their medical history, allergies, medications, and lifestyle habits, such as smoking, drinking, or drug use.
  • Be prepared to undergo a physical examination, where the doctor will assess the body shape, the skin quality, the fat distribution, and the buttock anatomy.
  • Be open and comfortable with the doctor and express any concerns or doubts they may have


Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a surgical procedure that can help enhance the shape and size of your buttocks, providing you with a more curvaceous and attractive figure. The procedure involves removing fat from one or more areas of your body, such as the abdomen, thighs, or hips, through liposuction, and then purifying and injecting it into your buttocks. However, it’s crucial to note that this is a major surgical procedure, and it carries a certain amount of risk. 

Therefore, before considering this procedure, you should do extensive research to understand the process, its benefits and drawbacks, and find a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in BBL. It’s vital to choose a surgeon who has a proven track record of performing successful BBL surgeries and who can ensure a safe and satisfactory outcome. 

Additionally, you should also discuss your medical history, expectations, and any concerns you may have with your surgeon to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure and that the results meet your expectations. Ultimately, with proper research, planning, and a skilled surgeon, BBL can be a great way to achieve the body shape you desire and boost your self-esteem.

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